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Steve Jobs

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Steve Jobs

  1. 1. Background Full Name: Steven Paul Jobs Birthday: 24th February 1955 Birth Location: San Francisco, California Death: 5th October 2011 (aged 56)
  2. 2. How he started?After college, Steve and his geek friend Woz(Steve Wozniak) was a computer hobbyist. Theyjoined a group called Homebrew Computer Club.Woz started to make his own microprocessor andmade his own computer with the help of Bill GatesBasic Interpreter. Woz showed it to Steve andSteve was impressed with Wozs work. They wouldmake their own computers and sell them atmeetings in the Homebrew Computer Club.
  3. 3. Then they started to maketheir own company called"Apple Computer". Theygot more help from Stevescolleagues from Atari, oneof them is Ron Wayne.Wayne did the paperworkto start a corporation anddid the first "AppleComputer" logo. Waynegot 10% of the companysshares, while Steve andWoz gets 45% each.
  4. 4. Apple first computer is called Apple I. Thenright after, Woz started to improve on thecomputer designs, the future Apple II. Thenright after Apple II was finished, Steve went tolook for investors. After some turn downs, hemet Mark Markkula, a former Intel worker whomade millions and retired early. That is wherethe Apple Company really started.
  5. 5. What did they do todevelop technology? Woz and Steve improved the microprocessors Apple Computer Co. Apple I Apple II Made the writing of compatible software very easy The eight expansion slots Apple II Software
  6. 6. Disk II, floppy disk drive, sharing and installingsoftwareApple IIIGUI Computer (Lisa)Macintosh3M MachineNeXT CompanyNeXT CubePixar Studio
  7. 7. iPodiPhoneMacBookiTunesApple TV
  8. 8. What impact has it had insociety? Steve Jobs creation or development of technologies had impacted a lot in Education & Training, and also Home & Leisure. How? In education & training, he created Apple to help students. The Apple software is a very simple and very easy-to-use software that can make the end product professional.
  9. 9. In Home & Leisure, he created iPods, iPads,iPhones, etc, to make our lives easier. He madeiPods so we can listen to music everywhere wewant and any songs we want. We don’t have tobring CDs everywhere. He made the iPads so wedon’t have to bring our heavy laptopseverywhere. He made iPhones so we can enjoyphone calls and have entertainment together.
  10. 10. Bill Gates Made a big impact to the Business & Employment. Microsoft IBM Windows Also impacted Steve Jobs
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