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Introducing "Tugbot" for Docker Containers

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Just like a tugboat brings containers safely to port, “Tugbot” will do the same for running quality Docker containers in production . Tugbot makes Continuous Testing REAL. It allows developers to write tests once - run anywhere. Any kind of test (including performance, chaos, and security) can be run with 5 lines in a “Test Container” Dockerfile. Leveraging the Docker LABEL and Docker unified API, we will show how this simplifies testing for services running in docker containers while standardizing results collected for analytics to continuously improve the quality of software.

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Introducing "Tugbot" for Docker Containers

  1. 1. Neil Gehani - @GehaniNeil Sr. Product Manager, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise June 21, 2016 Introducing “Tugbot”
  2. 2. Continuous Testing + Deployment Workflow Content + Value Tests Docker Container Ship it DockerHub Any environment in the world!
  3. 3. Docker Container Leverage Docker API Uniformed API
  4. 4. Introducing tugbot Test containers 3. Collect Results 2. Run Tests 1. Discover Test Containers 4. Publish Results to ES ALM Octane From github.com 5. Visualize Kibana
  5. 5. “Test Container” Dockerfile Docker Tugbot
  6. 6. Open Source Contributions to Docker ecosystem – “Tugbot” – Continuous Testing Framework for containers (CT made REAL) – Open Sourced (Github) – Published in docker’s weekly newsletter – Containerized Docker Bench security testing - open source – “Pumba” - Chaos testing inspired by Netflix simian army 6