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Innovation through social networking

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Innovation through social networking

  1. 1. Gautam GhoshSocial Business ConsultantINNOVATION THROUGH SOCIALNETWORKING
  2. 2. About Gautam Engaging in virtual communities since 2000  Blogging since 2002 http://www.gautamblogs.com  Tweeting since 2007 http://twitter.com/GautamGhosh  Website http://gautamghosh.net
  3. 3. When Media ChangesEverything Changes
  4. 4. Technology’s impact becomes evident when it becomes ubiquitous
  5. 5. 1 The future has already arrived. It’s just not evenly distributed yet. Source: William Gibson
  6. 6. 2 The tools are transient.The values embedded in them are persistent.
  7. 7. 3 To understand how social technologies are changing media and business,begin by asking how they arechanging people and society.
  8. 8. Cognitive Surplus Author Clay Shirky in his book “Here Comes everybody” talks about Cognitive Surplus Making consumers move to Creator/Critics
  9. 9. Social technologies are not justother tools
  10. 10. Fundamental shifts - content Authority  User Generated  Influence (trust factor)  Authenticity Broad/Generic  Niche Relevance  Numerous Channels, Fragmentation  Noise Buying Visibility  Earning Visibility  Social Trending/Discovery
  11. 11. Fundamental shifts – talentmanagement Linear  Lattice Career Progression  Flatter, Virtual, Collaborative, Project Based Accelerated Mobility  Time in Tenure, Development Cycle Formal  Informal Learning  Social Collaboration, Learning Networks Silo’d  Integrated Resourcing  Full Time Alternatives Complexity
  12. 12. Fundamental shifts – nature of work Generalist Skills 1960 Oriented Task Predictable WorkloadIndividual Contributor Geographically Dependent 2012 Technical Complex Knowledge Work Collaborative Team Based Time Pressured Mobile / Virtual
  13. 13. The Business Case
  14. 14. Benefits from Web 2.0: McKinsey Survey
  15. 15. Social Businessdeconstructed Social Social Enterprise Media CRM 2.0 Marketing
  16. 16. Internal Collaboration & Learning
  17. 17. Who Benefits? Executive Human Resources Management Improve employee Turn the threats of engagement, congenialpublic social tools to and flexiblethe advantage of the workplace, facilitate on- organization boarding new hires Employee Functional Manager A forum to know the Facilitate team company, people and communication, knowl key information; Share edge sharing and and participate on collaboration range of topics 4 key stake holders © Qontext Inc. 2010 17
  18. 18. ExamplesMicrosoft calls it TownSquare.Deloitte hosts D Street. What’s yours?IBM has its Beehive, andBest Buy its BlueShirt Nation. © Qontext Inc. 2010 18
  19. 19. Impacting rewards and recognition Chatter “turns the company into a meritocracy,” according to Marc Benioff, who said SalesForce is “changing the compensation systems to reflect the folks who are really making a difference.”
  20. 20. Crowdsourcing Innovation Dell Employee Storm: Internal ideation platform to enable Dell’s worldwide community of more than 80,000 employees to post and discuss ideas on topics ranging from product innovation to company HR policies. Tools like InnoCentive can do the same for any company Source: http://thesocialworkplace.com/featured/1558/
  21. 21. Online Communities
  22. 22. What is an online community?An online community is a group of people withsimilar goals or interests that connect andexchange information using web tools. ...An online talent community is a group of peoplethat share an affinity for anorganization, profession or skill that connect, share opinions, exchange information, andcollaborate using web tools.
  23. 23. Three distinguishing points Connects Organization/Profession/Skill with all Stakeholders Groups COMMUNITYConnects Members to Connects Members to Other Members Non-Members (Discovery)
  24. 24. Dell’s Social Media and Community University (aka SMaC U) Course levels: 101: Principles 201: Dell’s Strategy 301: Brand Guidelines 401: Platform Specific To date, 6,000 employees trained and certified to engage on behalf of DellPhotos provided by Dell. Dell Social Media and Community University. 24
  25. 25. HR as a CommunityFacilitator? Natural Role Getting people to connect Change Agents Examples
  26. 26. THANK YOU Gautam Ghosh Cell: +91-73030-61713http://www.linkedin.com/in/Gautam