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TapIt! PSA Campaign Proposal

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Presentation of PSA Campaign Proposal for TapIt! Campaign.
Created by Cheng Chen, Georgiy Molodtsov, Shuwei Feng as a part of final project for the "Film and video production" class, professor Larry Engel, Fall 2013.
American University, School of Communication

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TapIt! PSA Campaign Proposal

  1. 1. PSA campaign Proposal Cheng Chen (AU, MA’15) Shuwei Feng (AU, MFA’16) Georgiy Molodtsov (AU, MA’15)
  2. 2. Description of the Client: TapIt is a water bottle refilling network which was founded in 2008 to give people free access to clean sustainable water on the go. The organization takes hundreds of local cafes and bounds them together into a network that lets Cafes and eateries to provide water to people who carry a reusable bottle. The public can find these locations using TapIt’s website or by downloading TapIt’s iPhone application. People can also find a refilling location by looking for TapIt stickers on the windows of their favorite cafes.
  3. 3. Description of the Project: TapIt project was successful in New York and now is developing in DC area with the help of Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (http://www.mwcog.org). Now they have over 400 businesses in DC area who participate in this project.
  4. 4. Communication Needs/Problems: 1. The organization is still expanding its range. 2. It is not quite widely acknowledged by people about benefits of drinking tap water instead of buying bottled water and what the organization provides with them specifically. 3. People don’t understand why they have to stop using bottled water and start drinking tap water. They don’t trust tap water as well.
  5. 5. The Objectives of the Campaign: 1. To introduce TapIt to general audience and dispel some myth about TapIt. 2. To attract food service organizations to become partners of TapIt.
  6. 6. Target Audience: In order to reflect the TapIt project from several sides, we propose to create a campaign of PSA’s, which will be oriented to two audiences: The general audience Food service organizations
  7. 7. Strategy - General Audience: Main objective in orienting to general audience is to explain them why to use tap water and the current conditions of TapIt projects. Also, it is important to reflect that they can easily find the nearest place of tapIt. For that we suggest animation script, which will explain 10 facts why to drink Tap water and not buy bottled water. Another option is a fictional scripts which will tell about the project in easy-style gag 10’ and 30’ seconds spots.
  8. 8. Strategy - Business: The main idea of the video is that TapIt would allow businessmen to make more friendly connections with the customers and bring new customers to their business.
  9. 9. Medium: TV/Web Videos might be distributed online, as well as broadcasted on local TVstations. If video would be distributed online, they could include links on Google Play, Apple Store and web-site of TapIt using youtube interactive annotations.
  10. 10. Content: 1. 60s animated infographic based on “10 reasons to drink Tap” 2. “Trail” (fiction 30s) 3. “That’s it.” (fiction 10s) 4. Documentary (90-120s)
  11. 11. 1. “10 reasons to drink Tap Water” Animation, 60s
  12. 12. 2. “Trail” (fiction 30s) Michael rides bicycle laboriously on the street. He feels thirsty so that he stops to look for a bottle of water in his pocket, yet he fails. He happens to find a food store nearby and then asks the cashier Jimmy for a bottle of water. Jimmy looks out of the store and sees a sack of empty plastic bottles behind Michael’s bicycle. Jimmy asks Michael to take out one of his bottles and refills it with tap water with no charge.
  13. 13. 3. “That’s it.”(fiction 10s) A customer named John stands by the counter, waiting to pay for the goods. He happens to see a tag ”Tapit” in the store and then asks the Cashier Jimmy what the tag is. Simultaneously, A man named Paul comes into sight. He asks Jimmy to refill his bottle with tap water. Jimmy refills it with no charge and answers John’s question with a short answer: ”That’s it”.
  14. 14. 4. Documentary Video for businesses will explain the benefits of joining the TapIt in a short (90’-120’ seconds) documentary, where will be presented 4 main protagonists: - representative of TapIt (explanation of the TapIt project and conditions of participation in it) - owner of the shop - owner of the cafe (they will answer to the question why they supported TapIt and what benefits they get by participating in it) - one of the customers (Thanks to the Tapit App application, he notices lots of great stores which he passed by many times. It offers him opportunities to visit new places around him).
  15. 15. Contacts Cheng Chen Shuwei Feng Georgiy Molodtsov (AU, MA’15) cc0266a@american.edu +12023204335 (AU, MFA’16) sf9543a@american.edu +12029108248 (AU, MA’15) gm3826a@american.edu +12024998973