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Uel information strategy development implementation v2-ac

The presentation outline the University of East London's approach to Information Strategy Development and Implementation. The goal of Information Strategy to establish Information management culture that is embedded in the attitudes, behaviours, processes and decision making.

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Uel information strategy development implementation v2-ac

  1. 1. UEL Approach to Information Strategy Development & Implementation Information Strategy workshop @UEL in association with JISC RSC London 31st July 2014 Andy Cook – Chief Information Officer Gurdish Sandhu – Associate Director Information Strategy
  2. 2. Context Understanding the external and internal Information Environment External • Rapidly evolving HE sector • Changing data collection requirements of HESA, HEFCE etc. • Performance measurement & Bench marking culture Internal • Increasing demand for access to quality information • Utilising Information as a strategic asset to drive competitive differentiation
  3. 3. UEL Information Strategy – SWOT analysis STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES OPPORTUNITIES THREATS • Expanding suite of Business Intelligence reports • Very competent and loyal staff in certain areas (e.g. IT systems & data) • Good practice of evidence-based approach to some aspects of planning and corporate strategy • Pockets of excellence in information management • External visibility & reputation in information management • Positive relationship with external stakeholders e.g. JISC, HESA, UCISA etc. • Too few staff with effective information management skills • Single point of failure across many business processes • Patchy understanding of our business processes • Fragmented information culture • Lack of understanding to exploit strategic use of data • Only few schools /services have strategies • Too much operational focus and short-termism • Willingness to make strategic use of data for competitive differentiation & advantage • To develop & implement innovative Information Strategy from scratch • Horizon scanning for all • Development of talent, information management skills • Digital information archiving & digital preservation • Embedding evidence-based planning across the university • Exploit innovative technology • Streamlining of information process • Loss of some key staff • Poor succession planning & knowledge management • Uncertainties related to organisational change • Funding constraints
  4. 4. UEL IS Vision ‘The aim of the strategy is to move the university to a position where it understands how to use data as a strategic asset.’ To move toward a culture of informed, evidence based decision making, to use the potential of modern technologies to derive business intelligence to improve the student experience, better inform course design, develop the curriculum offer, understand and develop the most effective pedagogies, better informed research and streamline business processes. The Information strategy seek to enable a more agile organisation that is responsive and adaptable to its environment.
  5. 5. High quality, accurate, reliable information Integrated across systems Facilitate data sharing & re-use Single version of the truth Easily accessible Fit for purpose Secure, reliable, resilient Unambiguous Ownership Comply with changing requirements Guiding principles Continuous Information Management Skills development
  6. 6. Aims & Objectives  To ensure that the university’s processes comply with legislative requirements and national & international standards.  To protect information security & appropriate use of data  To improve data quality, streamline business processes, improve data security and more effectively derive business intelligence  To improve the availability and exploitation of management information to support effective decision making processes  To utilise external data in the delivery of business intelligence to the university  To equip and support staff with data analysis & data interpretation skills  To use information to advance university’s research agenda
  7. 7. Annual review process to ensure continued alignment with External agencies and UEL business requirements and strategic directions Our Approach to IS development Living, evolving Information Strategy rather than static document Adoption of JISC Framework Taking best practice into consideration Risk based approach to Information Strategy Learning from Industry - Gartner
  8. 8. Jisc : The Sequel - Strategy Process Framework http://www.jisc.ac.uk/uploaded_documents/ practiti.pdf 1. Getting Started II Information Needs III Planning the Implementation IV Roles and Responsibilities V Monitoring and Review
  9. 9. Information Governance
  10. 10. Information Strategy Board Strategic Use of Data (Competency Centre Report Designer, BI developers, Dbase Administrator, adding value, Information asset administrators’ coaching & training) IS implementation & monitoring Information Architecture Systems, tools and data flow IAO = Information Asset Owner IAM – Information Asset Manager DS = Data Steward IAO IAM DS VCG Services Schools Research IAO IAM DS IAO IAM DS IAO IAM DS
  11. 11. InformationGovernanceInformationDefinition Information Quality Information Architecture Capability & Culture Embedded Information Culture Fragmented Information Culture 2014 2015 2016 Delivering Information Strategy (IS) @UEL Information Policy Established IS Board Staffing structure The case for IS Developed IS Develop & implement data validation & data cleansing plan Defined Information Quality standards Monitoring & review Design & develop report repository Established robust Technical Infrastructure Annual review Information Skills & Training Information Strategy 2014-2016
  12. 12. Thank You A.Cook@uel.ac.uk G.Sandhu@uel.ac.uk

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The presentation outline the University of East London's approach to Information Strategy Development and Implementation. The goal of Information Strategy to establish Information management culture that is embedded in the attitudes, behaviours, processes and decision making.


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