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DPDK KNI interface

KNI (Kernel Network Interface) is one of the approach, used in DPDK, to connect its user space libs with the Linux kernel network stack.

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DPDK KNI interface

  1. 1. DPDK KNI interface Quick overview
  2. 2. High Level Architecture User space Kernel space NIC App DPDK Ring buffers KNI driver RX/TX queues TCP/IP stack
  3. 3. Kernel space Data RX path design TCP/IP stack User space App DPDK lib FIFO Thread Thread N
  4. 4. Data RX path implementation Kernel space netif_rx(skb) TCP/IP stack kni_fifo_put() Kernel module FIFO DPDK libSocket kni_net_rx kni_fifo_get dev_alloc_skb rte_kni_tx_burst()
  5. 5. Kernel space Data TX path TCP/IP stack User space App DPDK lib FIFO
  6. 6. Data TX path implementation Kernel space kni_net_tx() TCP/IP stack kni_fifo_get() Kernel module memcpy (FIFO, SKB) kni_fifo_put dev_kfree_skb FIFO DPDK libSocket rte_kni_rx_burst()
  7. 7. Kernel space Sample application in a loopback mode User space FIFO 2 NIC port1 port2 Core2Core1 FIFO 1 Thread
  8. 8. Sample application in a standard mode Kernel space User space FIFO 2 NIC port1 port2 Core2Core1 FIFO 1 vEth1vEth0 Thread ipstack
  9. 9. References Building the Development Kit Binary DPDK Programmer’s Guide - Kernel NIC Interface Kernel NIC Interface Sample Application Getting Started Guide for Linux DPDK quick start Huge pages
  10. 10. My blog Learning Network Programming