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elearning interactivity - 4 levels

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4 Levels of Interactivity - Passive eLearning, Limited eLearning, Moderate eLearning, Simulation eLearning

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elearning interactivity - 4 levels

  1. 1. eLearning Interactivity – 4 Levels Resources available: - Gamification - Advanced or 3D simulations - A variety of multimedia usage - A guide or avatar Simulation Students have to collaborate and interact with the screen at each progression Interactivity Level: 100% Cost Duration Impact Flexibility Resources available: - Animated Video - Customized Audios - Intermediate level simulations - Scenario-based examples - Flash-style animations Moderate Courses are more modified and modern whereby there is moderate interaction Interactivity Level: 50% Cost Duration Impact Flexibility Resources available: - Clickable Graphics - Audios - Videos - Drag and Drop interactions - Drop-down menus - Links to external resources Limited Limited participation, interactivity stretches out a level of control to student Interactivity Level: 25% Cost Duration Impact Flexibility Resources available: - Recordings - Podcasts - Basic Illustrations - Navigation - Page Animation - Object Animation - True/False Questions - Multiple Choice Questions Passive Direct, clear, content-based eLearning condition with zero interactivity Interactivity Level: 0% Cost Duration Impact Flexibility