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Hku ufology


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Hku ufology

  1. 1. Created by Simpo PDF Creator Pro (unregistered version) http://www.simpopdf.com UFOs – Unidentified Flying Objects Ufology – is a neologism coined to describe the collective efforts of those who study reports and associated evidence of unidentified flying objects (UFOs). Ufologist – A ufo investigator is called a ufologist Ufo Sightings- Some eye witnesses to the UFOs Roswell Incident- called the Roswell UFO crash 1947 UFO Conspiracy – Worldwide UFO cover Ups and related theories Alien- An extra-terrestrial being is called an alien
  2. 2. 1 Ufology: From Outer Space to Planet Earth 飛碟學 : 從外太空到地球星Over the last 50 years, hundreds and thousands of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) have beendocumented, and UFO sightings are estimated to be in the millions. Yet the UFO phenomenon has been atopic which world governments have just started shifting from total denial towards cautious acceptance.Since the new millennium, we see a trend of disclosing government secret files on UFO investigation – inMexico, France and the UK for instances.For a long time, ground-breaking findings from UFO investigation skip the attention of many scientists.Sometimes, they were not even regarded as a legitimate subject of scientific concern. However, the newmillennium sees a new tendency of rereading these cases in many established institutions around the world.Is it time for human reconciliation with extraterrestrials? Let’s join the Hong Kong Institute of Ufologyand find out more.Six sessions on Tuesdays (except October 7 & 14) from September 16 to November 4 in English,supplemented with Cantonese.半世紀下來,目擊 UFO 案每年仍以萬計遞增──也只是九成多從未匯報個案的冰山一角!踏入新世紀,從全盤否認到謹慎承認,各國政府陸續打開外星現象的太平門:04 年墨西哥政府廣播空軍紅外線 UFO 群片段、07 年法國太空總署公佈五十年來上萬 UFO 記錄、08 年英國國防部網頁刊登「從不存在」機密 UFO 檔…… 相比往日控告美國政府才取得幾頁「冇料到」UFO 檔,當今全球政府紛紛自我大披露,似乎人類正在走向與外星現象妥協的一個轉捩點?課程共分為六節,以英語輔以粵語主講。Day 1 (16/9) >> Ufology: Why & What (飛碟學與外星接觸)Join our global UFO footage countdown-kickoff. Is Ufology a body of crossover knowledge from outthere? Concepts such as “Exopolitics”, “Exoarcheology”, “Exobiology” and typical cases on “Contact”,“Abduction”, “Channeling” will be introduced.Speakers:Ms Moon Fong (方仲滿小姐), Founder & Chairperson, Hong Kong UFO Club; Committee Member, Hong Kong Institute ofUfologyDr. Joseph Wong (王中介博士), Founder & Chairperson, Hong Kong Institute of Ufology; Committee Member, Hong KongUFO ClubDay 2 (23/9) >> a) Astronomy & Ufology (天文學中的 UFO 現象) >> b) Crop Circles: the Age ofCommunication (麥田圈通訊年代)The first half of this session looks at Ufology from an astronomical point of view. How often astronomicalphenomena would be mistaken as UFO cases, and vice versa? The second half introduces the history andevolution of Crop Circles. Are they merely cosmic symbols or do they indicate a special mode ofcommunication?
  3. 3. 2Speakers:Mr. Chan Chu-Lok (陳鑄略先生), First President, Hong Kong Astronomical Society; Advisor, Space Observers Hong KongMr. Raymond Wong (黃寬明先生), Committee Member, Hong Kong UFO ClubDay 3 (30/9) >> Exopolitics: Political Management of the ETs (ET 政治管制令)Do you know that the disclosure of UFOs & ETs could seriously undermine some multi-trillion dollar oiland military industries? Here comes Neil’s suppressed UFO news.Speaker:Mr. Neil Gould, Founder, Exopolitics Hong Kong; Member, Exopolitics World Network, Washington; Author of CloseEncounters of the ADHD KindDay 4 (21/10) >> a) UFOs & Pyramid (飛碟金字塔大解構) >> b) Free Energy & Flying SaucerPropulsion (飛碟推進與地球新能源)Have you ever heard about Mars pyramids, or those under Central America /Asia oceans? Can UFOactivities be explained by modern physics? Generating energy without apparent input violates the laws ofphysics, or does it? Free energy devices revealing UFO propulsion secrets, however, have been publiclydemonstrated for over 150 years by inventors. 2 videos will be shown in class.Speakers:Dr. Albert So (蘇 廷弼博士 ), Honorary Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, TheUniversity of Hong Kong; Adjunct Professor, Department of Building and Construction, City University of Hong Kong;Founder & Vice-Chairperson, Hong Kong Institute of Ufology; Committee Member, Hong Kong UFO Club; Full member,Society of Science Exploration, U.S.AMr. James Chu (朱冀平先生), Free Energy & UFO Researcher; Committee Member, Hong Kong UFO ClubDay 5 (28/10) >> Transformation and Expressions from ET Contacts (外星接觸手記)Incredible artwork of ET beings, symbols and scripts illustrated stunningly the contacts with ETs. In thissession, the experiencers’ visual expressions will lead us into the world of ET contacts. Do you want toknow how they feel during these interactions? How does humanity transform after ET contacts? 2 videoswill be shown in class.Speaker:Ms. Mary Rodwell, Founder & Principal, Australian Close Encounter Resource Network (ACERN)Internationally renowned researcher in the UFO and Contact phenomenon, currently professional counsellor for the NationalHealth Service (UK) and Australian counselling agencies, Silver Chain and Centrecare. Author of Awakening: HowExtraterrestrial Contact Can Transform Your Life (2002) and the producer of the EBE award winning documentariesExpressions of ET Contact: A Visual Blueprint? (2000) and Expressions of ET Contact: A Communication and HealingBlueprint? (2004)Please insert photo: Mary RDay 6 (4/11) >> From Ancient Civilizations to Pop Cultures & ET Movies (從古文明到流行文化的UFO)It is said that human race and its civilization result from ancient visits of extraterrestrial intelligences. Doyou want to find out how the doctrine of Ufology fills up the gaps between the forgotten civilizations andthe pop cultures?
  4. 4. 3Speaker :Mr. Keeto Lam (林紀陶先生), Multi-media Artist: Movie Script Writer; Film Critic; Radio Programme Host; Animator;Committee Member, Hong Kong UFO ClubCoordinator: Hong Kong Institute of Ufology (香港飛碟學研究院)Hong Kong Institute of Ufology (HKIOU) was established in 2001 by active members of HKUFO Club. TheInstitute conducts conscientious scientific research, going along with the study of Ufology from a social approachby the HKUFO Club. One of its main objectives is to organize degree courses in Ufology with local and overseasuniversities. With a current membership less than ten, only research-oriented members from HKUFO Club havebeen invited as HKIOU members.Medium: English (supplemented with Cantonese)Dates: 16/9 – 4/11, every Tuesdays (except 7/10 & 14/10), 6 sessionsTime: 5:30 - 7:30 pmVenue: Wang Gungwu Theatre (16/9, 28/10, 4/11); Rayson Huang Theatre (23/9, 30/9, 21/10)Quota: Capacity of the lecture roomDeadline of Registration: 12/9