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Warm raspberry souffle

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Warm raspberry souffle

  1. 1. Warm raspberry soufflé is flavored with raspberry brandy and garnishedwith red currants and sprigs of mint and topped with raspberry coulis inthis gourmet food recipe by Chef Arthur Dorshner. This makes a striking dessertdish for a special occasion. A delicate dish to prepare, soufflé requires precisionand some patience to do successfully. Many things can go wrong in making aperfect soufflé. If the eggs are not whisked properly and prepared in the order itshould be, the soufflé might fail to rise and you end up with a flat andunappetizing dish. Perfectly done soufflé should feel firm to the touch with agolden crust on top. If you shake it gently, it will jiggle only a bit and will besmooth and silky to the bite.
  2. 2. One of the most important things to remember when making the soufflé isthat the egg whites and the egg yolks must be whisked separately. You shouldalso take care that no trace of the yolk will get to the white and no trace of thewhite eggs should stick to the yolk. Just a small speck of fat, found in the eggyolks, will fail to create stiff and stable white foam that is necessary for a light andairy soufflé.Use clean utensils that are well dried for beating the egg whites and yolks.The whisk or beater should be clean when beating the egg yolks, and should alsobe clean and dried for beating the whites. Don’t use the same whisk to preventthe yolks from unnecessarily getting to the whites. The egg whites should bebeaten until stiff, smooth and moist. Care must also be taken not to overbeat theegg whites or they will be thick, flaky and dull and won’t fold into the batter well.The bubbles should be very fine and the peaks should be soft.Ingredients 1.3 lbs. raspberries 6 egg yolks, 8 egg whites (beaten) 2 tablespoons wild raspberries eau de vie (brandy) 7 tablespoons sugar 2 bourbon vanilla podsDecoration: 8 mint leaves ¾ cup raspberry sauce (fresh raspberry pulp, mixed with sugar)
  3. 3. Preparation Instruction1. Separate the egg whites from the yolks and place them in different mixingbowls.2. Whisk the egg yolks, gradually adding some sugar until smooth and creamy. Cutthe vanilla pods and extract the grains, mix in with the egg yolks. Add a dash ofbrandy to flavor and continue whisking until smooth.3. Using a clean and dry whisk, whisk the egg whites until stiff and foamy. Addsugar and pinch of salt and whisk in.4. Fold the foamy egg white into the yolk mixture using a spatula until you get athick and puffy batter.5. On a baking plate, pour raspberry coulis in the center. Heap fresh raspberrieson top of the coulis. Pour soufflé batter over the raspberries, covering them andcreating a dome. Place berries around the soufflé. Bake in the oven for 360degrees for twelve minutes.6. Pour coulis around the soufflé. Decorate with a sprig of mint and some redcurrant.