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Special Effect Good for Nothing brief outline

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Special Effect Brief for Good for Nothing at SHIFT

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Special Effect Good for Nothing brief outline

  1. 1. SPECIAL EFFECT BRIEFBackgroundSpecialEffect is a charity dedicated to helping people with disabilities enjoycomputer games. For some people using a standard method of input, such as aregular gaming controller, can be difficult or impossible.SpecialEffect can help in the following ways: -­‐ By adapting, developing and modifying hardware and software. -­‐ By supporting and working alongside hospitals, hospices, and special schools to find the right games, and controllers, for the individuals they work with. -­‐ By setting up and loaning specialist games technology tailored to an individual’s specific needs.The ChallengeThe current community website (GameBase.info) provides reviews and informationon the accessibility of commercially available games, specifically, concentrating onsuch aspects as the control input, speed and difficulty etc. of individual games.At present the website is in Beta and is running on a free software package SocialGO), which is very limiting in terms of their ambitions for the site.The team are currently seeking grant funding to support the next developmentphase of the Gamebase site.The focus of this challenge therefore is to prototype what the next evolution of theproject could be and to help develop an all round pitch to help them secure thefunds
  2. 2. Specific tasks -­‐ A more dynamic Gamebase identity, look and feel and communications narrative – get to the heart of the Gamebase mission and develop a stronger more articulate communications narrative that makes sense to users, funders and other key stakeholders and develop a new identity, look and feel which works on and offline -­‐ A more user friendly site and layout - The current website is a bit confusing, and could prove to be daunting to first time users. They would like visitors to the site to be able to instantly, and easily, find the games which suit their own interests and abilities. -­‐ A key challenge is to find the most suitable platform for the future development of the site, which can be updated easily by the team but which can also handle the migration o the existing content and become more community focussed. -­‐ Need to design and cratye new site layout and wireframes -­‐ An improved search interface - On the website, in its current form, you are unable to search under more than one category. Games are listed under categories such as Xbox360, Audio Games etc. It would be ideal if a visitor to the site would be able to select more than one category, so that they could search for, say, an RPG game, with Closed Captions on Xbox360 or a Racing Game, with Re-mappable Buttons on Playstation 3. -­‐ Funding pitch: To work with the team to produce a dynamic and robust funding pitch presentation -­‐ Things to consider - Parts of the site dedicated to Reviews, Forums and Home Page (that provides some introductory information on what we do and maybe summarises recent activity on the site need to be migrated and part of the next evolution, the rest can go - The SpecialEffect identity and design is fixed.