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Finite resources reflection

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Finite resources reflection

  1. 1. Finite Resources ReflectionGlobal Inquiry:I learned that “finite” means that it can run out. Some examples offinite resources include coal, oil and gas. It is important to conservefossil fuels because they will run out, make pollution and they willdestroy habitats and wild animals. Some alternative energy sources aresolar energy, wind energy and water energy.While investigating the coal industry, the most interesting thing Ilearned was the coal comes from dead plants and dead animals.Local Inquiry:During my Home Energy Audit, I discovered that we need to turn offthe light when nobody is in the room So, I set goals to turn off thelight when nobody in the room. During our BISS Energy Audit, wediscovered many problems, such as they don’t have recycling bin to putpaper in. So, we set a goal to make recycling bin for each classroom andtold them how to use the recycling bin.Taking Action:School Conversation CampaignIt is important to reduce, reuse and recycle paper because paper arefrom trees and 1 tree gives oxygen for 3 people to breath and it stopspollution. First we made recycling bins. Then we told them how to userecycling bin. Finally, every day we brought the recycling bin and put inthe black plastic bag and brought it to the factory to recycle it. It wasdifficult to tell them that please don’t put other thing in the recyclingbin. I enjoyed this action because when we make a recycling bin we needmany ideas to make a recycling bin.If I took a different environmentalaction, I would like to tell them more how to use it and what is it for.Environmental Music VideoI think the most persuasive line in the lyrics is “don’t you want a greenerworld.” Because it tell us that if we have a greener world we will behealthy and happy in the forest. While working on the movie, I learnedabout how to save the trees and I know that 1 tree give us air for 3people to breath. I enjoyed making this video because it fun to use thegreen screen and I chose the place I wanted to be in. If I did anothermusic video, I would sing more soft and loud too because if anotherpeople hear it that will sound good so better.What else?During this Finite Resources unit I especially enjoyed making the FiniteResources Magazine article because I like to type and chose the imagefor my magazine. After this unit, I will continue to improve my writingso I don’t need to change any words and add the words to my writing.