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Re-using <br />social media data<br />Glenn JonesCodebits– Lisbon, Portugal4 Dec 2009<br />
Objects<br />Social Media<br />Aggregation<br />Conversation<br />Activity<br />
Identity<br />Relationships<br />Objects<br />Social Media<br />Aggregation<br />Conversation<br />Activity<br />
Most of us have built identities across the web, we fill in profiles, upload photos, videos, reviews and bookmarks<br />
Identity<br />Identity<br />Distributed Identity<br />Identity<br />Our web identity is fragmented or distributed<br />
Identity consolidation<br />
The power of XFN rel=me<br />&lt; a href=“http://www.glennjones.net/” rel=“me”&gt;http://www.glennj... &lt;/a&gt;<br />
A graph (map) of rel=me linkages<br />Found Site<br />Found Site<br />Start Site<br />Found Site<br />Found Site<br />Foun...
Types of social graph linkages<br />Start Site<br />Found Site<br />rel=me<br />Outward claim<br />Start Site<br />Found S...
Google Social Graph API<br />http://socialgraph.apis.google.com/otherme?<br />q=http://twitter.com/glennjones<br />
Google Social Graph API JSON<br />{ <br />   &quot;http://delicious.com/glennjonesnet&quot;: { <br />      &quot;attribute...
A JavaScript library that retrieves and aggregates profiles from across the web <br />
10 identities - outward rel=me links<br />20 identities - combined outward and inward rel=me links<br />5 additional ident...
Profile parsing<br />
§<br />Embedded microformathCard<br />
ufXtractmicroformat API<br />http://ufxtract.com/api/?url=http://slideshare.net/glennjones&format=hcard&output=json<br />
ufXtractmicroformat API<br />{<br />    &quot;microformats&quot;: {<br />        &quot;vcard&quot;: [{<br />            &q...
Google Social Graph API endpoint descriptions are not as complete as they could be<br />{ <br />   &quot;http://delicious....
Ident Engine – data overlayof endpoint descriptions<br />{<br />    &quot;name&quot;: &quot;Last.fm&quot;,<br />    &quot;...
Auto fill forms<br />
The most common details shared across <br />social media sites – work personas<br />
The most common details shared across <br />social media sites – social personas<br />
Parsing user generated content from discovered endpoints<br />
Ident Engine – user generated content endpoint descriptions<br />{<br />    &quot;name&quot;: &quot;Vimeo&quot;,<br />    ...
Ident Engine – data overlayof endpoint descriptions<br />Content types definitions<br />Schemas<br /><ul><li> Activity
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ufXtractmicroformat API<br />{<br /> &quot;microformats&quot;: Re-using social media data

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ufXtractmicroformat API{ &quot;microformats&quot;: { &quot;vcard&quot;: [{ &quot;fn&quot;: &quot;Glenn Jones&quot;, &quot;n&quot;: { &quot;given-name&quot;: [&quot;Glenn&quot;], &quot;family-name&quot;: [&quot;Jones&quot;] }, &quot;adr&quot;: [{ &quot;locality&quot;: &quot;Brighton&quot;, &quot;country-name&quot;: &quot;United Kingdom&quot; }], ...

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