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Comenius forever europe catarina barroqueiro

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Comenius forever europe catarina barroqueiro

  1. 1. 2015 in Poland
  2. 2. Our first time in Lodz  Lodz is a beautiful, nice and fantastic city.  In Lodz we were warmly welcomed by wonderful families.
  3. 3. In Poland  In Poland we visited Awchwitz.  Auschwitz is a very sad place, but is very important to visit it, because we mustn’t forget the horrors of history to prevent its repetition.
  4. 4. Lodz  Lodz is a wonderful city. It has got very nice people, the streets are very beautiful and Manufaktura is amazing.
  5. 5. Lodz  In Lodz my favourite street is Priotkowska  Priotkowska street has got many beautiful statues.
  6. 6. Lodz  My favourite place in Lodz is Manufaktura.  Manufaktura is a big shopping centre, but before it was a big factory of tapestry.
  7. 7. I loved my visit to Poland!!! Catarina Barroqueiro