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Gami offshorent - executive overview

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Overview of our web design/development services along with testimonials from some of our fans.

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Gami offshorent - executive overview

  1. 1. Executive Overview for Digital Agencies, Software Firms, Marketing Departments & Technology Companies Gigi JK Founder/CEO gigijk@gamillc.com 484.994.9425
  2. 2. Built great partnership Operational & Cost Transparency extremelyresponsive go the extra mile 30% cost savings increased revenues 20% trust , trust , trust Went beyond anticipating Needs great communication
  3. 3. Agenda  About Our Founder  GAMI LLC. Company Profile  Customers  Core Competencies  Case Studies  Unique Value Proposition  Digital Agency & Software Challenges
  4. 4. Gigi JK – Founder & President  Founder and President  Dual Bachelors: InfoSci. & Mathematics. (Drexel and Gandhi University)  Drexel – Summa Cum Laude  25+ years of experience in software, technology and outsourcing  Application Architect - Comcast – 4+ years  Chief Information Officer – Arcgroup Associates – 4+ years  SMB experience: 12+ years.  Entrepreneurs Forum of Greater Philadelphia – Board Member  Mid-Atlantic Consultants Network- Board Member  Philly Startup Leaders (PSL) – Active Member  Greater Philadelphia Senior Executive Group (GPSEG) – Active Member /in/gigijk
  5. 5. Company Profile Our Vision - help digital agencies and software companies increase revenue, lower costs, increase productivity and drive business value for their organization.  Founded in 2006 and based in King of Prussia, PA.  Offices in Chicago, California and Sydney, Australia.  Dedicated offshore center based in Cochin, India.  Grew organization from 5 to 75 employees in last 2 years.  Focused on working with digital agencies and software firms.  Over 150 customers.
  6. 6. Core Competencies  Solution Engineering  Web Development  Application Development  Mobile Development  eCommerce Development  Content Management Systems  Community and Collaboration  Hosting and Infrastructure  Search Engine Optimization
  7. 7. Customers – Agencies & Software Firms Ask for more..
  8. 8. End User Customers Ask for more..
  9. 9. Technology Wordpress/CMS Drupal/CMS Joomla/CMS Mobile/iOS Mobile/desktop Mobile/Android Web Apps/Services 9 Web Apps/Services Python/Django/Web Apps/Services Magento/ecommerce Ask for more.. Web Apps/Services ecommerce Business Catalyst/CMS/ecommerce ecommerce
  10. 10. Engagement Model • Dedicated SEO Resources • Projects Before • High employment overhead (w2 employees carry high overhead) • Challenge managing offshore employees (working through odesk does not scale well) • Finding qualified specialists is like playing Russian roulette. After • Built great partnership relationship with the leadership team – Gigi / KC. • Offshorent is extremely responsive to our requirements. • Increase in "generalist consultant" profit margin of about 40%. • Cost effective with increased quality and value. • PML opened an eCommerce Practice in 2014 ".... your guys know their stuff, You've been a great partner to work with...“ Bechara Jaoudeh , Partner, Philly Marketing Labs https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=38586862
  11. 11. Engagement Model • Dedicated Resources • Projects Before • Getting access to a wide variety of technical skills in a fast and easy approach. • Having the ability to reach out and ask technical questions to subject matter experts. • Better pricing for skills on projects that are longer and shorter durations. • Flexibility to help plan resources and finances as needed. After • Quick responsiveness, a sense of having a dedicated team to meet my needs. • Easy source of gaining insight on a technical issue that is over my head. • Ability to take on more projects simultaneously which increased revenues by 15-20% during 2013. • Improved our costs by about 30%. Gigi's company has a long list of relevant experience. We have used him for a wide list of projects for almost two years without any disappointment“ David Goodman, President/CEO. http://www.linkedin.com/pub/david-goodman/8/333/173
  12. 12. Engagement Model • Projects • Wordpress • Mobile - iOS, Android Before • Having to vet new development talent. • Having to find new development talent. • Trusting new talent when discovered. After • Can trust they'll develop what I ask. • Can trust they'll provide input. • Can trust I'll get a better product than originally envisioned. “Gigi's team at Offshorent is awesome! We worked with Offshorent on a complicated website software platform. The team’s input was invaluable and guided the final product. Daniel Mullaney, CEO http://www.linkedin.com/in/mbaprojectsearch
  13. 13. Engagement Model • Projects • Dedicated Seats Before • Two service providers • Management headaches • Lack of transparency • Lack of Control GARTNER’s Magic Quadrant After • Full operational transparency • Full cost transparency • Full control from hiring to firing • 30% cost savings over the previous offshore engagement models. “The control and transparency we get end to end in this model is the best remedy for many problems in offshore development industry. Cost savings over other offshore 13 models is an additional benefit, a significant one”. Larry Bilker, CIO. https://www.linkedin.com/in/lawrencebilker
  14. 14. More Satisfied Customers 'Christopher Lynch of Taltusmedia: “I"'ve worked with quite a few offshore developers in the past, but none that have had the professionalism and excellent communication skills as these guys. Highly recommend their services. Jonathan Segal of Ecolane: "I've been working with Gigi's company for almost two years. I have engaged them in several projects. They've been an affordable, reliable partner for my needs.. Jennifer Schulman of Fortune Web Marketing: “Working with the Offshorent team has been a terrific experience. We have given them several projects and they have come through with shining colors. They communicate if more info is needed and they go the extra mile to make sure our staff understands the technical aspects of the work. They go above and beyond what any developer we employed prior had done. You can always expect a quick response. We are looking forward to working with them on many projects in the future.” Perry Yeldham of 21Thirteen Design: As a successful Web Design & Development company, we have a lot of experience with programmers. We have been extremely pleased with Gigi's company's services. He went beyond anticipating our needs to suggesting ideas we didn't even think of. The work was done as promised, on time, with great communication and at a very reasonable cost. I am already recommending Gigi to our clients and would recommend him to you unequivocally!
  15. 15. Unique Value Proposition  Transparency  Flexible Engagement Model  Dedicated Resources (the best)  Project Based  Solution Engineering expertise – US and India  Extremely Responsive  Goes the Extra Mile  Anticipates Needs  Great Communication  Increase Revenue  Lower Costs  Increase Productivity  Projects are on time  New Lines of Business  True Partnership  Trusted
  16. 16. Digital Agency & Software Development Business Challenges  High Employment Overhead  Challenging Managing Offshore Resources  Finding Quality Talent  Limited Solution Engineering  Responsiveness  Communication  Design Issues  Poor Delivery  Scalability  Resource Availability  Specialized Skills  Cost Containment  Oversight of Project Teams  Transparency  Control  Cultural issues
  17. 17. Thank you www.gamillc.com 17