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Work Life Balance

  1. • Work–life balance is a broad concept including proper prioritizing between “work” (career and ambition) on one hand and “life” (Health, pleasure, leisure, family and spiritual development) on the other. Related, though broader, terms include “lifestyle balance” and “life balance”
  2. Work-life balance is about effectively managing the juggling act between paid work and other activities that are important to us - including spending time with family, taking part in sport and recreation, volunteering or undertaking further study.
  3. Personal resource supply Time Energy money Demands on our resources Work demands Non work demands Resource allocation Choice of allocation to work Choice of allocation to non work Intervention points 4 WORK LIFE BALANCE IS RESOURCE ALLOCATION
  5. Work and personal world were once very distinct.
  6. It is harder than ever to keep up with both your work and personal activities. Activities and social spaces are becoming ambiguous.
  8. Competition Individual career ambition career
  9. Global economy Longer Working hours
  10. International business
  11. Don’t overbook Prioritize ruthlessly
  12. Learn how to say “NO” Organize
  13. Use technology Know it won’t always be perfect
  14. • Marissa Mayer’s job as the CEO of Yahoo and her pregnancy was announced simultaneously • She took a maternity leave of only 2 weeks • Ban the company’s work-from-home policy • Construction of a nursery next to her office for her four month old son
  15. This case study shows that how Marissa Mayer’s life who is the CEO of Yahoo was strongly effected due to the work life imbalance and mismanaged policies of the company such as telecommuting i.e., the work-from-home policy was also banned. This in turn posed a negative influence on all other female employees who could not take a maternity leave leading to job dissatisfaction and reducing the morale of these employees.
  17. Background: Swedish home furnishing retailer • IKEA’s dream is “to create a better everyday life for the many people.” • The Swedish national values of commitment to, and time with, family and community, combined with concern for a healthy environment, are strongly reflected in IKEA’s organizational culture and management practices Health Promotion: • Health promotion program in IKEA’s Glasgow store • Subsidized healthy meals from the popular public cafeteria • free podiatry and massage sessions during work time. • A range of fitness and occupational health activities during the “Fit for Week” week
  18. Outcomes : • Increases morale and commitment by improving psychological contracts • Employees feel that the company cares about them as individuals and, as a result, gives them a greater sense of loyalty Learning Points : • Work-life balance is tied closely to organizational culture • Work-life balance is not just about flexibility in work for life outside work, it also works the other way around • The best way to engage more people in work-life balance programs is to let co-workers who have experienced it advocate it by word-of-mouth
  19. Background : • LBP employs 2,600 police officers and 1,100 support staff • The special diversity unit ensures work-life balance of employees from different ethnic group • The current work-life balance arrangements for which employees in LBP can individually apply are: - Flex time - Job sharing - Full-time or part-time work - Special shift arrangements - Career breaks - Study leave - Care leave - Sick children leave
  20. Career Break : • Employees can take break from their services pursuing higher qualifications • Breaks are offered on valid personal reasons • Help to retain people with key skills, reduce turnover, employ more part-time staff and respond to fewer requests for transfers Learning points : • Benefits the organization, as the employee come back with added qualities • Management style is a central part of work-life balance, so it needs continuous development and support • Work-life balance has to be a balance between what the organization needs and what the individual needs
  21. On the job training  Surveys of employee work /life issues  Set priorities for all work  Train line managers to recognize signs of overwork  Seminars on work life balance
  22. Make work more flexible  Flexi time  Job sharing  Sponsoring employees’ family oriented activities Allow for time off from work  A formal leave policy  Paid childbirth or adoption leave  Allow employees to take leave for community service
  23.  WORK NEAR HOME “Try to cut down the commuting time.” says Pushkar Singh Kataria, 38,VP,group HR, Vedanta Resources. At lunch hour he heads home-10 minutes from his office.  ONLINE SOCIAL NETWORKING CAN WAIT Curb checking your Facebook profile or professional network account to set a time during the day or week. “You can save time and spend it on yourself,” says Anita Belani, country head, Russel Reynolds. Source:
  24.  PAMPER YOURSELF Indulge yourself. Spend a couple of hours in the garden, play with children, or cook. Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. “Pamper yourself a little more every day and you’ll see a big payoff at work and home.” says Gurmeet Singh, area director, India Maldives, Mariott Hotels. Source:
  25. • OFFER A FLEXIBLE WORK SCHEDULE: Flexi time is based on the assumption that employees are paid for doing their quota of work and not for being at the place of work for a fixed number of hours on each working day. The system of flexitime allows workers to assume greater responsibility through creating opportunities for them to make decisions about their work schedule.
  26. Compressed work week schedule has a favorable impact on employee absenteeism, turnover, productivity and job satisfaction. It provides employees with more leisure time, decreases commuting time ,decreases requests for time off for personal matters ,makes it easier for the organization to recruit employees and decreases time spent on tasks such as setting up equipment.
  27. Allow employees to take an unpaid leave of absence for activities and events such as: --the premature birth of a baby who is hospitalized for an extended time period, --nursing a parent with a serious illness in another state, --settling a relative’s estate in another state, --extending maternity leave for an additional 4-8 weeks, --exploring moving to a new location with a spouse without burning the bridge to current employment, --attending grad school full time to complete classes that were only available during the day, and --attending online grad school in another state for the four required two-week onsite sessions a year.
  28. Employers tend to believe that every job is a full- time job, but not all jobs need a full time employee. Consider the talent that would be available to your organization if you hired employees for part time hours. With the appropriate two people, job sharing can also work effectively for employees who you want to retain while they start families or home school, for example.
  29. • Feel more rested and organized • Working more productively and get more accomplished, leading to greater career success • More fulfillment from work • Improving relationship with family and friends
  30. • Better physical and mental health • Making choice about your priorities rather than sacrificing any • More leisure time to spend with loved ones or for yourself
  31. • Measured increase in productivity, accountability and commitment. • Better team work and communication. • Improved morale. • Less negative organizational stress.
  32. TO INDIVIDUAL • More value and balance in daily life. • Better understanding of work life balance • Increased productivity. • Improved on-the-job and off-the-job relationship. • Reduced stress.
  33. • A balanced life style boosts the sense of responsibility and ownership. • Build better relationship with management. • Builds confidence.
  34. “Life is all about balance, too much and too little can kill. The best way to balance life, is by setting your boundaries in learning to say Enough.”
  35. “Never become so busy making a living that you forget to make a life…!!”