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Andre Sobel Award 2011

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Andre Sobel Award 2011

  1. 1. Yo uA re era ble vuln ious tro ng C ur S ambitious t opefu l en h esili R 2011 el Sob A S urviv orAn dre d war l us y our s tory A Tel
  2. 2. In troEach  year,  the  Andre  Sobel  River  of  Life  Foundation  hosts   an  essay  contest,  asking  the   national   community   of   young   survivors   of   catastrophic   illness   to   share   their  stories.  Four  winners  are  selected  out  of  the  hundreds  of  applicants.  Share  in  the  powerful   stories  of  last  year’s   winners,  Emily  Ransom,  Colette   Jaycox,  Arianna  Elnes  and  Joseph  Tong.The  Andre  Sobel   River  of  Life   Foundation  is   reaching  out  to  YOU,  the  community   of  young  people  across  this  country  who  are  doing  amazing  things,  who  have   powerful  stories   of  your  own   to   share  about   your   own   survival,  a   friend   or   family   member’s  struggle  or  the  every  day  challenges  you  may  face  and  obstacles  you  overcome.Our  essay  winners  have  shared  who  they  are.  Now,  we  ask  you  to TELL US YOUR STORY.
  3. 3. Em ily Today,  Emily  is  a  healthy  eighteen-­‐year-­‐old  living  life  to  the   fullest.  She   is  currently  a  freshman  at   Boston   College.  Her  “I had cancer; major  is  Elementary  Education  and  she  plans  on   becoming   a  kindergarten  or  first   grade  teacher.  She  is  honored  to  be   cancer NEVER had me.” part  of  the  BC   community  and  has  happily  transitioned  into   college  life.   Emily  Ransom, First  Place  Winner Emily  was  diagnosed   with  Acute   Lymphocytic  Leukemia   at   age   eleven.   Through   her   experience   with   cancer,   she   learned   to   appreciate   relationships   with   others   and   to   embrace   opportunities   in  life.  The  Andre   Sobel   Award  gave   Emily   the   chance   to   share   her   story   with   others.   Emily   knows   the  feeling  of   lying   in   a  hospital  bed,   being   told   you   have  a   terminal  illness.  Fear,  confusion,  sadness,  loneliness   and   even  anger   take  over   your  body   as   the   message   sinks   in.     The   poem   Emily   wrote   is   meant   to   inspire   others   on   their  journey  back  to  health.    Emily  hopes  that  others   will   connect  with  the  feelings  and  emotions  she  felt  throughout   her  journey  and  that   they  will   continue  to  fight  back.  Never   give  up  hope!
  4. 4. C oll etteColette   has   almost   completed   her   treatment   protocol,   but   it  has   been   a   long   journey   for   her   to   get   there.   Before   her  diagnosis,   she   was   actively   involved   in   her   school   and  community   as   the   captain   of   her   high   school   debate   team,  president   of   her   Amnesty   International   chapter   and   events  manager   for   the   Phoenix,   her   school’s   arts   and   literary  magazine,   as   well   as   interning   for   a   local   mayoral   campaign.  After   cancer  yanked  her  out  of  her  old  life,  she  continued  to  stay  involved  with  all   of  her  old  commitments  long  distance  as  well  as   complete   her   AP   classes   through   the   Stanford   Hospital  School,   muscling   through  the  queasiness,   exhaustion,  memory  loss   and   pain   associated   with   chemotherapy   to   finish   her  coursework.Colette   was   particularly   inspired   to   write   her   piece   by   her  struggles   with   memory   loss   during   the   darker   days   of   her   Colette  Jaycoxtreatment,  and   how   this  affected  her   and  her   relationships   with   Second  Place  Winner  the  people  around   her.  She  is  so  grateful  for  the  support  of  her  family   and   her   closest   friends,   without   whom   she   would   have  been  unable  to  cope  as  well  as  she  did.
  5. 5. Ar ian na Arianna’s   battle   with   cancer   has   empowered   her   and   given   her   the   courage   to   live   the   life   she’s   always   imagined.   After   graduating   high   school   in   2009,   she   took   a   year   off   to   simply   gain   experiences   while   continuing   her   recovery.   With   a   new   outlook   on   life,   she   spent   the   summer  working  at  a  salmon  cannery  in  Alaska  before   traveling  around   Central   and  South  America   as   well   as  Iceland,   seeing  the   world   with  a   new   set   of   deeply   appreciative   eyes.   Arianna   is   now   attending   Knox   College   in   Illinois,   and   is   currently   undecided   in   terms   of   a   major,   but   has  an  interest  in  Creative  Writing,  Linguistics  and  Anthropology.   Arianna’s  advice  to  somebody   else  going  through  a  similar   battle   is  to  Arianna  Elnes acknowledge  that  this  process  is  life  altering;  it’s  a  shock.  “You  will  hit  Third  Place  Winner times   when   you   are   emotional,  and   you   won’t   understand.  Just   know   that  it’s  ok  to  be  sad  sometimes.  Recognize  that  feeling,  but  don’t   feel   a   need  to  try  to  explain  it.”
  6. 6. J os ephJoseph  attends   Richard   Montgomery   High  School  in   Maryland  and   enjoys   playing   competitive   soccer   on   his   school’s  Varsity  Soccer  team  that  is  ranked   #10  in  his  state.  He   is  a  student  in  the  International   Baccalaureate   program,   and   homework   is   a  constant   in   his   life.   Joseph   is   an   avid   skier   and   snowboarder  throughout   winter   and  makes  trips  to  local   ski   resorts  weekly  during  the  peak   of   ski  season.  He   has   drawn  and  played   piano  nearly  all   of  his  life  and   even  tried  his  hand  at  oil  painting  for   a  couple  of   years.  Many  of  his  paintings   are  hanging  in  his  house  as   decoration.   Joseph   likes   to   believe   that   he   lives   by   the  saying,  “I  had  cancer,  but  cancer  never  had  me.”  He  hopes  all  cancer  survivors  will  keep   that  thought  in   mind  no  matter   the  circumstances.   Joseph  Tong Honorable  Mention
  7. 7. Part icip ateShare your story with the Andre Sobel community. ➡ Post  your  story  to  our  Facebook  Wall. ➡ Tweet  us  your  experiences  @asriveroflife  or  use  the  hashtag  #mystory. ➡ Take  the  Facebook  Cause  Challenge  and  raise  money  for  a  family  in  need. ➡ Take  the  Campus  Challenge  and  organize  an  event  at  your  school. ➡ Email  us  your  story.
  8. 8. Part icip ate➡ Take   the  Campus   Challenge   by   organizing  an   event   on   your  campus   for  Andre  Sobel.   Event  ideas  include: ✓ Class  Announcements  to  get  your  fellow  students  interested. ✓ Organize  a  fundraiser  on  campus.  Get  a  local  band  or  performer  to  help  out. ✓ Tie   this   into   a   volunteer   organization,   like   a   Greek   philanthropy   or   a   campus   club. ✓ Host  a  fundraising  night  with  a  local  business,  like  your  favorite  hangout.If   you   are   interested   in   holding   an   event   or   want   to   find   out  how,  contact  us!Students   from  Cal  State   San   Bernardino   raised   over   $10,000  and  put  on  a  fundraiser  for  the  Foundation  this  last  June!
  9. 9. Part icip ateHow would you describe yourself?Each   award   winner   described   themselves   in   a   series   of   adjectives,   shown   on   the  front  page  of  this  campaign  kit.  We  encourage  you  to  do  the  same!We   have  started  a   thread   on   our  Facebook   page   and   will  be   tweeting  daily  to   find  out   who  YOU  are.  Participate   daily  to   share   your   story  and   your  passion   with  people  across  the  country.
  10. 10. C ont act Mail  donations  to: P.O.  Box  361460,  Los  Angeles,  CA  90036 T:  310-­‐276-­‐7111    F:  310-­‐276-­‐0244For  media  inquiries  and  other  information,  please  contact  Stephanie  Margossian.  E:  margossian@realpolitech.com If  you  live  or  attend  school  in  the  Claremont  area   and  would  like  to  volunteer,  please  contact  us  at:   Andre  Sobel  River  of  Life  Foundation 201  North  Indian  Hill  Boulevard,  Suite  202,  Claremont,  CA    91711   Phone:    909-­‐626-­‐0244 aswire@andreriveroflife.org ANDRERIVEROFLIFE.ORG
  11. 11. Yo uA re era ble vuln ious tro ng C ur S ambitious t opefu l en h esili R 2011 el Sob A S urviv orAn dre d war l us y our s tory A Tel