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SEMpdx - Awesome AdWords Account Structures

How to create an air-tight account structure in Google AdWords through the use of single keyword ad groups (SKAGs) and rigorous query-level analysis. As presented at SEMpdx in February 2013.

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SEMpdx - Awesome AdWords Account Structures

  1. 1. Iron-Clad GoogleAdWords CampaignsDavid Rodnitzky
  2. 2. Executive Summary  Improper keyword selection and match type costs advertisers millions annually  Account structure mistakes also results in unnecessary cost  The Alpha-Beta process and structure will help you identify and optimize winners and exclude losers = more profit!2
  3. 3. Keywords vs. Queries
  4. 4. Keywords vs. Queries – A Crucial Distinction  A keyword is a word or a phrase that a marketer buys on Google  A query is a word or phrase that a user types into Google  Google matches keywords to relevant queries4
  5. 5. Keywords vs. Queries - A Crucial Distinction Keyword Queries5
  6. 6. A Quick Way to Measure Query Quality  The Lin-Rodnitzky Ratio (L-R Ratio) is the ratio of total query CPA divided by converting query CPA  Use the “Filter” functionality to find all queries with at least one conversion  Divide the total CPA by the filtered CPA to get your score  A good score is generally between 1.5 to 2.06
  7. 7. Important Point #1 Google will match your keywords to a lot of irrelevant queries if you give them the latitude to do so. This results in profit to Google and cost to you!7
  8. 8. Match Type
  9. 9. Match Type – Broad Match Match type allows marketers to control how aggressively Google matches keywords to queries  Broad Match: Dragon Tattoo Poster  Dragon Picture  Tattoo You  Fantasy Island  Broad match gives Google almost total discretion9
  10. 10. Match Type – Broad Match Modified Match type allows marketers to control how aggressively Google matches keywords to queries  Broad Match Modified: +Dragon +Tattoo +Poster  Used Poster of Dragon and Tattoo  Sell Dragon Tattoo Poster  Broad match modified prevents synonyms10
  11. 11. Match Type – Phrase Match Match type allows marketers to control how aggressively Google matches keywords to queries  Phrase Match: “Dragon Tattoo Poster”  Buy Dragon Tattoo Poster  Dragon Tattoo Poster in Spanish  Phrase match requires a complete phrase11
  12. 12. Match Type – Exact Match Match type allows marketers to control how aggressively Google matches keywords to queries  Exact Match: [Dragon Tattoo Poster]  Dragon Tattoo Poster  Exact match will only show the exact phrase12
  13. 13. Match Type – Negative Match Match type allows marketers to control how aggressively Google matches keywords to queries  Negative Match: -Picture  Dragon Tattoo Poster is Ugly  Fantasy Island Tattoo Guy  Negative Match excludes any word or phrase13
  14. 14. Important Point #2 We recommend using:  Broad match modified to discover new and profitable queries  Exact match to isolate your top performing queries and bid accordingly  Negative match to exclude unprofitable queries  Broad match and phrase match rarely, if at all BUT WAIT – YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND ACCOUNT HIERARCHY FIRST!!!!14
  15. 15. Account Hierarchy
  16. 16. Basic Account Hierarchy Account = Billing, Time Zone, Login Info Campaign = Networks, Devices, Geography, Day-Parting Keywords, Ad Text16
  17. 17. When Account hierarchy & Queries Collide When two or more keywords in an account match the same query, Google must choose which keyword to enter the auction  Keyword #1: +Dragon +Poster  Keyword #2: +Dragon Which keyword will Google choose? +Tattoo  Query: Dragon Tattoo17 Poster
  18. 18. Google’s Official Policy Source: http://adwords.google.com/support/aw/bin/answer.py? hl=en&answer=6629218
  19. 19. Google’s Actual Policy We have observed numerous occasions where Google does not follow its own policy for matching keywords to queries Translation: to truly control keyword to query matching, you need to create iron-clad account structure19
  20. 20. Example of where it costs you money to have Bad structure  Exact match keyword with targeted ad copy and landing page is bumped by broad match with generic copy and LP  Negative keyword you added to one campaign is not included in another campaign – keyword gets served  Same keyword with same match type in different campaigns but with different bids – most expensive keyword shown Account structure mistakes are sometimes caused by user error and sometimes caused by Google algorithmic errors/decisions20
  21. 21. Important Point #3 Failure to carefully plan out your account structure will cost you profit – I guarantee it21
  22. 22. Alpha Beta Structure
  23. 23. The 30,000 Foot View of Alpha Beta  A Beta campaign is designed to quickly identify profitable search queries and eliminate unprofitable ones  An Alpha campaign is designed to isolate profitable queries into ad groups with targeted ad text and landing pages  The overall objective is to take 100% control of your keywords and queries!23
  24. 24. Creating & Analyzing The Beta Campaign Step One: Create the Beta campaign “The Bait”  All keywords should be on broad match modified (+broad +match +modified) Step Two: Run raw search query analysis on Beta campaign Step Three: Identify winning queries and losing queries24
  25. 25. Creating the Alpha Campaign, Refining the Beta Step Four: Create an Alpha campaign. Move winning queries into SKAGs in the Alpha  SKAGs = Single Keyword Ad Groups  Put all Alpha queries on Exact Match  Create targeted ad text and landing pages for each SKAG Step Five: Add all losing queries to the Beta campaign as Negative Exact Match25  -[free dragon tattoo poster]
  26. 26. The Air-Tight Account Secret Step Six: Add all Alpha queries to your Beta campaign as Exact Match Negatives!  This prevents Google from matching a bait keywords to your profitable Alpha query  You control bid, ad text, and landing page for winners! Step Seven: Continue to identify winners and losers in the Beta campaign. Move winners into the Alpha26
  27. 27. L-R Score – Before & After Alpha-Beta Structure Before: 1.4 (June 2011) After: 1.84 (August 2011) Before: 2.93 (November 2010) After: 2.11 (March 2011)27
  28. 28. A Virtuous Cycle28
  29. 29. Summary  Queries are the lifeblood of AdWords campaigns, not keywords  Match type is a limiter on Google’s discretion to expand your spend  Beta campaigns use broad match modified to test Google’s algo; Alpha campaigns use exact match to lock-in profit  Use the Lin-Rodnitzky Ratio to measure account health29
  30. 30. Thank You!david@ppcassociates.comwww.ppcassociates.com@rodnitzky