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Stories of digitalization, 2017 05-09, gko


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Stories of digitalization, 2017 05-09, gko

  1. 1. Real Life Stories of Digitalization
  2. 2. Copyright 2017 FUJITSU Digital Waves Online consumer business Hyperconnected World A huge impact to every industry 1st Wave The Internet Connected, online 2nd Wave The Mobile Internet Real-time, anywhere 3rd Wave The Internet of Things Convergence of physical & digital 4th Wave AI and Robotics Knowledge & automation 1 Expansion of the digital revolution into production processes Improved efficiencies and productivity gains benefit trade and shipping.
  3. 3. Copyright 2017 FUJITSU Disruptions to previous business models Transaction processing Management information systems Components & products Specialization across physical value chain Online information systems Decision support and BI systems Global functional organization and BPOs Information & processes Specialization across digital value chain Community and collaboration tools Analytical systems Specialization of knowledge work & CoE Community & insight Specialization across social value chain Transaction cost of leveraging external capabilities Purpose of the firm will no longer be to minimize the transaction costs of doing business by gaining scale and executing efficient in-house processes MRP, MRPII, SCM, PLM, ERP,… Email, Internet, Extranet, eCommerce, UC, cloud, EDI, Web1.0, process automation, SOA,… Blogs, social networks, tweets, communities, Web2.0, crowdsourcing, SaaS, gamification,… 2
  4. 4. Copyright 2017 FUJITSU Successful digital transformation is important to avoid waking up one morning and having been ‘ubered’. Positioninthevaluechain 4th: Digital transformation Share of the value chain Increasing digital value contribution New digital customer interfaces Your company today € € € €€ Missing out if ‘ubered’ = lost value added CC BY 2.0 photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/joakimformo/12183655143 3
  5. 5. Copyright 2017 FUJITSU Technologies already evolving to new norms Change drivers Digital data Automation Customer experience Network connectivity Technology enablers Internet of things Artificial intelligence Wearables Robotics 3D printing Social networks Indoor positioning Mobile apps Cloud computing Big data analytics Sensors Augmented reality Crowdsourcing Business innovations Digital healthcare Social clienteling Predictive maintenance Multichannel retail 4th party logistics Nowcasting Smart transportation Fleet management In-store analytics Collaborative working Field inspection Smart City / Smart Energy Location based services Plan transformation first, digital second. Digital isn’t better, better is better. 4
  6. 6. Copyright 2017 FUJITSU Car industry in the process of transformation CC BY 2.0 photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ivyfield/3910052922 Control of the digital communications interface to the driver and vehicle owner Ownership of the data generated in and in relation to the vehicle usage Individual mobility and car purchasing behavior IP of the software established in vehicles Effective protection against cyber-attacks Digitization of logistics across the industry Fourth-party logistics providers control of the customer interface 5
  7. 7. Copyright 2017 FUJITSU Industrial, business & human aspects 6 Perform Enforce continuous operational patterns for high degree of assurance in repetitive tasks Manage Effectively monitor and manage services, generate new patterns, find exceptions to them Day-to-day life Enhance quality of life and fundamental needs, recognize patterns and respond to them Experience Enable discretionary wants & lifestyle improvement, improve breadth & depth of experience of living Industrial Business Human Hard operational rules. Self-directed and autonomous. Explicit or arbitrary actions trigger events. Interaction with people. Efficiency Improve operational efficiency and increase visibility into core business functions Transform Generate new revenue streams, boost value-add, change business model Optimize: time, money, resources, experiences Protect: loss, discomfort, injury, confusion
  8. 8. Copyright 2017 FUJITSU Digital Transformation cases with our customers 7 Customer analysis/ Marketing About 60 projects Transportation/ Disaster prevention About 40 projects Traceability About 30 projects Smart factory About 30 projects Personal Safety/Security (Elderly/Children, etc.) About 30 projects Facilities Monitoring/ Maintenance About 20 projects Smart Retail About 20 projects Smart Agriculture About 30 projects
  9. 9. Copyright 2017 FUJITSU Aircraft inspection CC BY 2.0 photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/diversey/2077360062/ Building and servicing modern passenger aircraft is a complex, challenging and expensive business Inspection of life vests, oxygen generators and other loose emergency equipment Traceability of the entire process, error-free maintenance, and lead-times are absolutely essential 8
  10. 10. Copyright 2017 FUJITSU Connected Asset Reduced operational and maintenance cost. Transforming from preventive to predictive maintenance. Converged IT and OT in power generation group for enterprise operations management Reduced operational risk. Risk avoiding benefits estimated at multiple million USD. Improved operational efficiency. Manual hours saving estimated at thousands of hours per year.
  11. 11. Copyright 2017 FUJITSU Connected Workers 10 On-site maintenance, repair, and inspections for waterworks and sewerage facilities Replaced paper and manual processes which were quickly outdated or required extensive training. Using augmented reality. Operators can work more quickly and accurately with real-time onsite access to data and central support.
  12. 12. Copyright 2017 FUJITSU Field maintenance operations 11 Collects vital signs of worker’s physical well being Greater visibility to remote work locations by relaying data to supervisors Heat stress Fatigue Health status Fall detection Accidents
  13. 13. Copyright 2017 FUJITSU Mobile workforce 12 Need to increase efficiency and effectiveness of mobile field force, with particular issue with asset management and parts Van as virtual warehouse – managing physical assets for field force engineering Increased workforce productivity Optimization of parts Decreased repeat visits Increased customer satisfaction
  14. 14. Copyright 2017 FUJITSU Livestock production 13 Reproductive performance of the cow and heifer is one of the most important factors that influence farm profitability Detecting signs of cow’s estrus from its footsteps via pedometers attached to legs Rugged pedometer Measures footsteps Cloud-based analysis Determine insemination Detect diseases Understanding the biological mechanisms associated with getting a cow or heifer bred
  15. 15. Copyright 2017 FUJITSU Manufacturing quality control 14 Denmark Manufacturing “Leading edge” in manufacturing Industrie 4.0 with artificial intelligence (Zinrai) Analysis of the manufacturing quality of the structures and the different layers of fibers in wind power blades. Based on Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning etc. based analysis of ultrasonic and thermal images.
  16. 16. Copyright 2017 FUJITSU Smart Buildings A platform to build powerful digital services by relating “things” in the physical environment to business events, using real-time rules that leverage presence, in- door position, and situational or context awareness to trigger actions to external applications & systems Process execution system for cyber-physical environments 15 Monitor “things” in the physical world in real-time Define rules and policies for conditions that need attention Trigger events into applications or control systems Make existing business applications location and context aware! Clinical logistics Patient self-registration Patient guidance and navigation Locating & tracking of equipment Asset & instrument management Nurse safety Doctor tour automation Clinical staff efficiency
  17. 17. Copyright 2017 FUJITSU Retail in-store analytics 16CC BY 2.0 photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/franklinheijnen/15529012325 Retailers today need every competitive advantage available Improve customer experience and sharpen store operations, zone plan, and conversion rates Understand customer paths Measure conversion rates Measure dwell & conversation time Measure promotion effectiveness Optimize store layout Understand valuable real estate Align staff location with traffic
  18. 18. Copyright 2017 FUJITSU Cashless payments PalmSecure biometric ID Pattern of veins in the palm Contactless, high hygiene Children pay for canteen lunches with biometric ID. Parents may control spent on unhealthy food and drinks. Virtual wallets are topped-up online.
  19. 19. Copyright 2017 FUJITSU Verification of programmable, self-executing and self-enforcing contracts Contracts whose terms are recorded in a computer language instead of legal language; the contracts contain the computer code that executes the contract. CC BY 2.0 photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/24oranges/14417293308/§§§/ IF [Advertising Network #564445] sends [1,000,000 clicks] that [convert to purchases at a rate of 15% or more] , THEN release [$.002 for each of those clicks] to User/Account # 899782392. Smart contracts (blockchain) 18 Financial exchanges Derivatives Savings accounts Prediction markets Crowdfunding platforms Smart property Facilitates the automation or removal of manual process.
  20. 20. Copyright 2017 FUJITSU Smart Parking
  21. 21. Copyright 2017 FUJITSU20 Helping customers to transform with digital Internet of Things analytics and decision support for urban public transportation in smart cities. Current state of operations on the ground Visualization of service and passenger flows Prediction of delays and chain of effects Line and composition recommendations Behavior analysis Prediction of overcrowding Multi-modal transport routes Visualization of real-time situation Real-time multi-modal traffic management
  22. 22. Copyright 2017 FUJITSU Healthcare 21 Evidence-based knowledge to enable clinical decision making and personalized healthcare provision Analysis of patient records as data-based knowledge graph Early detection of potential future patients and their risks, addressing e.g. mental health issues, using data analytics to identify patterns Health risk algorithms to assess the health risks of thousands of patients’ using medical history data and non clinical data
  23. 23. Copyright 2017 FUJITSU Hydroponics – the art of gardening without soil 22 Sensors monitor air temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, dissolved oxygen, air current, potential hydrogen, electrical conductivity, and root-zone temperature, lighting, fertilizer flow, and the pH – helping to determine and maintain optimal growing and atmospheric conditions Full control of the seasons, making them 12 months long, 24 hour all year around production Complete control over every aspect of a crop’s development: Minute control over nutrients Optimal light levels and wavelengths Higher crop yields Accurate harvest schedules Plant growth is a real and natural happening. No genetic mutation, no wonder chemicals. Uses less water, no fertilizer runoff into nature. No abused and over farmed soil.
  24. 24. Copyright 2017 FUJITSU “Digital” and “Transformation” are different things CC BY 2.0 photo credit: Greg https://www.flickr.com/photos/sightrays/4054095536/ How IoT:n and analytics allow a company to build or create completely new - operating environment - operating model - performance indicators - management model What happens after all company information is digital and analyzed? Transformation means different things to assembly line worker, machine engineer, production manager, factory director, supply executive, management team,… or to maintenance, support, and operation
  25. 25. Copyright 2017 FUJITSU Building a digital business one bit at a time CC BY 2.0 photo credit: katrien berckmoes https://www.flickr.com/photos/129891689@N02/16740449969/ One sensor One analysis One prediction One metering One function One unit One site One country One region … at a time Until it all comes together
  26. 26. Copyright 2017 FUJITSU Digitalization forces biz to learn to ask questions CC BY 2.0 photo credit: photosteve101 http://www.flickr.com/photos/42931449@N07/5397530925/ Focus on Qs, then focus your activities in finding those answers. How well do we know our own business? What signals or patterns to analyze? If you were given one question someone was able to answer about your business, what would it be?
  27. 27. Copyright 2017 FUJITSU Changing the culture to a new way of working Image credit to Rodney Malesi, United States International University , Kenya Knowledge sharing culture – prepare for change: knowledge as practice and catalyst for collaboration Data is contextual, we we need stories to explain it Apply data to resolve cross-operational challenges
  28. 28. Copyright 2017 FUJITSU Make the digital data speak – an experience “There is nothing new under the sun but there are lots of old things we don't know.” -Ambrose Bierce What information consumes? It consumes attention of its recipients. Using data that businesses typically discard or could not process due to technology limitations
  29. 29. Copyright 2017 FUJITSU Digital co-creation Building a platform, not a one-off application When done right, transformation value doesn’t end with one project A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention and a need to allocate that attention efficiently among the information sources and those who consume it Can you capture your audience in 2 seconds?
  30. 30. Copyright 2017 FUJITSU