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Nesta apresentação você terá uma visão geral do que a Plataforma Salesforce Marketing Cloud pode fazer por sua empresa, incluindo:
1. Visão Geral da Plataforma Salesforce
2. Apresentação da Salesforce Marketing Cloud
3. Visão Detalhada dos Produtos da solução.
4. Marketing Cloud Mobile
5. Inteligencia Preditiva
6. Social Customer Service
7. Journey Builder - Jornada integrada em Múltiplas Mídias
8. Facebook Active Audiences
9. Journey for Apps - a Jornada em seu Aplicativo Mobile.
10. Casos de Sucesso
11. Outras soluções para seu negócio.

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  • Optional Slide:
    This slide explains how each of the seven products that make up The Customer Success Platform are applicable to marketers.
  • Optional Slide:
    This slide explains how each of the seven products that make up The Customer Success Platform are applicable to marketers.
  • Key Takeaways:
    The rules of business and customer engagement have changed
    All of these connections create opportunity
    This is a customer revolution – the customer is now in control

    Talk Track:
    We talk a lot about today’s connected, digital world, which is being driven by five technology shifts happening right now. Cloud, unbelievable, unthinkable computing power right at our fingertips. Social, our customers have new places to go digitally and we need to join them. Mobile, for the first time ever humanity has a unifying technology platform that allows us to reach them and them to connect with us. Data science has created all new potential for us to truly reach our customers with personalized messages. And the Internet of things, all the connected devices, sensors, cars, everything creates a brand new level of rich context for us to understand what our customers needs and wants.

    But what we don’t always talk about the byproduct of these five trends – and that our customers are now in control.

    Provide a Relevant Example – e.g. customers using their mobile device in a retail store to compare prices, or look up product reviews, breaking the experience that had been designed by the marketer.
  • Talk Track:
    Because the customer is in control, every customer journey is unique. Gone are the days where grouping, segmenting, and really stereotyping are enough.

    The customer chooses when they want to start the journey, how they want to travel on the journey, and when they want to end it. And they expect you to be there for them every step of the way, especially AFTER they have made a purchase.

    Every individual interaction along the journey matters. The sum of those interactions is your brand.

    Provide a Relevant Example – e.g. demographic profile data can’t tell you if a customer prefers to shop in-store, online, or a hybrid of the two.
  • Talk Track:
    And that’s why Marketing Cloud is part of our Complete CRM solution. As we manage our customers it really is every touch point that matters. Customer experience is more than marketing.

    Marketing Cloud enables us to power journeys across not just marketing but sales and service, every touch point, bringing in data seamlessly and syncing that data between all the parts of the customer success platform, allowing you to power journeys across all parts of your customer engagement.
  • In order to thrive in this environment, in order to proactively manage these individual customer journeys across the entire customer lifecycle, companies need a platform that can tie everything together around the individual customer; a platform that connects sales, service, and marketing interactions across a single view of the customer, and one that is grounded in customer data, which ultimately informs every interaction, in any channel. at any point in time along the customer journey.

    That platform is Salesforce, the only company in the world that offers an end-to-end platform for managing customer experiences and 1:1 customer journeys across the entire customer lifecycle, with your customers’ individual data at the core.

    Salesforce unifies best in class applications for Sales, Service, and Marketing, with a robust platform for custom application development, community building, and analytics.

    Salesforce is the Customer Success Platform.
  • Talk Track:
    Let’s start by talking about how we acquire customers. Advertising has been our tried and true method.

    But it’s mass media. It’s one to many messaging. It’s not personalized.

    Technology has finally caught up. Today it’s possible to get the scale of TV and print, but for the message to be personalized.

  • Talk Track:
    After you acquire customers, and start to learn about them, you need to sell to them.

    Marketers are moving away from just focusing on the execution of campaigns and towards generating more revenue with email marketing.
  • Talk Track:
    After you’ve acquired the customer, and made the sale, you need to onboard that new customers. Historically onboarding has been done in a 1-to-many format. That’s anonymous. It doesn’t build relationships.

    With Marketing Cloud, you can onboard your new customers with 1-to-1 cross-channel interactions.
  • Talk Track:
    Once we have a customer, we need to stay engaged with them to make sure they stay a customer. That engagement needs to move away from disconnected, episodic campaigns towards behavioral-based holistic messages.
  • Talk Track:
    Almost done. We started with acquiring new customers. Talked about how to sell to them, onboard them, and then continue to engage with them. Now we want to make them advocates.

    Social media plays a critical role here. Advocates and detractors can amplify the impression of a brand. So we can no longer think of social as a silo’ed channel. It must be integrated with our marketing, sales, and service.

  • Talk Track:
    The Marketing Cloud is helping companies grow their businesses across every major metric. Our customers have seen, on average, a 40% increase in revenue influence, 41% life in conversions, 46% faster campaign deployment, a 53% lift in revenue per web session….

    And of course all of these metrics lead to the most important metric, which is a 43% increase in Marketing ROI
  • Talk Track:
    The recognition we enjoy the most is when our customers have a vote. At the very cool crowd sourcing analyst form G2 just put a report out about best email marketing platforms, which we were rated number one. This is important because email is still the workhorse of digital marketing.
  • NOTES:
    LEFT SIDE: Trying to show that everyone is on Social Not just young people, rich people, etc. I can live with just the gender, age and income rows.
    RIGHT SIDE: Trying to show that the aount of content shared online has exploded.

    If it I can use a couple of text boxes for bullets and a stat if there was representative images.
  • Change top logo to CLOUD+Social Studio
    Five product features each with an icon or illustration.
    Connected to
    3 logos plus 3rd party integrations.
  • Gentrop - Salesforce Marketing Cloud - Visão Geral - Soluções e Serviços

    1. 1. Sua Jornada para o Sucesso Smart Journey SALESFORCE CONNECTIONS SP 2016
    2. 2. Tech & Management Certificações Salesforce+
    3. 3. Community Cloud next generation websites and eCommerce App Cloud build and run marketing apps for employees and customers Sales Cloud B2B marketing automation and selling Analytics Cloud actionable analytics for marketing data Marketing Cloud create 1-to-1 journeys with email, mobile, social, web & ads Service Cloud brand differentiation with integrated customer experience FOR MARKETERS THE CUSTOMER SUCCESS PLATFORM IoT Cloud power 1-to-1 journeys from connected sensors, app, and devices
    4. 4. STARTS HERE YOUR SMART JOURNEY Social Management Plataforma e serviços de Gestão de Mídia Social. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Jornadas 1-to1, email, mobile, social, web & ads, a mais sofisticada plataforma de gestão de Marketing. ECommerce Plataforma Integrada com Salesforce Marketing Cloud Business Services Apoio à Estratégia de seu negócio. Agência Digital Gestão de sua plataforma de Marketing e Design. Business Intelligence Uber Data – BI sob demanda na nuvem Smart Solutions • Wraps – Micro Moment Web App – Sua mensagem móvel. • Sigstr – Marketing na sua Assinatura de Email
    5. 5. Smart Journey Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integrated Ecommerce Big Data Wraps Micro Moment App Social Management Salesforce Sales Cloud Integration
    6. 6. Nós entramos no mundo Digital e Conectado Agora o cliente está no controle Cloud: Escalável, performance, e acesso em tempo real Social: Novos lugares para encontrar seus clientes Mobile: Experiências Always-on, always-connected Data Science: Interações relevantes e personalizadas IoT: Sensores conectados, beacons, devices e apps
    7. 7. Click Facebook Ad Newsletter Sign-up Conteúdo de Email Personalizado Mobile Opt-inDownload App Contato ao Atendimento ao Cliente Evangelização no Facebook Caso de Suporte resolvido Primeira Compra Cada Cliente está em sua única Jornada Agrupamentos, segmentações e esteriótipos não são mais suficientes
    8. 8. Modelo Marketing Cloud
    9. 9. Integração entre as Nuvens Salesforce Crie Jornadas 1-to-1 para a Plataforma de Sucesso do Cliente Construa Jornadas Journeys para Cada Nuvem Sales journeys, service journeys, any journey Integração Point and Click Integre Sistemas em apenas alguns clicks Sincronização Contínua mantenha qualquer objeto padão ou customizado sincronizado com Marketing Cloud Email Social Advertising Website Mobile Devices
    10. 10. Crie Jornadas de Clientes 1:1 com Marketing Cloud Torne-se uma empresa focada no Cliente Sales Service Marketing CommunityApps Analytics
    11. 11. Adquira Mais Clientes com Advertising Personalizado TV & mass media Advertising Personalizado Tradicional Marketing Cloud
    12. 12. Venda mais com Email Marketing Geradores de Receita Campaign executors Marketing CloudTradicional
    13. 13. Onboard mais rápido com interações1-to-1 Interações 1-to-1 cross-channel Interações 1-to-many Marketing CloudTradicional
    14. 14. Engage de forma mais inteligente com Predictive Intelligence Mensagens baseadas em comportamento Campanhas desconectadas Marketing CloudTradicional
    15. 15. Build Advocates Quicker with Social Media Social integrado com marketing, vendas e serviço Siloed social Marketing CloudTradicional
    16. 16. Marketing Cloud promove Marketing ROI Source: Salesforce Customer Relationship Survey conducted March 2015 - May 2015, by an independent third-party, Confirmit Inc., on 4,600+ customers randomly selected. Response sizes per question vary Salesforce Predictive Intelligence Benchmark Report conducted 2013 on 140 million interactions sent by Marketing Cloud customers. Average Percentage Improvements Reported by Salesforce Customers Aumento Marketing ROI + 43% + 40% Increase in Revenue Influence + 41% Lift in Conversion Lift in Revenue per Web Session + 53% + 46% Faster Campaign Deployment
    17. 17. customer rated for email marketing#1
    18. 18. Social Marketing Today
    19. 19. Como o Social Studio Conecta você à Jornada do Cliente? AdvocateEngajamentoOnboardVendaAquisição Atinja com Social Ads e Active Audiences Publique e engaje em múltiplos canais Ouça para Conversas, Geração de Leads e Insights de vendas Crie campanhas e publique conteúdo que inspira ações. Crie Experiências com seu cliente Social que inspirem afeição por sua marca Ouça para entender a necessidade do usuário e informar sua estratégia
    20. 20. Adoção de Redes Sociais por consumidores é Universal Como Resultado Conteúdo e Volume de Conversas Explodiram
    21. 21. Social Studio
    22. 22. Conecta Social ao seu negócio Social Studio foi feito para equipes modernas de gestão social Foco na Adoção: Promove adoção em toda a empresa com uma plataforma complete que é fácil de implanter, usar e mobile Conectada: Extende social para seu negócio com funcionalidades nativas Salesforce e integração com apps de terceiros. Eficiente: Utilize automação e inteligência para maximizar o investimento de sua equipe em social Relevante: Integrado com social advertising, rich content e programas de marketing multi-channel. Seguro: Solução Enterprise da plataforma líder em cloud
    23. 23. Listen Real-time insights da social web Analyze Informação de performance e ROI Engage Conecte-se em real time com customers em larga escala Publish Planeje, colabore and compartilhe conteúdo entre equipes Advertise Conecta social advertising com social marketing 3RD PARTY APPLICATIONS
    24. 24. Smart Journey