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Designing for Financial Inclusion - Sending Money Home

Most people in the world do not have a bank account, let alone use any kind of formal financial services. Over recent years, more efforts have been made to extend financial services to the poor to increase financial stability and improve livelihoods.

What does it mean to design tools to support financial inclusion? How do you design for people who are not familiar with financial concepts? Or have difficulty reading?

Using real project examples in Myanmar, Pakistan, Nigeria and Ghana, Gabriel will highlight the considerations that are important in designing for financial services in developing countries.

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Designing for Financial Inclusion - Sending Money Home

  1. 1. Gabriel White Sending money home @smallsurfaces
  2. 2. smallsurfaces
  3. 3. MicroSave “Financial inclusion” smallsurfaces
  4. 4. Complex financial lives. smallsurfaces Afford Two, Eat One (Proximity Designs, frog, and Studio D Radiodurans)
  5. 5. Lumpy incomes. smallsurfaces Afford Two, Eat One (Proximity Designs, frog, and Studio D Radiodurans)
  6. 6. Managing daily cashflows. smallsurfaces
  7. 7. Useful amounts of capital. smallsurfaces
  8. 8. Preparing for the unexpected. smallsurfaces
  9. 9. Read this book. smallsurfaces
  10. 10. smallsurfaces 87% Pakistan 60% Ghana 77% Myanmar World Bank
  11. 11. Formal & regulated. smallsurfaces (b) Money Laundering and (c) adequate business continuity and disaster recover (d) effective audit function to provide periodic review of the security control environment and critical systems. 7. Trust Account and Fund Segregation Requirements (1) MFSPs shall keep 100 percent of the float in a trust account consisting of liquid assets and it shall remain unencumbered and not be commingled at any time with any others funds of the MFSP. (2) Liquid assets can consist of- (a) demand deposit held at commercial banks in Myanmar approved by the Central Bank, provided that such deposit shall be held separately from cash balances or deposits relating to other operations of the MFSP; and (b) any other asset approved by the Central Bank. (3) MFSPs shall on an ongoing basis, but by no later than 4.00 p.m. each day, reconcile the liquid assets held in the trust account. (4) Any deficiencies in the amount of liquid assets in the trust account shall be rectified by 12.00 pm the next day. n new MFS accounts until the deficiencies referred
  12. 12. Extending financial services helps. smallsurfaces
  13. 13. maisha_elonai Branches are often distant. smallsurfaces
  14. 14. Interna<onal Banker Barriers to access are high. smallsurfaces
  15. 15. Brian Harries Mobile financial services. smallsurfaces
  16. 16. More extensive & approachable. smallsurfaces
  17. 17. Technology enables this. smallsurfaces
  18. 18. Communicating financial concepts. smallsurfaces
  19. 19. The concept of an account. smallsurfaces
  20. 20. The concept of a PIN. smallsurfaces
  21. 21. Secret withdrawal code. smallsurfaces Mutually shared secret number Secret number Secret withdrawal code Withdrawal password Withdrawal number
  22. 22. Words matter. smallsurfaces Mutually shared secret number Secret number Secret withdrawal code Withdrawal password Withdrawal number
  23. 23. Learning through doing. smallsurfaces
  24. 24. You Scan this QR code with your Smartphone To find out more about a High Interest Savings Account – with the first $100 Deposit on us! You may need to get a QR Code® reader from your SmartPhone App Store Your branch Main and Elm 100 Main Street Metropolis, AA 01234 Your Transaction Details Date Details Withdrawals Deposits Balance Apr 8 Opening Balance 5,234.09 Apr 8 Insurance 272.45 5,506.54 Apr 10 ATM 200.00 5,306.54 Apr 12 Internet Transfer 250.00 5,556.54 Apr 12 Payroll 2100.00 7,656.54 Apr 13 Bill payment 135.07 7,521.47 Apr 14 Direct debit 200.00 7,321.47 Apr 14 Deposit 250.00 7.567.87 Apr 15 Bill payment 525.72 7,042.15 Apr 17 Bill payment 327.63 6,714.52 Apr 17 Bill payment 729.96 5,984.56 Apr 18 Bill payment 223.69 5,710.87 Closing Balance $5,710.87 Are you Get your statements delivered directly to your email account Scan the QR Code below with your SmartPhone to sign up now! Transaction histories are complicated. smallsurfaces
  25. 25. Teach through doing. smallsurfaces
  26. 26. To build experience. smallsurfaces
  27. 27. Focus & reassurance. smallsurfaces
  28. 28. Clear, focused action to begin. smallsurfaces
  29. 29. What do I need to do now? smallsurfaces
  30. 30. Help me as I need help. smallsurfaces
  31. 31. Tell me it worked. smallsurfaces 150000
  32. 32. Again. smallsurfaces
  33. 33. And again. smallsurfaces
  34. 34. But understandable isn’t always best. smallsurfaces
  35. 35. Need help? + Rs. 0 fee = Rs. 0 total Amount (Rs.) How much do you want to send? Send Money Cance l An assistant waiting to help. smallsurfaces Need help? 2 3 5 6 8 9 1 4 7 0 + Rs. 0 fee = Rs. 0 total Amount (Rs.) Next How much do you want to send? Back Send Money Cance l Your balance is Rs 2,500. Your can send up to Rs 2,300 plus Rs 200 fee. Rs 2,500 My Balance YOUR BALANCE 0340 9759140 Call Customer Care + Rs. 0 fee = Rs. 0 total Amount (Rs.) How much do you want to send? Send Money Cance l GRID/SmallSurfaces/Karandaaz
  36. 36. Meaningful suggestions. smallsurfaces Need help? ‫ا‬ُ‫ر‬‫د‬ُ‫و‬ Rs 2,500 My Balance Send Money Pay Bill Record Load Credit My Account Find Shop Rs. 2,500 My Balance Good Morning, Faiza Here are some suggestions based on your recent activity. Farooq Maliq 0340 9759140 23983209 Ali Awan Yasir 0340 9759140 0340 9759140 23983209 LESCO Electricity ‫ا‬ُ‫ر‬‫د‬ُ‫و‬ Rs 2,500 My Balance GRID/SmallSurfaces/Karandaaz
  37. 37. Confidence is fundamental. smallsurfaces
  38. 38. The details are the product. smallsurfaces
  39. 39. Thanks! @smallsurfaces gabriel@smallsurfaces.com www.smallsurfaces.comsmallsurfaces