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The new public relations challenges

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Keynote given by Christophe Ginisty, President of IPRA, on Thursday, May 16th 2013 in Doha during the 3rd Regional Conference organized by the Gulf Chapter of the International Public Relations Association.

The new public relations challenges

  1. 1. President  2013  Interna0onal  Public  Rela0ons  Associa0on  christophe@openagency.fr  @cginisty  Christophe  Ginisty  THE  NEW  PR  CHALLENGES  
  2. 2. First,  let’s  define  what  we  call  Public  Rela0ons…  
  3. 3. “Public  rela0ons  is  a  strategic  communica0on  process  that  builds  mutually  beneficial  rela0onships  between  organiza0ons  and  their  publics.”  
  4. 4. Social  media  explosion  creates  a  permanent  and  some0mes  extravagant  exposure  that  raises  the  level  of  vulnerability  for  every  organiza0on/personality.    
  5. 5. Posted  on  Youtube  on  Dec  19th,  2011  More  than  3.5  million  views  on  Dec  20th,  2011  FedEx  VP  of  US  opera0ons  publicly  apologizes  on  Dec  21st    
  6. 6. Let’s  have  a  look  at  what  is  changing  
  7. 7. Conversa0ons  are  everywhere  and      always  on  The  level  of  trust  dictates  the  online  ac0vism  Stakeholders  are  reques0ng  more    ethical  behaviors  Gamifica0on:  figh0ng  against  a  well  established  brand  can  be  seen  as  a  game  by  Internet  users  The  PR  playground  has  become  much  more  complex  and  demanding  in  every  part  of  the  world  
  8. 8. Conversa0ons  are  everywhere  and      always  on  The  level  of  trust  dictates  the  online  ac0vism  Stakeholders  are  reques0ng  more    ethical  behaviors  Gamifica0on:  figh0ng  against  a  well  established  brand  can  be  seen  as  a  game  by  Internet  users  The  PR  playground  has  become  much  more  complex  and  demanding  in  every  part  of  the  world  
  9. 9. People  do  not  trust  much  their  ins0tu0ons…  
  10. 10. Most  countries  are  either  in  the  neutral  or  in  the  distrusters  side  
  11. 11. But  informed  people  trust  more  than  the  other  ones  
  12. 12. Trust  into  the  different  types  of  media  
  13. 13. Leaders  and  spokespeople  are  not  the  most  trusted  sources  
  14. 14. What  is  important  for  people  ?    (and  how  they  value  companies’  performance)  
  15. 15. CSR  playground:  Businesses  are  not  mee0ng  people’s  expecta0ons  
  16. 16. People’s  aden0on  and  expecta0ons  are  increasing.    
  17. 17. We  all  are  followed…  >56%  of  US  Twider  Users  are  following  more  than  6  brands  on  a  regular  basis  (source:  Twider)  
  18. 18. Internet  users  will  praise  and…punish  Source:  GoodPurpose  survey  2012  conducted  by  StrategyOne  on  behalf  of  Edelman.  8,000  customers  accross  16  countries  –  aged  18+  
  19. 19. Gamifica0on:  The  web  will  become  an  gigan0c  playground:  The  Gartner  Group  has  projected  50%  of  corporate  innova0on  will  be  "gamified"  by  2015.  Deloide  had  already  called  gamifica0on  one  of  the  Top  10  Technology  Trends.  
  20. 20. What  are  the  characteris0cs  of  the  new  ecosystem?  
  21. 21. What  PR  pros  have  to  deal  with…  «  Always  on  »  conversa0ons  followed  by  a  massive  audience  worldwide  Decline  of  the  trust  in  the  ins0tu0ons  and  in  the  tradi0onal  spokespeople  The  raise  of  expecta0ons  for  ethical  behaviors  and  the  ability  to  publicly  appreciate  The  «  gamifica0on  »  phenomenon  is  a  massive  trend  for  Internet  users  Need  for  even  more  professional  PR  prac00oners  
  22. 22. Organiza0ons  will  face  more  crisis  situa0ons  than  ever.  But…  
  23. 23. As  the  Chinese  represent  it,  never  forget  that  every  crisis  is  made  of  danger  and  opportunity  
  24. 24. Be  ready  to  react    fast:  get  today  the  tools  that  may  help  you  tomorrow    Restore  trust  by  ethical  behaviors    by  being  as  transparent  as  possible  PR  people  need  to  work  on  4  axis  to  prevent  crisis  Monitor,  listen  and  analyse  the  conversa0ons  on  a  real  0me  basis  Engage  into  the  conversa0ons    to  maintain  a  high  level  of  confidence  
  25. 25. Merci  beaucoup.  ‫ﺷﻜﺮا‬  ‫ﺟﺰﻳﻼ‬