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Using IT in Community Service

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Using IT in Community Service

  1. 1. How Information Technology can improve your organization’s service to the community Prepared by Grayson J. Stedman jr.
  2. 2. Presenter Grayson J. Stedman jr. Work Experience • 17+ years experience in the IT field • Network Administration, Telecoms, Internet Technologies • IT Manager for prominent local group of companies • Experience Teaching Community Service Experience Rotary Club of Dominica Rotaract Club of Roseau • Member: 2008 - present • Member: 2003 – 2008 • Secretary: 2010 – 2011 • President: 2005 - 2006 • Club Administration Officer: 2013 - 2014 • Vice President / Finance Director: 2006-2007 • Rotaract Liaison Officer: 2008 - 2013 • District Team Member: 2005-2007 • Club Webmaster / Social Media coordinator • District Advisor: 2008-2009 • District Webmaster: 2004 – 2008 • District Web Advisor: 2008 – present
  3. 3. Ice Breaker – Who is the Audience? Who are you, What do you do, How proficient are in Information Technology? Scale of 1 - 5
  4. 4. Why is IT important? Information technology is used for storing, protecting, processing, securing, transmitting, receiving, and retrieving information. In business establishments, it is used predominantly to solve mathematical and logical problems. Information technology helps in project management systems as well. Firstly, planning is done, then the data is collected, sorted and processed, and finally, results are generated. It helps managers, and workers to inquire about a particular problem, conceive its complexity, and generate new products and services; thereby, improving their productivity and output. Extracted from Buzzle: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/why-is-information-technology-important.html
  5. 5. How can IT help? Information Technology can be used by an organization to • Improve Organizational Efficiency • Improve Storage of Information • Enhance Communication • Ease of Sharing Data • Public Relations • Others
  6. 6. Organizational Efficiency Technology can be used to make us more efficient and effective if used properly. Improper use of technology can create more chaos than it solves.
  7. 7. Track Membership Attendance Use an Excel Spreadsheet to track membership attendance. Record members’ attendance percentage and the percentage of members present as each meeting.
  8. 8. Use Mail Merge to improve letter writing With Mail Merge you can create standardized letters and eliminate excessive retyping. Hundreds of letters can be prepared in just a few mintues with very little human error.
  9. 9. Post or Email Minutes and Reports Save time at meetings by posting minutes and reports online, or emailing them to members rather than reading them during the meeting. Save meeting times for effective planning of projects.
  10. 10. Data Storage Storing information digitally protects it from being misplaced, lost (provided it is regularly backed up), or accessed by unauthorised persons. It allows it to be easily accessed , searched, shared, and passed on.
  11. 11. Record Member Info Keep records of membership information in a database • Name and contact info • Date joined • Date of Birth • Positions held in organization
  12. 12. Record Stakeholder’s Info Keep records of project stakeholders: sponsors, community leaders, recipients of service
  13. 13. Record Organizational History and Projects Keep records of the organization’s history Keep records/reports of projects undertaken
  14. 14. Communication Effect communication is essential to any organization. New forms of technology can greatly enhance communition between members, stakeholders and other organizations.
  15. 15. Mailing Lists and Standardized Email Addresses Create mailing lists for communication within the organization: members@organization.org, planningcommittee@organization.org Create standardized email address for regular communication with external parties: contact@organization.org
  16. 16. Online and Mobile Communication Use online and mobile communication tools to communicate with members and stakeholders: • Online Chat • Skype • Whatsapp • Blackberry Messenger • Forums
  17. 17. Online Meetings Conduct online meetings with members, committees, stakeholders and partner organizations • WebEx • GotoMeeting • Google+ Hangouts • TeamViewer • Join.Me • Skype
  18. 18. Information Sharing Technology makes sharing information with anyone very easy no matter where they are.
  19. 19. Evolution of Data Sharing From Punch Cards to Floppy Disks to Compact Disks to USB Jump Drives to the Cloud….
  20. 20. Cloud Storage Cloud storage allows you to store documents online to securely access them from any computer anyway and share them with anyone you choose to.
  21. 21. Shared Calendar Use a shared calendar such as Google Calendar to list meetings, projects and events
  22. 22. Online Collaboration Online services such as TeamLabs allow groups and organizations to collaborate on projects and perform group editing of documents.
  23. 23. Public Relations Information Technology allows organizations to take public relations to new levels and reach not available in the past.
  24. 24. Graphics, Advertisements, Banners New software makes it easy to create graphics, posters, advertisements and web banners.
  25. 25. Organization Website Develop a website for your organization to: • Inform the public of your organization and projects • Attract and inform potential members • Keep existing members informed of activities of the organization • Promote sponsors through web banners • Allow members to register for events through online forms • Allow the public to give feedback or participate in online surveys
  26. 26. Content Management Systems Built by a Professional, Maintained by the User. CMS websites allow the user to very easily post updates and articles to keep the site updated. The organization will not be at the mercy of the web developer to keep the site updated or post minor changes.
  27. 27. Web Advertising Keep the website updated to generate increased visit/traffic to the website By increasing the traffic to the site you can sell advertising space, or display banners of your existing sponsors
  28. 28. Social Media Social Media has introduced a new level of online interaction that can be leveraged by organizations to promote their activities and projects in ways they could not before.
  29. 29. Facebook Pages Facebook pages allow you to promote your organization and projects for free. Post events and highlights and pictures of projects.
  30. 30. Page Statistics Page Statistics allow you to see the impact of your posts and your reach to your audience.
  31. 31. Twitter Twitter allows you to post text updates of what your organization is planning, what activities are underway, and updates of how a project is going.
  32. 32. Feeds and Widgets Link your website with your Facebook page or Twitter feed. It is easier and faster to post updates to Facebook and Twitter. Widgets allow those updates to show up on your website.
  33. 33. LinkedIn Groups LinkedIn is a social site for business professionals, but organizations can also use it to share ideas and communicate on a professional level.
  34. 34. YouTube Use YouTube to post videos of projects and activities, as well as post or view training videos.
  35. 35. SlideShare SlideShare allows you to post and view presentations online, such as this one.
  36. 36. Picasa, Flickr Post online photo alumbs of projects and events on Picasa or Flickr and share with others or the public.
  37. 37. Google Maps Use Google Maps to show where your organization meets or where a project takes place.
  38. 38. Summary Information Technology used correctly can improve the operations of your organization greatly, giving you more time to plan and execute meaningful projects. • Improve Organizational Efficiency • Improve Storage of Information • Enhance Communication • Ease of Sharing Data • Public Relations
  39. 39. Contact Info Grayson J. Stedman jr. grayson.stedman.jr@hotmail.com http://www.eclypsetech.com Presentation Link http://www.slideshare.net/graysonstedman/using-it-in-community-service- 17164741
  40. 40. Questions and Feedback?