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The Future of Marketing: Make Things People Want or Make People Want Things?

Why the future of marketing depends on rebalancing our choice between creating demand, or exploting demand. Make People Want Things, or Make Things People Want?

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The Future of Marketing: Make Things People Want or Make People Want Things?

  1. john v willshire, smithery twitter - @willshIdeja X, Croatia, 2012
  2. hellobokoh hai
  3. my name is johni can be hard tounderstand
  4. I can’t speakgermani do run aone-man-studioit is calledsmithery
  5. i help businessessolve problems
  6. it’s somethingto do withthese things
  7. but it ismessierthan that
  8. i startedwritingit on blankplayingcards
  9. ideas youcan stepinside
  10. creation of exploitation demand of demand
  11. creation of exploitation demand of demand not a choice, a balance
  12. creation of demand exploitation of demand yet we seem to do more of This >>
  13. it made methink of these
  14. easter island - 1722 • population of 2000 • 64 square miles • 1,400 miles from the nearest inhabitable place • 2,000 miles from the nearest continent
  15. no trees
  16. 200 giant statues30ft high80 tons
  17. how?
  18. the originalsettlers arrivedin massive canoes
  19. the island they found wascovered in trees
  20. survive thrive finite resources
  21. 3. you can’t survive 1. too much of this...2. this alldisappears...
  22. there are over 700 unfinishedstatues on easter islandthey kept making them rightuntil the trees ran out...
  23. is our predicamentreally that bad?
  24. creation of exploitation demand of demand finite resources
  25. people wouldnot care if70%of brandsdisappeared havasbrand study meaningful Media
  26. MakeThings Makepeoplewant people want Things we need to redress the balance
  27. 12 four ways to make things3 people want4
  28. make
  29. The makerused to be themarketer
  30. makingis thinking
  31. antonioStradivari’sworkshopcreated thefineststringedinstrumentsof all time
  32. he left it to hissons, who hadworked beside himall their lives.
  33. the workshopclosed withintwenty years.
  34. “he could notteach either ofthem how to bea genius.” Sennett on Stradivari
  35. The marketingdied withthe maker
  36. even the mostbrilliant mindscannot cheat death
  37. Though they try...
  38. branding was the next best thing
  39. [ ] long section on 100 years of brand evolution
  40. yet we’re still incrediblyfocussed on ‘the maker’
  41. “when the founder is stillthere, people respect thebrand in a way thatdoesn’t happen when thereins have been handeddown over and over” Entrepreneur magazine Apr 12
  42. “when the founder is stillthere, people respect thebrand in a way thatdoesn’t happen when thereins have been handeddown over and over” Entrepreneur magazine Apr 12
  43. “when the founder is stillthere, people respect thebrand in a way thatdoesn’t happen when thereins have been handeddown over and over” Entrepreneur magazine Apr 12
  44. And the makers don’t seemtoo bothered about ‘brand’
  45. “I dont believe inbrands.  Peoplebuy our product,not our company. Youre only asgood as your lastproduct.” James Dyson
  46. yet when they do depart...who replacesthe maker?
  47. Sometimesthere areweirdreplacements
  48. product designer at hp?
  49. packagingdesigner atdiet coke?
  50. creative director of polaroid?
  51. creative director of intel?
  52. but usuallythere aresafereplacements
  53. “accountantsdrift to the top ” stephen king, jwt, 1985
  54. 0.6 51%0.45 36% ftse 100 0.3 24% ceos with0.15 finance 0 backgrounds 1996 2008 2012 source - Robert Half / Hendricks & Struggles
  55. MakeThings Makepeoplewant people want Things Safe pair of hands
  56. those nice people infinancelike the wrong sort ofmarketing
  57. ( you should really read )Has MarketingFailed, or was itnever really tried?1985 paper by Stephen king, JWT
  58. four marketingroutes to failure
  59. 1 thrust marketing
  60. 2 marketing department marketing silo marketing
  61. 3 marketing accountant’s payback january december
  62. 4 marketing formula x + Y success = z
  63. four essentialaspects ofrealmarketing
  64. 1 start with the customer
  65. 2 over time working
  66. 3 resources using all CEO marketing manufacturing
  67. 4 innovating
  68. all deeplylinked to theproduct
  69. 1 be a real marketer234
  70. things
  71. what do marketers knowabout making things...?
  72. you are theruiners of allthingsgood bill hicks on marketers
  73. with this ad,sadden us, you will
  74. there is nothinginterestingabout our worldlet’s borrowsomeone else’s
  75. you are theruiners of allthingsgood bill hicks on marketers
  76. marketinghas driftedtoo far fromproductreality
  77. the atoms of a product, or the seconds spent with a service
  78. the feelings we getfrom buying, using orexperiencing the thing
  79. the twocannot beseparated
  80. pre-industrial industrial network
  81. pre-industrial brands sufferedthe stradivari problem
  82. mass-productionbranding helpedsolve that problem
  83. strip out andreplicate the essence of the maker
  84. the art ofbranding wascompression
  85. companiesstill seektheir fortunein the ideasof a longdead mind...
  86. compressiondon’t work forthis world
  87. every timewe blinka brandchanges
  88. which can be disconcertingif you are used toconsistency
  89. “I struggle to identify aconsistent set ofmeasures across ourdigital campaigns” John Woods Coke, GB & Ireland
  90. it will get a lot, lot stranger
  91. we will needautomation &Robots tounderstand it allthis will scareand confuse usThe NEw yorker, 1946
  92. don’t lose sleep over it...“We use the wordmachines in place ofsoftware designed bypeople predicated on aset of culturalassumptions...” kim plowright
  93. but don’tpretend itisn’t happening
  94. “Nostalgia isn’t a business Model” john naughton http://memex.naughtons.org/archives/2012/04/05/15944
  95. “We are born of complexity, shaped by complexity, and interact with a world that is inexorably growing more complex.” Bud Caddellgraphic from http://whtebkgrnd.tumblr.com/
  96. don’t fightfragmentationaccelerate it
  97. fragmentation doesn’tdestroy brand valueit demonstrates value....or lack of it
  98. there’s a different way to think about value...the labourtheory of value
  99. developed ...and laterby adam by karlsmith... marx
  100. modern economics: the value of a thing isdetermined by what one is willing to give up to obtain the thing
  101. The labour theory of valuethe value of something isdetermined by the labourthat went into its production
  102. £0.99 £3.33per pad per pad
  103. “marketing isworld building.With unlimitedbandwidth wecan now showyou the world.” @TobyBarnes, AKQA
  104. it’s easier tobuy this world...
  105. ...thanthis world
  106. What if we stitched smaller ideas together to createa longer idea? What if we stitched smaller ideastogether to create a longer idea? What if we stitchedsmaller ideas together to create a longer idea? Whatif we stitched smaller ideas together to create alonger idea? What if we stitched smaller ideastogether to create a longer idea? Gareth Kay What ifwe stitched smaller ideas together to create alonger idea? What if we stitched smaller ideastogether to create a longer idea? What if we stitchedsmaller ideas together to create a longer idea? What
  107. world building world borrowing
  108. “The internet is biasedtowards fact.  Peopledon’t care about yourbrand mythology, theycare about where yourproduct is made andwhat’s in it.” douglas rushkoff
  109. Labour theoryof brand value:show the constantadditions to theessence and thesubstance
  110. 1 be a real marketer2 let the deeds show34
  111. people
  112. staringat peopleis rude
  113. staring down atpeople is a forceof habit...
  114. “We do what we do largely becauseof our interaction with - and underthe influence of - others.And mostly without realising it.” Mark Earls, Herd
  115. stop staringat peoplestart lookingbetween them
  116. differentpeoplewantdifferentthings
  117. how do you lookbetween people?
  118. anthropologish**not hardcore anthropology, before anyone gets angry
  119. archeology culture four disciplineslanguage social
  120. fuck yeaharcheology !
  121. oh..... thatarcheology
  122. diggingaround in thethings folkleave behind
  123. unseen UK, 2006photos by the people at royal mail
  124. look for the things thatshow you what peopleare capable of...
  125. language
  126. google gets it wrong:Provjerite štoljudi žele
  127. a friend helps itget better?
  128. we want a... strapline three values proposition
  129. 200million we need a... dictionary lexicontweets phrase bookper day
  130. it matters what they say about you not what you say about you
  131. culturedon’t look forthings that unitelook for thingsthat divide...
  132. “We seek out theseobsessives, maniacsand eccentricsbecause they canhelp us get to big,breakthrough ideas” Brian Miller, Sense Worldwide
  133. social... ...hang on, we know about this one...
  134. facebook offersa partial glanceof the intangiblehalf of yoursocialfootprint
  135. galvanism: when we thought electricity would curefrom “The Craftsman” by Richard sennett all disease
  136. facebook doesnot offerintimations ofthe sublimehttp://jeffberryman.com/2011/05/19/counting-on-the-sublime/
  137. always look through two lenses Material & virtual_____.jpg by Alan Belcher
  138. what’s fascinating is wherethe two now begin to meet People like the clothes online, appears on hangers in store C&A, Brasil
  139. archeology culture look between peoplelanguage social
  140. 1 be a real marketer2 let your deeds show3 look between people4
  141. want
  142. threedifferentwants peter doyle, Value-Based Marketing
  143. incipient wantsthings whichpeople want, buthave no idea aboutuntil they see it.
  144. the thingsthat sellthemselves
  145. latent wantsthings there areno presentsolutions for, butare easy forpeople to describe
  146. existing wantsthings we alreadyknow we want, forwhich there areplenty of willingsuppliers...
  147. existing wants...this is where theinteresting shit islet’s think aboutcoffee, for example
  148. “like yacht racing,modern markets are anenvironment definedsolely by the positionof the competitors,rather than by anyabsolute geography” John Cronk
  149. Coffee was the Vendée globe
  150. you needed asuper-yachtto be in therace, nevermind scorepoints
  151. The internet isa very lenientrace judgeit lets anysmall boatjoin in...
  152. i am a bit geekyabout coffee...
  153. i can find agreat place tobuy coffeewhenever I’mout and about
  154. I can blendmy owncoffee tosuit my owntasteprofile.And name it
  155. I can watch509 videosabout howto use anaeropress
  156. I can read 19,200,000 internetlinks on coffee farm soil reports* *i haven’t
  157. ikawa coffee systemi could even start roasting coffee at home
  158. amongst myfriends, I am anovice
  159. so what’s happening?
  160. Talent hits a target no one else can hitgenius hits a targetno one else can see arthur Schopenhauer
  161. the big boats find it hardto see all the little boats
  162. all of theirresearch tools aregeared to look atthe directcompetitorsmarketers copyeach other justlike everyone else
  163. It should still be possibleto do something though...?
  164. thisis yourbestresponse?
  165. barista style....?
  166. baristastyle isfreehugs
  167. nofreehugs
  168. but we havemarketshare?
  169. it never starts with peoplewho want market share...
  170. there arealways peoplewho are moregeeky aboutyour marketthan you...
  171. make something they can believe in
  172. you have to want tomake a difference
  173. To Do a common thinguncommonly wellbrings success henry john heinz
  174. uncommonly wellis now a lot harder to achieve than it used to be
  175. want to makes things well
  176. want to tellyour story
  177. want to create demand
  178. people willonly wantthe thingsyou makeas much asyou want tomake them.
  179. 1 be a real marketer2 let your deeds show3 look between people4 want to make things
  180. that sounds... hard where do i start?
  181. think of itthis wayyou are anoperatingsystem
  182. they’re not consumersthey’re users
  183. they will make great things that you are afraid to makeby David Lee, howstrange.com
  184. they will take your things and make other things
  185. but they always haveJingle Bells, Batman smells,Robin flew away.Kojak lost his lollipopAnd bought a Milky Way trad. children’s song, 1960’s onwards
  186. open up your operating system
  187. celebrate the passionateoutsiders who use your platform
  188. partner withpeople whoare better atrunning yourplatform
  189. use yourplatform toshare valuewatching yourshitty hologramhas no value
  190. use your platform for good things
  191. listen to thecustomerswho’ve beenbegging foran openplatform
  192. remember which side you are on
  193. wefightfortheusers
  194. hvala john v willshire twitter - @willsh http://smithery.co/blogthank you john@smithery.co