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How to make a salad sandwich

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How to make a salad sandwich

  1. 1. By Rico Lee.
  2. 2. PICTURES INGREDIENTS  We will need some mayonnaise, sandwich bread, some tuna, cheese , corn, ham and some lettuce.
  3. 3.  I chose this food because I think it’s quite healthy and because it’s quite easy to make. Secondly because mostly all my food is quite healthy. Such as the lettuce, which has some Vitamin K and it also protect your cells against damage.
  4. 4. PICTURES STEP 1.  First we will need to wash the lettuce. Remember to wash it with clean water.
  5. 5. PICTURES STEP 1B  Then we will need to break the brown big on the bottom of the lettuce.
  6. 6. PICTURES STEP 2 . Then we will need to open the corn packet and pour out all the corn to a bowl big enough for making a salad. ( The corn box might have some water)
  7. 7. PICTURES STEP 3 Then you will need to get some lettuce and rip them to small bits. Then drop them to the bowl.
  8. 8. PICTURES STEP 4  Then you will need to put some tuna (or you don’t need to). There’s some oil, so I think you should pour the oil first.
  9. 9. PICTURES STEP 5  After we can put some mayonnaise. Then mix it with a spoon. Make sure its mixed porperly.
  10. 10. PICTURES STEP 6  Now its time to set up your sandwich, you can put whatever the first or last, it’s your choice.
  11. 11. PICTURES LAST STEP  After finishing setting up the sandwich we can put it on the oven for 5 min.
  12. 12. PICTURES FINISH  After putting it on the oven you finished!