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Telefonica Global Millennial Survey - Meet the Millennial Leaders

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Meet the Millennial Leaders, a distinct group of young people determined to shape their own future. They can defined by their expertise with technology, a passion to participate in solving challenges facing communities and the world, and a drive to succeed.

Telefónica in partnership with the Financial Times, commissioned 12,171 online quantitative interviews among Millennials, aged 18-30, across 27 countries in six regions including North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, Asia, and Middle East & Africa .

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Telefonica Global Millennial Survey - Meet the Millennial Leaders

  1. 1. Telefónica Global Millennial Survey Meet the Millennial Leaders_ Today’s young adults: the leaders of tomorrow. Living at the intersection of technology, entrepreneurship, and believing they can make a difference. Optimistic_ New Media Focused_ “I have opportunities in my country to become an entrepreneur.” “I am on the cutting edge of technology.” Millennial Leaders are most optimistic about the future. 61% Say they are very optimistic about their future. vs 32% of Global. 79% Millennial Leaders Global ...a developing news story or crisis. 55% Millennial Leaders Think optimistically of their country’s future. Millennial Leaders Believe they can make a global difference. 54% Global ...credible news coverage. 51% vs 67% of Global. 74% Millennial Leaders believe the Internet, including social media is the best resource for... 45% Global 64% ...entertainment. 62% vs 40% of Global. Tech Savvy_ Civically Engaged_ Millennial Leaders are more likely to own a technological device. “I believe I can make a local difference.” 82% own a SMARTPHONE vs 76% of Global. 80% own a LAPTOP vs 74% of Global. Millennial Leaders are more civically engaged and empowered to drive change. Always participate in their country’s political process. Millennial Leaders 46% Global 28% Technology has made them better informed about political issues in their country. 66% own a DESKTOP vs 50% of Global. 46% own a TABLET vs 28% of Global. Millennial Leaders are more influenced by technology_ Millennial Leaders 67% Global 38% Social media plays an important role in current political events and movements in their country. Millennial Leaders 60% Global 33% Millennial Leaders, 11% of the 12,171 survey respondents aged 18 - 30 from 27 countries, who will drive change. More Millennial Leaders said technology was influential in GLOBAL shaping their outlook on life-to-date compared to Global 30% 44% Millennials. MLs Empowered and Inspired Millennial Leaders are making a global difference with ever-widening access to technology, education, entrepreneurship and opportunities to grow their careers. These insights will help our global society empower and enable Millennials through digital literacy and entrepreneurial programs. Learn more at telefonica.com/millennials #TEFMillennials