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Web Intents/Actions - UX Challenges

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Describes 3 possible design challenges that face web intents/actions if they are to achieve adoption


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Web Intents/Actions - UX Challenges

  1. 1. Web Intents/ActionsUX ChallengesGlenn JonesWeb Intents Design Push – Brighton, UK25 Feb 2012
  2. 2. I encourage everyone working on web actions to focus on usermotivations and their experience on your site first and foremost.Tantek Çelik - http://tantek.com/2011/220/b1/web-actions-a-new-building-block
  3. 3. Social Proof
  4. 4. Just an idea!
  5. 5. Just an idea!
  6. 6. Just an idea!
  7. 7. Social Proof• Is losing social proof an issue?• Is it just an issue for like/share?• Can we provide social proof for web intents?• What patterns of social proof would work with web intents?
  8. 8. Authoring experience for publisher
  9. 9. Progressive enhancement to aid adoption
  10. 10. How do we replace one with the other without breaking people’s sites
  11. 11. If web intents = false else
  12. 12. Progressive enhancement• What if the verb/action is not supported• How can we mix and match• How can we enhance the user experience once web intents are available in a browser
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