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15 great customer service centres

  2. 1. FITBIT A product-centric support centre means users can easily find relevant articles based on the devices they have, while having the community for further assistance.
  3. 2. BASECAMP From encouraging users to tweet quick questions at the top to help guides lower down, the support centre follows a natural flow that makes it easy to navigate.
  4. 3. SQUARE A clear breakdown of sections helps guide users along the right path for support, while emphasising the priority support that will be given to signed up users.
  5. 4. LYFT Aware of their vastly different audiences, users can first identify who they are to get the sections of the support centre relevant to them.
  6. 5. NAMECHEAP A support centre that presents nearly every category you could think of, but is still well organised enough that users can easily find issues specific to them.
  7. 6. SHOPIFY The ordinary search bar gets a twist, allowing users to specify not only what they need help with but also where in the system they’re having trouble.
  8. 7. BIGCARTEL A clean support centre that avoids overloading visitors with information while using smooth illustrations to put the user at ease.
  9. 8. ZENDESK Large, clear buttons allows users to quickly go where they need depending on their questions; product news and updates are included to inform customers.
  10. 9. MAILCHIMP A clear separation of categories allows users to quickly find what they need, while helpfully including video tutorials for more visual learners.
  11. 10. CODESHIP Well-organised documentation makes it easy for developers to find what they need depending on their situation, whether its tutorials or product information.
  12. 11. NEW RELIC Again avoiding information overload - clearly defined sections help guide users along the path, with a final section to get in touch if they need it.
  13. 12. GECKOBOARD A clean support centre that fits in well with its overall design, giving users a strong sense of continuity when arriving from the main site.
  14. 13. ASANA Functions more as a landing page for beginners first, emphasising getting users up to speed before moving down to help guides and documentation.
  15. 14. TRELLO Allows users to sort support documents by popularity if they choose to, enabling users to more easily find common issues after navigating to the relevant category.
  16. 15. GOSQUARED Support centres are more than just information dumps - the best ones are marketing sites too that express the message and voice of your company.
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