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Welcome to the Networked Society Gerd Leonhard MWC 2011

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Welcome to the Networked Society Gerd Leonhard MWC 2011

  1. 1. The Networked Society: a short previewGerd Leonhard, Media Futurist, CEO The Futures Agency @gleonhard Fish image via actuary-info.blogspot.com
  2. 2. Not Empires but Networks
  3. 3. Feb 10, 2011: #reasonsmubarakislate
  4. 4. The power of connecting with like-minded people
  5. 5. Social Media but a Social OS
  6. 6. In a networked society, co-creation becomes thenorm, and social networks are the new broadcasters
  7. 7. “If you look five years out, every industry is going to be rethought in a social way” Mark Zuckerberg Source: FastCompany.com
  8. 8. Soon: near-total convergence of ‘online’ and ‘meat-space’ Source: KarolaRiegler via Flickr
  9. 9. New, networked currencies will become very real
  10. 10. Companies become Platforms (not Empires)
  11. 11. Interaction comes before Transaction
  12. 12. A huge opportunity for the content industries
  13. 13. Digital content: enforcing control when trust andengagement is crucial will not generate new £$€
  14. 14. Total re-thinking of the toll-booth ‘logic’ Source: Flickr.com (unknown)
  15. 15. In a networked society it’s all aboutexperiences not copies; meaning not volume
  16. 16. Gamification... everywhere
  17. 17. Users are Content, too - and Curation is King
  18. 18. Data is the new OilSource: Henry Blodget Businessinsider.com
  19. 19. Privacy. Publicy. Vibrancy.Source: Seanpercival.com Mindfully.
  20. 20. It’s about now and here, not yesterday and ‘there’ Source: Alan Moore
  21. 21. Plenty of aberrations in the ‘global village’... Source: Tumblr.com/dashperiod
  22. 22. Welcome to the Networked Society
  23. 23. MediaFuturist.com @gleonhard