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130826 reflection of the dt

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130826 reflection of the dt

  1. 1. Reflection Assignment 9 of design thinking Jean Chow
  2. 2. three key takeways/learnings About the course • There are two kinds of learning , one is information, one is process of transformation. This course ttansforms us to be a design thinking person. • I have greatest confidence of myself now, I know if I try, I will always get the solutions. • Failure is not big deal, it is our good friend. About instruction: • There some flaws in peer grading process, the load is heavy, assignment 6-8 have connections, it is hard to review the report in the middle • I like this course although It is the most time consuming MOOC that I take.
  3. 3. Cycle of experience
  4. 4. Take it home • I can use this process in every situation • I didn’t have confidence to start business before, now I have a brand new mindset