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A traditional Indian dessert that brings people in any culture smile after digging in with this.

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  1. 1. Peda This sweet Indian dessert is easy to prepare just like making your favorite burger patties which you enjoy doing anytime. Peda is a mixture of rich and flavorful ingredients such as khoa, sugar, pistachio, cardamom seeds and saffron. If you are familiar with any Indian dessert then you need to know peda also. Basically, this delicious dessert are an all time Indian favorite sweet and like a soft milk fudge, pedas has rough or grainy texture quite similar to that of a candy. Usually single recipe of this sweet makes about 24 pieces of pedas. If you want to make more pedas, simply double your recipe or you can also make smaller pedas if you want to. Pedas make a perfect present on special occasion like Christmas, birthdays, recognition etc. And a sweet Indian delicacy you can bring home too. If you want to make your peda, then simply check this recipe especially the ingredients and the instructions. It is an easy dessert and I know you can make it as perfect as the original peda. This wonderful sweet is really worth-trying, so, you have no reason for not doing so. Here are the simple methods on how to prepare a delicious peda dessert. Ingredients 500gms khoya 3/4 cup milk 1/2 cup sugar, powdered 3 tablespoon unsalted butter (ghee) 1/4 teaspoon cardamom powder 2 tablespoon sliced pistachios for garnish 1. Heat non stick frying pan and add butter and let butter melt. Then add the milk, milk powder and the paneer. Mix well with the melted butter. Check the recipe on how to make paneer. 2. Cook milk and butter mixture over medium heat stirring continuously for about 10 minutes or until mixture no longer sticks at the side of the pan and achieved a dough like consistency. Now this mixture is called khoya. 3. Remove khoya from pan and place in a medium bowl. Let warm. When khoya warms add sugar and cardamom powder and knead until everything blends together and become a soft dough. 4. Form small round balls and press each dough lightly just like forming a small patty. Top every peda with few pieces of pistachios. 5. Arrange pedas on a large platter and serve.