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Lulu lemon final

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lululemon digital marketing strategy

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Lulu lemon final

  1. 1. By: Renee Furla Digital Marketing Strategy lululemon athletica
  2. 2. Company Overview • Company Theme: Athletic apparel • Known for their high- performance, trade marked fabrics which boast comfort and sweat-wicking capabilities while staying fashionable and trendy
  3. 3. Target Market Yoga Practitioners and Runners Men and Women Income of $40,000+
  4. 4. Big Idea • Fall is quickly approaching which means new styles and clothing are starting to make their way to the shelves at Lululemon • Use social media and blog to help attract customers to summer clothing sales
  5. 5. Tools- I plan on using Google Analytics to determine if traffic has increased from these social media sites and advertisements I would also compare the ROI from before I started my digital marketing strategy and after I started it Tactics- Include social media sites such as: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I also plan on using the Lulu blog and Google Ads to increase online traffic Tools and Tactics
  6. 6. DigitalMarketingStrategy Budget? • $1 Million (1% of profits) • Lululemon sells $1.6 billion in merchandise • $300,00 for emergency fund Timeline? • July-September • this is the time Lulu is trying to get rid of all summer items and bring in their fall collection Media Coverage? • Social media, Online Advertising, Lululemon Website and blog Metrics of Success? • Increase of ROI, increase of customer engagement, increase in sales, increase in traffic to Lulu website and blog
  7. 7. Lulu Website & Blog Website-($300,000) • Attract traffic to the website • SEO strategy with keywords and Google Adwords Blog- ($100,000) • Weekly updates on sale items • Loyalty program • Discount coupons
  8. 8. Lulu Facebook Page Facebook Page: ($100,000) • Helps promote the brand • Good way to engage with customers and keep them updated
  9. 9. Lulu Twitter & Instagram Twitter-($50,000) • Great way to connect with customers Instagram-($50,000) • Great way to connect with customers • Promote new items that are on sale
  10. 10. • Lululemon is one of the top brands for athletic apparel • Lululemon is a growing and successful company • With these digital marketing strategies, there is no doubt in my mind that Lulu will see an increase in sales Conclusion