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Social Media for HR masterclass to Philips India HR Team

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Full day workshop for Philips India HR Team facilitated on 4 June, 2013

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Social Media for HR masterclass to Philips India HR Team

  1. 1. Social Media for HRHR MasterclassGautam GhoshGM – HR Strategy & Projects
  2. 2. Activity• Take a post-it• On it write your top three passions/interests/ hobbies• 7-10 people gather around a chart paperand randomly stick post-its on it
  3. 3. • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkt2escJAQI
  4. 4. What is Social Media?
  5. 5. Social ContentSocial PlatformsThe Social Media ChannelsBLOGSVIDEOSMICROBLOGSAUDIO(PODCAST)PHOTOSBRANDEDSOCIALNETWORKSWIKISWHITE-LABELSOCIAL NETWORKSEMAIL(BACN)SMS and TEXTEVENTS andCALENDARSSTATUSUPDATESSocial media is created and shared within social platforms: status updatesand similar interactions drive participation by increasing visibility of use.Social Interactions
  6. 6. Social technologies are not just other tools
  7. 7. Fundamental shifts - content• Authority  User Generated– Influence (trust factor)• Authenticity• Tolerance• Broad/Generic  Niche Relevance– Numerous Channels, Fragmentation– Noise• Buying Visibility  Earning Visibility– Social Trending/Discovery
  8. 8. From Consumers to Creators• Source: http://therengen.com• As we create andshare more photos,videos and blog postson social platforms,we are beginning tothink of ourselves asauthors,photographers andfilmmakers, all rolledinto one.
  9. 9. Forrester Social Technographics• Forrester SocialTechnographicsreport categorizessocial media behaviorinto seven groups.• In the US, joiners arethe biggest groupafter spectators.Source: Forrester Social Technographics Report, 2009
  10. 10. The New AudienceAs people take control over their data while spreading their Webpresence, they are not looking for privacy, but for recognition asindividuals. This will eventually change the whole world of advertising.- Esther Dyson, 2008
  11. 11. “We become what we behold. We shape our tools and then our toolsshape us”- McLuhan
  12. 12. When dominant media change, they helpchange everything else• Oral= Emotion, Participation, Unity• Print= Memory, Separation, Logic• TV= Transience, Desire, Currency• Digital= ?
  13. 13. The digital modeIndividual minds connected & multiplied- nowDemocraticCollaborativeConnectedSimultaneous(Secondary Orality- Walter Ong)
  14. 14. Employer – Employee Related Social Sites
  15. 15. Niche Professional Networks• Software engineering - sites like Github, Bitbucket and StackOverflow arewhere engineers spend their days.• Mechanical engineering - GrabCad is becoming the dominant online hubfor MechE.• Design - A host of sites like Behance, Dribbble, CarbonMade, DeviantARTand others are relevant to designers• Medicine - Doximity, QuantiaMD, Sermo, HealthTap and other sites thatcater to the medical community• Academia - Sites like Academia.edu and ResearchGate have sizabletraction• Finance & Accounting - A site like Proformative is trying to become thehub for corporate finance professionals.• Biology - Private beta site Benchling wants to become "Github for biology
  16. 16. Activity – 6 Networks• LinkedIn• Facebook• Twitter• Google Plus• YouTube• Slideshare
  17. 17. A look at some other networks• Tumblr• Flickr• Quora• Pinterest• Soundcloud• Instagram• WhatsApp
  18. 18. The Future of Engagement• Crowdfunding - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCfxOWLuNwU• Behaviour Change Games -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYWEN0g0diI• Collaborative Social Innovation -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sr8CDknC3KM• Grassroots Change Movements -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q24Bl3xW8wE• Co-Creation - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-ebjzlUy54• Social Curation - http://vimeo.com/51472734• Transmedia Storytelling - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNic4wf8AYg• Collective Intelligence - http://vimeo.com/34987411• Social Live Experiences - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cNfX3tJonw• Collaborative Consumption -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKF6YTjTHDU
  19. 19. Twitter !
  20. 20. More Twitter• Web and Mobile Apps• Making sense of Twitter–Lists–Hashtags• Discovering whom to follow
  21. 21. Implications for HR
  22. 22. Your Culture is your EmploymentBrand and your employees areyour brand ambassadors
  23. 23. Content, ConversationsPeopleinterestedPeoplewith SkillsCompanyEmployeesAttractDevelopEngage
  24. 24. Your employees and Alumni are rating you• People sharing information about your organization’s practices, culture,and it can be represented online.• Websites like Glassdoor, JobBuzz by TimesJobs and MouthShut make iteasy to people to analyse such feedback
  25. 25. Don’t forget mobile!“Today it is a waste of time investing in social mediawithout mobile support".– talent acquisition director for UPS• Sodexho US Data– jobseeker traffic on mobile grow from 4% to17% of their total jobseeker traffic.– nearly 1 in 3 hires have looked at Sodexocareers on mobile.
  26. 26. PepsiCo’s “Possibilities”• Prospective candidates canperuse it for openings• watch videos from currentemployees,• read executive blogs• have conversations withhiring managers.
  27. 27. Trends for the future• Companies like TalentBin and Entelo will change recruiting
  28. 28. The rise of digital influence and impact
  29. 29. Post Recruiting Onboarding• Gamified induction and onboarding–Predictive analytics• Communities to help new hires getassimilated faster–Finding mentors and buddies
  30. 30. Connecting employees internally• Most employees are active on internal socialnetwork cutting across geographies– Focus on storytelling and sharing interestingnews– Showcasing best practices– Asking for help across silos• Leverage social for learning
  31. 31. Breaking information silosCASE DESCRIPTION-Angel.com was using conventionaltools like email and their intranet forsharing information.REQUIREMENT-Efficient way to collect valuableinsights from multiple contributors-Create a corporate memory ofinformation/ insights, to surrounddeliverables with context-Allow team members in alldepartments to engage in acollaborative way.-Discover valuable work of othersvia notifications, update feeds,tagging and search, and then re-use that workSOLUTION-Wikis + Weblogs +Internalmessaging tool + RSS feeds, taggingfeatures
  32. 32. Employee engagementCASE DESCRIPTION-Deloitte Southern Africa wanted toovercome the obstacles thattypically frustrate employeeengagement initiatives and win thebattle for the hearts and minds of itspeople.REQUIREMENT-connect employees to thecompany’s shared values-involve employees in the strategyand progress of the business-create a feedback and listeningsystem- Linking KRA’s to performanceappraisal systems whereinemployees can continuously tracktheir current statusSOLUTION-Private (customizable) dashboardsfor every employee- Transparent rewards andrecognition system
  33. 33. Connecting the workforce – breakingsilosCASE DESCRIPTION- Davies is organized intospecialized practice groups that cutacross multiple offices and timezones in order to service clientsnationally. High attrition andexplosive growth brought with themcommunication issuesREQUIREMENT-collect ing, refining and sharingcompany-wide best practices andsubject matter expertise-Speeding up training andknowledge transfer-Creating a connected andcollaborative workforceSOLUTION-Internal messaging system-Wikis + Blogs- Customizable dashboards
  34. 34. Ideation platformsCASE DESCRIPTION- Epitaph specializes in meeting all the needs ofrecording artists, from facilitating their creativevision for album packaging, to deliveringcustomized state-of-the-art marketing campaigns,to cataloging and archiving the album once it’sfinishedREQUIREMENT-Platform for sharing and cataloguing ideas. Readyreference for re-use-Managing the end-to-end marketing process foran artist, while keeping costs down-Keeping organized while running multiple projectswith a small staff-Ensuring creative ideas and important details arenot lost-Giving people in different divisions access to theinformation they neededSOLUTION-Available to all – idea sharing space-Create organized workspaces-RSS feeds on activity streams
  35. 35. Connect recruiters with potentialemployees• Source: http://microsoftjobsblog.com/• Social recruitmentplatform for potentialemployees.• Recruiters help withjob-hunting, resumewriting, interviewpreparation, etc• Share upcoming jobfairs, events,vacancies
  36. 36. Onboarding Candidates• Source:http://campusconnect.infosys.com/forum/• Idea: Discussionforum on relevanttopics• Reference: Infosyscampus connectforum
  37. 37. Social aggregation on Corporate site• Twitter on Zappos:Online platform thataggregates all twittermentions of :– Zappos– Relatedbrands/products– Clients/customershttp://twitter.zappos.com/
  38. 38. How companies are benefiting from Web 2.0:McKinsey Global Survey ResultsInternal Uses% ofrespondentsMedianimprovementAccess to Knowledge 68% 30%Access to Internal Experts 43% 35%Employee Satisfaction 35% 20%Increasing Innovation 25% 20%External UsesIncreasing Customer Satisfaction 43% 20%Increasing Innovation 22% 20%
  39. 39. Example: EMC• Internal social network- Innovation showcase –Teams develop creativeposters and showcase theirwork-Radio show whereemployees participate in freewheeling discussions-Photo contest on ‘A day inyour life at EMC’- New recruits – volunteermentorship program-Empowering employees –submit an Idea section
  40. 40. Internal Jobs @ StarBucks• Tool for employees that allowsthem the option of charting theirown career graph• Interactive internal recruitmenttool• Career assistance through polls,blogs, forums and wikis• Career development resourceshttp://www.cfactorworks.com/portal.jsp?y3uQUnbK9L2RmSZs02CjV2k5C44jXZvaAVry6ADWtAE=
  41. 41. Employee Ideas @ Dell• Dell’s Employee Storm• Use new listeningplatforms, identify in-house and externalexperts, and knowand influence keypeople
  42. 42. Learning 2.0
  43. 43. Chatter allows any employee to shareexpertise anywhere, at any time66Chatter “turns the company into ameritocracy,” according to MarcBenioff, who said SalesForce is“changing the compensationsystems to reflect the folks who arereally making a difference.”
  44. 44. University of Phoenix uses iPhone app forclass discussions67Students can view, draft, andreply to class discussions,learning and supporting eachother in spite of busy schedules.
  45. 45.  Learning can be augmented with peer support, oreven made into a competition Yet learning with peers should be supportive only –peers may not have the best knowledge or shareall their resources To promote social learning, include gamificationand benchmarkingFrom siloed to group: Insights68
  46. 46. A “Vook” combines reading with video andsocial networking69Consumers can read books orlearn new skills interactively,with video and community.
  47. 47.  People expect rich, up-to-date content, in easilydigestible formats Yet dynamic content must be kept updated Leverage the crowd to keep content frequentlyupdated, and leverage syndicated feedsFrom static to dynamic: Insights70
  48. 48. Merrill Lynch’s GoLearn executive educationprogram allowed “on demand” training71Using BlackBerry in 2008, Merrill Lynchexecutives finished courses 45% fasterwhile maintaining a 1% improvement inusers’ assessment score.
  49. 49. Ernst & Young produces podcasts to keep accountingprofessionals updatedPodcasts are producedmultiple times a week oncurrent accounting topics.
  50. 50.  Learning no longer has to be linear (i.e. one pathfrom start to finish) Yet content can be confusing as users startwherever they want and skip back and forth Be sure to provide context, as a story isn’t alwaysclear• Take a page from TV shows to “recap,” or mentionprerequisitesFrom fixed time to time-shifted: Insights73
  51. 51. “Hello-Hello” breaks language-learning downinto bite-size pieces74Users can choose fromvarious topics and findeasily digestible videos,take quizzes, and even getfeedback on practice.
  52. 52. Rexi Media’s “Presenter Pro” app offerstraining and tips for public speakers75Users can select topics inany order, as they see fit,and find easily digestiblevideos, take quizzes, andeven get feedback
  53. 53.  Content is easier to consume when it’s brokendown But don’t expect trainees to have comprehensiveknowledge Incorporate “gamification” or status bars so it’sclear what they’re missingFrom comprehensive to components:Insights76
  54. 54. Social Goal Setting and Recognition
  55. 55. Framework: Mobile & Social LearningHoneycomb80
  56. 56.  By embracing these tools first HR can help the restof the organization Soon there will be new roles and new skills needed• Social Media Recruiter• Community Manager It’s less about the tools and more about people –HR’s traditional core strength Time to get strategic !HR must help organizations embrace social
  57. 57. Thank You!Keep in touch!http://twitter.com/GautamGhoshhttp://twitter.com/HRPhilipshttp://www.linkedin.com/in/Gautamhttp://www.slideshare.com/GautamGautam.Ghosh@Philips.com