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People Will Be What They Can See: 7 Simple Steps for Successful Leadership

Joseph Kopser of Grayline Group lays out 7 simple tips for leaders to be successful in both their personal life and the workplace. It all begins with "People will be what they can see."

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People Will Be What They Can See: 7 Simple Steps for Successful Leadership

  2. 2. 1 2 3 4 5 People will be what they can see Use your talents to their fullest potential Find balance in all things Manage expectations Putting it together: leading 7 SIMPLE STEPS FOR SUCCESSFUL LEADERSHIP Joseph Kopser 6 Follow your passion 7 3 simple concepts for an enjoyable life
  3. 3. Everyone has the ability to be a role model Set the example, do the right thing - you will set the tone for your team Mentorship is an active, two- way street Your legacy depends on your investment in people PEOPLE WILL BE WHAT THEY CAN SEE Joseph Kopser
  4. 4. USE YOUR TALENTS TO THEIR FULLEST POTENTIAL We have an obligation to use our talents to the greatest level of our potential Continuous learning, self-development physical, mental, emotional, family, social, spiritual Mentorship - not everybody gets it, but they should Feedback is critical at all levels You have all been blessed in some way Give back to your community at every chance Joseph Kopser
  5. 5. FIND BALANCE IN ALL THINGS To keep up the pace expected of you, find a balance between work, family, and friends Have a life - be a part of your community Have fun, but not at the expense of others Joseph Kopser
  6. 6. Set the bar high Keep pushing forward Mistakes will happen - learn from them Work and train on the fundamentals Master the basics of your profession MANAGE EXPECTATIONS Joseph Kopser
  7. 7. LEADING Joseph Kopser Leading by example and role modeling The traditional role of a leader Provide the inspiration Overtime, the climate will be your reflection (Good or bad) Mentorship and leader development Looking long-term Demonstrates your real concern Can be as simple as asking, "So, what do you hope to do next?" Replicate the success - Stories, Vision, and Social Media Use stories and anecdotes to describe the possible Reduce complex ideas with simple visuals Watch the movie "Lincoln"
  8. 8. FOLLOW YOUR PASSION FIND WHAT YOU LOVE AND YOU WILL NEVER WORK A DAY IN YOUR LIFE How do you find it? Saturday mornings and your alarm clock will tell you WHAT YOU CHOOSE TO DO ON A SATURDAY MORNING IS OFTEN YOUR PASSION� Often times because this is what you are interested in and passionate about WHEN THE ALARM CLOCK GOES OFF, DO YOU HIT SNOOZE OR POP OUT OF BED? If you are repeatedly hitting snooze, you are choosing the dreamworld over the real world.� Looks for ways to bring your dreams into a reality. Joseph Kopser
  9. 9. 3 EASY CONCEPTS FOR AN ENJOYABLE LIFE Be�happy Do the right thing Have a good thing to say Joseph Kopser
  10. 10. Joseph Kopser is a technology entrepreneur and expert in transportation, smart cities, urban mobility, energy, national security issues as well as an Army combat veteran. Currently he serves as an Executive-in-Residence at the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas. In addition, he is President of Grayline where he works to bring together experts, data, and solutions to help companies and public institutions manage disruptive change. Prior to co- founding Grayline, Joseph co-founded and served as CEO of RideScout, before it was acquired by Mercedes-Benz in 2014. Joseph also served in the U.S. Army for 20 years earning the Combat Action Badge, Army Ranger Tab and Bronze Star and is a graduate of West Point with a BS in Aerospace Engineering and also received a Masters from the Harvard Kennedy School in 2002. In 2013, he was recognized as a White House Champion of Change for his efforts in Energy and Transportation. In 2014, his company won the U.S. Department of Transportation Data Innovation Award. In 2018, Joseph ran for Congress in a race that attracted more voters than any of the 36 districts in Texas. Losing by less than 3 points in a heavily gerrymandered district, Joseph demonstrated that voters want civility and problem solvers in Congress. In his free time, he works closely with The Bunker, an organization dedicated to supporting veteran entrepreneurs. In 2017, he co-authored the book, Catalyst, which he recommends you check out on Amazon. In 2019, Joseph became the inaugural Chairman of the Board of Advisors for the CleanTX Foundation, an economic development and professional association for cleantech. Joseph lives in Austin with his wife and is extremely proud of three adult daughters. Joseph Kopser, President - Grayline Group
  11. 11. Connect with me at�JosephKopser.com Check out my book,�Catalyst,�on�Amazon.