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Assigment 6

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Assigment 6

  2. 2. What is Computer Ethics ? • Computer ethics, computer technology, and an analysis of the effect of the natural and social policies for the use of ethical considerable reasons for such a technology.
  3. 3. Major Computer Ethics Rules • Who can use the system • Who has the authority to grant access to that • How to create and how to retain the stored passwords • Limitation of the system can be used only for business purposes and for personal gain kullanılamayacağının specified. Spending time and resources are limited in the use of the system for personal purpose or that it is completely forbidden issues brought about limitations. • Girilemeyeceği the system or if the system is sparse and the available resources, authority, or can not be intentionally interfere with the functioning of the system yapılamayacağı changes. • Other users can not be deliberately harassed and their rights can not be violated. • Internet download or send material unsuitable for minors. And often sexually explicit material may be unsuitable material covers a very wide definition.
  4. 4. Major Computer Ethics Rules • Authorized someone with a valid reason will not be done without the consent of the trial subjects related to safety. (Such trials encryption and security systems in the university setting, but you are allowed to work on the course.) • Due to system maintenance, system administrators, the circumstances under which the files, mail messages, enter data, and the BASIC lists. To protect the confidentiality of users' activities are limited to such activities. • System administrators and other authorized personnel to maintain the system, in order to limit the circumstances under which the use of the system at any time, or changed at the end erdirebilecekleri. This permission is not unlimited, but is in danger of sudden intervention may be necessary in some cases, if the security of the system. • About software copyrights and licenses principles (guidelines). The system should not be used to create copies of unlicensed copyrighted material. The same principle applies to photographs and they can not be copied without license a vehicle such as a browser
  5. 5. What is Copyright ? Products caused by the labor of every kind of person on the idea of ​​rights provided by law.