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Web Automation Testing Using Selenium

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A presentation about Selenium, an open-source suite of tools, designed to automate web application testing across many platforms.

If you've never considered automated testing as part of your toolbox, then this presentation is for you. In this session, the MaestroDev team will discuss how to use Selenium to save you time and achieve flexibility and control over your testing.

For more info visit www.g2ix.com.

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Web Automation Testing Using Selenium

  1. 1. Discover Web Automation Testing Using Selenium
  2. 2. manual testing is time consuming Reading Clicking Typing Creating test data Remembering test data
  3. 3. enter Automation speed repeatability
  4. 4. Why Selenium? widely used free and open source drives a real browser multiplatform supports most modern browsers can be used with different programming languages
  5. 5. What can it do?
  6. 6. locate elements id attribute name attribute link text XPath DOM CSS selectors
  7. 7. act on located elements open click type select
  8. 8. return info current URL text of elements attributes of elements values of form fields presence of text presence of an element
  9. 9. be used with many programming languages iterations conditional statements data driven tests database connections test frameworks reports
  10. 10. manual testing is time consuming but not useless UI defects usability issues verification of failed tests writing test cases and automated test scripts
  11. 11. When to automate? automate unless: automate if: UI is still considerably long-term efficiency changing frequent regression testing short-term project rapid feedback during development tight deadline disciplined test case documentation continuously increasing test coverage
  12. 12. www.maestrodev.com www.seleniumhq.org