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GinzaMetrics Platform Guide - What to Expect & Getting Started

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We'll walk through what to expect when starting out with the GinzaMetrics Marketing Platform including account activation, adding a site, and dashboard overviews.

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GinzaMetrics Platform Guide - What to Expect & Getting Started

  1. 1. Platform Guide Getting Started
  2. 2. Account Activation If you haven’t already, activate your GinzaMetrics account using the activation link sent to the email used to set up the platform. If you have not received an activation link, first check your spam folder. If it is not there, email support@ginzametrics.com and a new one will be issued.
  3. 3. Getting Started by Adding a Site Once you’ve activated your account, you will be taken to our site onboarding wizard. Adding a site is the standard way to get started using the platform. Most sites can be set up initially in 10 minutes or less if you have the following:
 ✓ Access to your analytics provider (Google Analytics, Adobe Site Catalyst, etc.) ✓ Access to Google Webmaster Tools (optional) ✓ A list of at least five (5) keywords / topics you’d like to track initially or an Excel or csv file of existing keywords *If you do not have these items, please contact us for assistance. For further instructions on adding a site, visit this page: http://www.ginzametrics.com/support/how-to-add-a-site/
  4. 4. What to Expect After Adding a Site If you’ve added a site by connecting your analytics provider, Google Webmaster Tools, and adding keywords, you should be on your way to receiving data! A few things to note after initially adding your site(s): ★ How soon will I see data in my account? It takes at least 72 hours to begin populating data throughout the entire platform, although you may begin to see some areas acquire analytics sooner. You will be notified when the initial crawl is complete. ★ How can I get more data into my account? If you are migrating from another platform or provider, let us know and we may be able to bring your existing data. If you would like historical data backfill so you can run reports we can do that - just let us know. ★ What should I expect during my first few weeks? We make every effort to get you up and running quickly, and for most accounts this will happen in just a few days. Since we run crawls daily you’ll be getting lots of information within your first few weeks of using the platform - however, we like to set the expectation that the first two weeks of using the platform is also used to ensure everything is connected properly and populating as expected. Please allow two weeks to get setup in your reporting and data needs. ★ What if I need my data faster or have special requests? If you need faster data population, have custom setup needs, or have additional requests, please contact us as soon as possible to ensure we have time to work to accommodate them. We make every effort to meet timelines but cannot guarantee that all requested timing can be met.
  5. 5. Get to Know Your Dashboards Once you’ve added a site, you will be notified when your account is ready to view. Your GinzaMetrics platform has
 Account and Site Dashboard(s). While you’re waiting, get to know your dashboards so you can ramp up quickly when your data is ready. Your Account Dashboard contains a listing of all of your site dashboards as well as other vital information about your GinzaMetrics account. Your Site Dashboard is your analytics home base for insights, recommendations, and data for your site, content, and competitors. (If you have multiple sites connected, you will have a site dashboard for each one.) Learn more about your Account Dashboard here. Learn more about your Site Dashboard here.
  6. 6. Get to Know GinzaMetrics’ Features Want to know more about your platform? We’ve got tons of resources for you. Take a look at our Resource Center that includes: ➡ Case Studies ➡ Slideshares ➡ FoundFriday Episodes ➡ eBooks ➡ Webinars http://www.ginzametrics.com/resource-home/ You can also view our Support Center that includes: ➡ Onboarding Information ➡ Account Information ➡ FAQs ➡ Search & Content Marketing Resources ➡ Developer API information http://www.ginzametrics.com/support-home/
  7. 7. Have Questions or Need Assistance? Account setup and onboarding: karen@ginzametrics.com Technical issues: support@ginzametrics.com Plans and pricing: erin@ginzametrics.com Demo request: http://www.ginzametrics.com/demo-request/