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Legacy interview questions sample

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A sample set of questions for you to ask family members and friends as you set up your legacy plan. These questions can also be used as part of a video or audio interview.

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Legacy interview questions sample

  1. 1. Legacy Interview Questions 11-02-2017
  2. 2. 29/10/2017 1 Legacy Interview Questions01 What do you have that is special from your father/mother? Legacy Interview Questions02 What stories did your father/mother tell you about their childhood (about anything)? Legacy Interview Questions03 Were you encouraged to give time, talent or treasure to make the world a better place? How were you encouraged?
  3. 3. 29/10/2017 2 Legacy Interview Questions04 From whom in your family did you learn kindness? Legacy Interview Questions05 Who in your family has shown you what a great sense of humour is? Legacy Interview Questions06 Were you taught gratitude by your parents? If so, how?
  4. 4. 29/10/2017 3 Legacy Interview Questions07 What has been your greatest joy? Legacy Interview Questions08 What is the craziest thing you have ever done? Legacy Interview Questions09 Where was the most unusual place you have traveled?
  5. 5. 29/10/2017 4 Legacy Interview Questions10 What are your favourite foods? Legacy Interview Questions11 What is your family’s greatest strength? What strength can you see reflected in your children? Legacy Interview Questions12 What is the legacy you are creating? For what will you be remembered?