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Meet cheryl van kempen

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Meet Cheryl van Kempen, the person behind Geocheryl.com. Working in Earth Sciences, volunteering for a better world through internet and communication.

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Meet cheryl van kempen

  1. 1. My roots are from everywhere Dad’s parentsDad Mom’s Grandparents
  2. 2. But I grew up in Africa Dad’s parentsDad Mom, Dad & us Mom’s Grandparents
  3. 3. Where I soon realized
  4. 4. School would give me a future
  5. 5. My friends could only hope for
  6. 6. I saw that where theEnvironment is harsh
  7. 7. Agriculture is vital
  8. 8. & So is Water
  9. 9. & access to markets
  10. 10. So I studiedEarth SciencesEnvironmental Geochemistry &Sustainable DevelopmentLand use, Environment & Biodiversity @
  11. 11. & graduatedOn NutrientsIn the coastalZones Ofthe world,Supervised byCaroline Slomp,Harry Middelburg,Hans Dürr &Goulven Laruelle
  12. 12. I worked @ IGRAC for 3 years On • Transboundary Aquifers of the World • F, As and high Salinity in groundwater • Global abstraction vs demand • 3R: Recharge, Retention, Re-use
  13. 13. And work @ Deltares nowOn• Groundwater Management• Drought Forecasting• Rainwater HarvestingOr more generally:• GIS & Maps for the Management of Natural Resources
  14. 14. I volunteer for Burkina Faso
  15. 15. And the rest of the world
  16. 16. I make websites for fun
  17. 17. And for others
  18. 18. So this is me:Cheryl van Kempen Earth & Environment People, Planet, Profit Internet & CommunicationWhy? For a change...
  19. 19. For Development• [ict4d image?]
  20. 20. For our future
  21. 21. For our planet
  22. 22. Stay in touch, change the world http://geocheryl.com