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Freebie guide

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in this pdf you will learn how to get a product for free

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Freebie guide

  1. 1. - 1 - © Copyright 2007 – Not for resale or further distribution
  2. 2. - 2 - ~Disclaimer~ The author of this ebook has made efforts to make all information in this ebook correct. The author is not liable for any actions that may be taken that result from information in this ebook. Resale Rights You do not have resale rights to the ebook and cannot resale, giveaway for free or package it as a bonus. However resale rights can be obtained for free. Just email me to become a verified resaler. Resellers can profit from this ebook and set any price they wish, they can even distribute the ebook for free. For questions on reselling please, or to become a reseller please contact me: gettingfreebies@gmail.com Please remember this ebook was written intent for the UK, and the best efforts have been made to adapt the ebook for the rest of the world. Contents Introduction …………………………………………………………...Page 3 How free gift sites work ……………………………………………..Page 4 & 5 Freebie proof …………………………………………………………Page 6 & 7 Step by step guide …………………………………………………..Page 8 & 9 How to get your referrals …………………………………………...Page 10, 11 & 12 Freebie FAQ ………………………………………………………..Page 13 & 14 freebie sites ……………………………………………………Page 15,16 & 17 Offer guide ………………………………………………………….Page 18 & 19
  3. 3. - 3 - ~Introduction~ Welcome to “How to get freebies”, your complete guide to getting free gifts and freebies from sites online. Firstly I would like to thank you for reading this ebook and hope you find it informative and easy to understand. What’s this ebook all about? Most internet users will have surely seen adverts like “Get a free PS3” splashed over the internet and dismissed them as a scam. Mostly these websites are, but some are not. In this guide we will explain the economics behind the freebie sites, provide proof that they work, and much more. Also included is a special feature on how to get referrals, which is the hardest part in the freebie process. To get started please continue to read this guide, and within minutes you could start getting freebies. What freebies can I get using this ebook? You can get almost anything, most consumer items are available. Games consoles, mobiles, HDTV’s, cash, Ipods, Jewellery and other MP3’s. You can decide what free gift you get.
  4. 4. - 4 - ~How the free gift sites work~ Freebie sites ship thousands of products each year, but how do they continue to afford this and how can you really get your very own freebies? This section details how the legitimate freebie site makes a profit. The freebie process To get your free gifts most freebie sites require you to • Create an account at the freebie site • Complete an advertisers offer (sometimes free) • Refer a required number of friends (Referrals) What is a referral? A referral is someone who you send to the freebie site, who then completes an offer. Once you have created an account at the freebie site you will be given a personal link. Give this link to family and friends and if they sign up via your link they will count as a referral for you. How can they afford to pay for the free gifts? Freebie sites are paid by the advertisers to send them new customers. When you complete your offer, the freebie site receives around £20-£30. The advertisers are happy because you are trying out their products. For every referral that completes an offer, the advertisers pay the site. Once you have the required referrals, the freebie site will send you your free gift and still make a tidy profit. Look at the diagram: 1: You create an account with the freebie site. 2: You complete an advertiser’s offer. 3: Your referrals also sign up to the freebie site and complete an advertiser’s offer. The advertiser then pays the freebie site for all the customers they have received (you and your referrals). 4. The freebie site then sends you your free gift free of charge, and still makes a small profit from your order. Your referrals can then refer friends so they can also get free gifts.
  5. 5. - 5 - How do the freebie sites make a larger profit? When people receive their free gifts, the site only makes a small profit. There are other ways the sites make a larger profit: • Someone signs up, completes an offer but cannot get all their referrals (a certain number of referrals are needed to obtain a free gift). • Someone signs up, completes an offer but forgets about the site. • Someone signs up and breaks the rules. In each of these three cases the member will not receive a free gift, and the site will make a lot of money. Look at the diagram: Customer 1 got their free gift from the site, they did everything correctly and followed the rules. Customer 2 completed their offer but did not get the required number of referrals. So they did not get their chosen freebie. Customer 3 tried to scam the site, and got banned, they will not get a freebie. The moral of the story: Be customer 1, don’t try and scam the freebie site, you will be caught. Do everything correctly and keep to the rules, you will get your freebies. For more details on not breaking the rules, see our step by step guide.
  6. 6. - 6 - ~Free gift proof~ What I’ve received? I myself have received a free Xbox 360 + games + accessories, an ipod, and multiple payments through Paypal. Here are some pictures of my gifts. There are thousands of people on the internet who have also received free gifts. Below is a compilation of some links, articles and videos, in which you will see proof that you can really get free gifts online. These are from individuals like yourself and larger companies. Freebie articles • Geek.com_article written in 2004 about free ipods. A great resource from when the idea was just taking off. • NBC_7_News including quotes from members who got their free gifts. • Engadget_report talks about the idea behind freebies online. TV clips As well as articles there have been many TV clips, reports and reviews, here are just some of them. • BBC_report (download) or watch it at youtube) • Good_housekeeping_report Freebie forums Here’s a few freebie forums, where the aim is to discuss freebie sites and the ideas around them. • Anything4free.com/forums • Freeipodguide.com/forums
  7. 7. - 7 - Gallery pictures Here are members of freebie sites who have received their gift and sent in a picture into the gallery • Giveaway_Network_Gallery Got an unsure friend who might become a possible referral? Why not show them some of these links and websites to convince to become one of your referrals?
  8. 8. - 8 - ~Step by step guide~ Follow these steps to get your free gift… Step 1: Registering for your freebie First choose your site from the site review section, page 12,13 and 14 Just follow the link and sign up for an account. Enter your real details, so they can send you your freebie when they are required to. Do not enter fake details; you risk not getting your free gifts from these sites. Don’t worry, all the info you enter is totally safe and secure. When signing up. Remember to follow these rules: • Use your real email and information. • Only one account per household • Don’t sign up to the same freebie site twice • Don’t use a public computer (internet café, university, library) if you do the site may think you have multiple accounts and ban you. • Don’t use a proxy website or service this includes AOL. Proxy websites mask your real computer address. Internet explorer works the best. • Always read the Site Terms of service carefully, so you know exactly what to do and not to do. Step 2: Completing an advertisers offer For recommended offers please read our offer section further into the ebook. Note: You will have to earn 1 full credit over all, this may mean completing 2 half credit offers. Most offers are full credit though. Don’t worry about this step, I have completed offers and never paid a lot of money to complete them. Completing offers can be fun if you choose the right offer for you. You may even find a product you really like. Please don’t skip this step, you are required to complete it to get your freebies. Once logged in, you will find an offers page on the free gift website, go to it now. You will see that not all offers are free, but most are. I prefer free trials of products. Choose an offer which appeals most to you. Try and find a free one, so you will not have to pay! Read the requirements of completing the offer, so you understand what you have to do to get credit, and also what you are committed to. When completing an offer, remember to follow these rules:
  9. 9. - 9 - • Keep track of the offers you’ve done, for example like in a spreadsheet. Never complete the same offer twice, even on two different referral websites. • Read all the terms and conditions of the offer you wish to do. • Keep ALL confirmations that you have completed the offer, like screenshots and emails. If you do not get credit you may have to submit these for manual credit. All offers are different, some may cost money, some will not. Please follow our offer guide to make sure you find the best offer possible. Step 3: Refer your friends After completing your offer you will need to refer a certain number of friends so the freebie site will send you your free gift. When in your account at the free gift site you will find a page with your referral link on it. Any one who signs up through that link and completes an offer, counts as one of your referrals. By doing the same process your referrals can also get freebies. Remember there are loads of ways to get referrals. Please do not spam, you will not get your freebie if you do. If someone reports you, you will be banned from the freebie site and will never get your freebies. Always give your friends your unique referral link Here are just some of the ways to get referrals: Tell your friends: Some of your friends/co-workers/ family/ relatives may be interested in signing up to get a free gift of their own. But remember, don’t let them sign up on the same computer or network as you. Advertise your link: Do you have a website, a blog, or a myspace, add your link. These are great places for posting your referral link. Be careful when posting on forums, it may be classed as spam, if it is you will be banned. Trade referrals: Take a look at: • Freeipodguide.com/forums & • Anything4free.com/forums Some people will be interested in trading referrals. Look around and join the community. These forums are very friendly, and members will welcome you, and help get you started. Remember to tell your referrals exactly how the freebie process works, and any one who is open minded to the idea, will be interested. If they need convincing you can always send them to the proof websites we mention in our guide.
  10. 10. - 10 - ~How to get referrals for your freebies~ Once you’ve completed your offer, you will have to get your referrals to obtain your free gifts. Read our guide below for tips on how to get referrals Freebie sites require you (after completing your offer) to refer friends to the site. Your friends can also get free gifts like you. You will have to give people a special link, which can be found on your account pages. If they sign up via this link they will count as a referral. Getting referrals can be the hardest part of the freebie process, but stick with it and give it patience and perseverance. It may take a quite a while but remember you are aiming for totally free gifts that could be worth hundreds of pounds. 8 hottest tips to getting referrals (Only here at how to get freebies) Tell your Friends… This tip is much overlooked. And was the original idea to getting freebies. Your friends may seem sceptical about “getting free gifts” but after you have started receiving your freebies or show them real proof, they will jump at the idea. Remember to offer them your personal referral link. Don’t forget to remind them to follow the rules, check out our brief freebie rules or our step by step guide or our freebie FAQ’s section. Use a domain… Sometimes people don’t want to visit your personal referral code, (e.g. www.apple.real-incentives.com/?referral=355) by buying a domain you can shorten this to something like www.myfreexbox360.co.uk which you can set up to direct to your referral link. You can choose two paths when choosing a domain. The two options are free or paying for a domain, of course paying for one gets a quality domain, but a downside is it will cost you money. 1&1.co.uk sell .co.uk domains for £1.99 a year. Network solutions can check multiple domains at a time but I would recommend you buy from 1&1 once you’ve found one. You can also choose to use a free domain service. Disadvantages are that they usually include popup adverts and are sometimes hard to use and unreliable. .tk and cjb.net are two of the most used free domain services.
  11. 11. - 11 - Advertise your referral link… Do you have a website? Or a blog? Add your referral link, and see how many sign ups you can get. Explain the concept to them. Try adding posters around your neighbourhood explaining how to “get freebies online” or to be more specific “get a free playstation 3” if that’s your chosen gift and add your referral link. Did you know you can get 250 free business cards from vistaprint? You can use it to advertise your referral site. You will have to pay postage, but it can be a great marketing technique. It is best to find a short domain that directs to your referral link, because some people don’t want to type in a long web address with a referral code. MSN, AIM and other instant messengers… Add your referral link to your screen name or say “I got a free xbox (insert your chosen gift), ask me how”. Be creative! You may find people flocking to talk to you, and keen to get their very own free gifts. Remember the more you are online and the more contacts you have, the more possible sign ups. Or you can try and create conversations with people and mention and try and explain the freebie idea to them. Ask them if they want one and give them your referral link. Advertise & trade… Go to some of your favourite forums, and if it is not considered spamming, post a thread there. Remember if you are reported for spamming you will not get your freebies. Try adding a link in your forum signature, that’s where it mostly is allowed. You might want to add a colourful banner to your forum signature, so it is eye catching. On some forums you can trade referrals, so you sign up to their site, if they sign up to your site. But remember to read the rules of trading and the Terms & Conditions of all freebie sites. Two freebie forums www.Anything4free.com & www.Freeipodguide.com MySpace marketing Do you have Myspace? Maybe you could send out a bulletin to your friends including your referral link, or add a section about freebies to your page, so all visitors to your page will see your link. Also you could try making a myspace dedicated to referrals and add a lot of people to your friends.
  12. 12. - 12 - Be creative… Think outside of the box and stay motivated. Remember the best ideas are the ones that haven’t been thought of yet or only a few have tried. Keep trying and you will succeed. This tip applies to all of the above… Complete your offer ASAP, so you can tell your referrals which offer you did, what offers you would recommend and the ease with which you completed them. They will appreciate this “one-2-one” help, and feel they may also like to get a freebie. Remember to give them your referral link.
  13. 13. - 13 - ~Freebie FAQ’s~ Do you have a question that you want answering? We’ve got the answers. General freebie sites Are all freebie sites legitimate? No, not all sites are. But all sites featured in our guide have been checked and send out their gifts to members like you. So there’s no need to worry if you stick with these sites. Which are the best freebie sites? Again all sites in this guide would be recommended, but we would suggest you use Real-incentives, which is a good site for beginners. For all sites we recommend that you check out our sites section. Freebie site registration How do I register for a freebie site? For more information check out the step by step guide, but in brief once you have found a site, enter all CORRECT information and never sign up using a proxy, a site that masks you computers address (this sometimes includes AOL). Always access freebie sites on a personal computer and never let others log into their accounts on your computer. If you access two or more accounts on one computer on network they will be banned. What happens if I sign up referred? If you are referred it is exactly the same, you can also get your freebie by completing the freebie process. We highly recommend being referred because if you are signing up it may as well count towards someone else’s reward. If you sign up un-referred you are just giving extra money to the freebie site. Should I give my real information? Yes, you should always sign up with correct information. Remember they need your correct information to send you your freebie. Can I sign up to the same site twice? You can NEVER sign up to the same freebie site twice, you will be banned if you do and you will never get your deserved freebies. Don’t let other people on your network (I.e. in your house) sign up to the same freebie site. Signing up to the same referral site will appear that you are trying to refer yourself, you will be caught and banned.
  14. 14. - 14 - Freebie site offers What is an offer? Why do I have to complete one? An offer is a trial or discount of an advertisers product. It may cost money to complete an offer, some are free, some are around £10. When you complete an offer the advertisers pay the freebie site around £20 pounds. This is how the freebie site can afford your gift. Can I do the same offer twice? No, you should never do the same offer twice, this is the biggest reason people never get there freebies from the freebie site. We recommend you keep track of the offers you have completed in a document or a spreadsheet. Which offers are the best? Well it’s down to personal choice, always choose an offer you could be genuinely interested in. Check out our offer section for reviews of the top offers, so you can choose today. Should I read the terms and conditions? Yes, you should and make a note of any important information that you may need. Save a copy into a document and save it to your computer. Make sure you understand what the offer requires and always enter the correct details when signing up to an offer. Can I just sign up and cancel? No you cannot, you have to meet the offer specifications. If you do sign up and cancel it may be classed as trying to scam the freebie site. You will be banned. How long does it take to log that I have completed an offer on the freebie site? It should state how long it will take on the freebie site. It can be instantly but It can also be a couple of days. Freebie site referrals What is a referral? A referral is someone who you send to the freebie site via your link. They must complete an offer to count as a complete referral and count towards your gift. Can I refer myself? No you cannot, if you do you will be banned. Resulting in you never getting a freebie.
  15. 15. - 15 - ~ Freebie sites~ There are many different freebie sites to choose from, some are better than others and some may not even be real. All sites in this guide have been checked for you and at this present time they do send out members gifts. When you first sign up, follow these links to ensure you are using the correct sites Real-incentives – free apple’s (ipods etc), free consoles, free mobiles, free wii’s, free ps3’s, free tiffany jewellery, free PVP’s (Personal Video Players). Suggested real-incentives sites Free apple products – www.apple.real-incentives.com/?referral=355 Free games consoles – www.consoles.real-incentives.com/?referral=637 Free wii console – www.wii.real-incentives.com/?referral=130 Free PS3 console – www.PS3.real-incentives.com/?referral=395 Free PVP’s – www.pvps.real-incentives.com/?referral=1575 Free Mobile – www.mobiles.real-incentives.com/?referral=3981 Free HDTV’s – www.hdtv.real-incentives.com/?referral=85 Free Laptops – www.laptops.real-incentives.com/?referral=22 A new network for UK and US users, which shows a lot of potential in the future. It includes many free offers, and has fast shipping times and good customer support. Real-incentives includes the LOVEFILM offer(UK only), which is one of the best. For more information on offers please read on to the offers guide. And if you can’t sign up to real incentives you could try… (UK ONLY) The giveaway network – free ipods, free Mac’s, free alienware computers, free tiffany jewellery, free psp, free Xbox 360, free wii, free ps3 and free HDTVs.
  16. 16. - 16 - One of the original free gift networks from the UK, and a great place to start for anyone entering the freebie world. The Giveaway Network includes free offers / trials, which won’t cost you a penny. Suggested giveaway network sites Free Ipods - ipodsgiveaway.co.uk/index.php?referral=230512 Free Imac G5 - imacgiveaway.co.uk/index.php?referral=161962 Free Sony ps3 - sonyps3giveaway.co.uk/index.php?referral=400215 Free HDTV’s - hdtv.giveaway.co.uk/index.php?referral=198423 Free Wii - wii.giveaway.co.uk/index.php?referral=403367 Free Alienware - pc.giveaway.co.uk/index.php?referral=50017 And sites from the rest of the world… These sites are open to UK members but finding offers may be hard. We feel that these sites are the pick of the crop and are the best in the business. (Worldwide check details) Free4me network - Free Money, Free accessories, Free Gadgets, Free gaming, Free Gear, Free Ipods, Free Laptops, Free LCD’s, Free Laptops, Free PS3, Free Wii’s, and Free Plasma’s. Suggested free4me network sites Free $100 - 100.free4me.net/?r=27585 Free Macs - macs.free4me.net/?r=27585 Free Gear - gear.free4me.net/?r=27585 Free Gadgets - gadgets.free4me.net/?r=27585 Free Hotstuff - hotstuff.free4me.net/?r=27585 Free greens (money) - green.free4me.net/?r=27585 One of the largest freebie networks in the world. Non US members cannot receive physical gifts, but can receive a cash equivalent. Remember finding offers for non US members could be hard.
  17. 17. - 17 - (Various) CustomOrderThis network – Free Paypal, Free PS3, Free Xbox 360, Free Wii, Free Ds lite, Free PSP, Free video games, Free Ipods, Free vacuum cleaner, Free GPS, Free Screens, Custom order. Suggested CustomOrderThis sites A selection of gifts - Customorderthis.com CustomOrderThis allows you to custom order any gift under $600, This site is open to users over the age of 13. It may be hard to find an easy offer for non US members.
  18. 18. - 18 - ~Offers guide~ To receive freebies from your freebie site you must complete an advertisers offer. This is how the freebie site affords to send out your free gifts. Here is a section on how to stay wise with offers and what to look out for. (Please note these offers are mostly UK only) Top offers – (which ever offer you choose always check the terms and conditions in case the offer has changed) Lovefilm This offer is one of the best. It is a free (to your door) DVD rental service. The Lovefilm trial is totally free with no obligations when cancelling. You can watch great DVDs and you send them back when you’ve done. This was the first ever offer I completed, and it was hassle free and easy. Easy DVD rentals Another DVD rental service, but this one is not free. Easy DVD is the cheapest way in the UK to rent individual DVDs. To complete this offer you must sign up to Easy DVD and purchase some credits. You can choose three packages of which we would suggest the cheapest. £7.96 for 4 credits. Easy DVD accept most major credit card companies for payment. Coral Betting Unfortunately this offer costs money. For this offer you must deposit and bet £5.
  19. 19. - 19 - Coral is an online betting service which means you do not have to download any programs. Your wager will be matched up to £20 so when you bet £5, coral will match it with a free equal bet. Offers to watch out for… Always be careful when signing up to offers, check the offer requirements and understand what you are signing yourself up to. Some offers require monthly and annual subscriptions, which can total to a large amount of your money. Stay away from these offers unless you were already going to get the product available. Some types of these offers include telephone and TV subscriptions, credit cards, insurance, web hosting and membership to certain websites. Well there it is, the complete guide to getting freebies online, we would like to thank you for reading and I hope you have learned a lot. This guide can teach you more knowledge on the subject than most experienced freebie members online have. Good luck with getting your free gifts from these sites. With this guide you will be one step ahead of other users online, and have extra knowledge from insiders.
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