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Energy Efficiency in the time of COVID-19

Funseam 30/11/2020
Brian Motherway explica el plan de la agencia internacional de la energía para que las emisiones de co2 no vuelvan a crecer después de la crisis.

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Energy Efficiency in the time of COVID-19

  1. 1. Page 1 Energy Efficiency in the time of COVID-19 Brian Motherway November 2020 @BrianRMotherway
  2. 2. IEA 2020. All rights reserved. Page 2 A world in lockdown Stringency of containment measures is increasing again in several countries and cities. Source: Oxford Blavatnik School of Government 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Chile France Spain India United States Indonesia Stringency index of containment measures, 2020
  3. 3. IEA 2020. All rights reserved. Page 3 Many new patterns of mobility Significant difference in terms of the recovery of urban mobility across cities. Source: Citymapper mobility index % of city moving compared to usual
  4. 4. IEA 2020. All rights reserved. Page 4 Impact on electricity demand Year-on-year change in weekly electricity demand, weather corrected, in selected countries, 2020
  5. 5. IEA 2020. All rights reserved. Page 5 What is next for energy and emissions? 2020 sees an unprecedented fall in energy-related GHG emissions. Energy-sector GHG emissions Gt CO2-eq 30 32 34 36 38 40 2005 2010 2015 2020 2023
  6. 6. IEA 2020. All rights reserved. Page 6 Energy systems can shift towards structurally cleaner ones The plan would make 2019 the definitive peak in global emissions, reducing GHG emissions by 4.5 billion tonnes and putting them on a path towards achieving long-term climate goals, including the Paris Agreement. Energy-sector GHG emissions Without a sustainable recovery With a sustainable recovery Gt CO2-eq 30 32 34 36 38 40 2005 2010 2015 2020 2023
  7. 7. IEA 2020. All rights reserved. Page 7 IEA plan for a Sustainable Recovery The Sustainable Recovery Plan provides an integrated approach to support economic recovery and jobs while improving the resiliency & sustainability of the energy system 0 100 200 Batteries, hydrogen, CCUS and SMRs… Wind and solar PV… End-use renewables Nuclear and hydro Networks… Biofuels Methane reductions New electric vehicles… Long-distance transport Urban infrastructure Buildings efficiency Industry energy efficiency New efficient cars Appliances Material efficiency Clean cooking Billion dollars (2019) Efficiency Fuels and networks Generation Innovation Transport and urban infrastructure Clean cooking Average annual spending by category and measure 36% 13% 28% 4% 18% 1% Share of spending by category
  8. 8. IEA 2020. All rights reserved. Page 8 Energy efficiency is a job-creating machine Efficiency creates many jobs per unit of investment, and can be mobilised quickly. Jobs created per million dollars of capital investment 5 10 15 New grids Existing grids New hydro New nuclear Wind power Solar PV Unabated coal-fired power Unabated gas-fired power Hydrogen production CCUS Reduce methane emissions Urban transport infrastructure High-speed rail Buildings efficiency retrofit Efficient new buildings Industry efficiency Construction Manufacturing Total Jobs per million dollars Per million dollars of capital investment
  9. 9. IEA 2020. All rights reserved. Page 9 Efficiency brings benefits to all levels of the economy The world can double its efficiency in the next two decades using technologies that are already cost-effective USD 700 billion Avoided energy imports in the EU, China and India USD 600 billion Avoided energy expenditure in industry USD 550 billion Avoided household energy spending
  10. 10. IEA 2020. All rights reserved. Page 10 IEA providing insights on energy efficiency and sustainable recovery https://www.iea.org/topics/covid-19
  11. 11. IEA 2020. All rights reserved. Page 11 Global Commission for Urgent Action on Energy Efficiency Established in 2019, the Commission is an independent body comprising 23 members, including national leaders, ministers, top business executives and global thought leaders.
  12. 12. IEA 2020. All rights reserved. Page 12 Recommendations at a glance 1. Prioritise cross-cutting energy efficiency action for its economic, social and environmental benefits 2. Act to unlock efficiency's job creation potential 3. Create greater demand for energy efficiency solutions 4. Focus on finance in the wider context of scaling up action 5. Leverage digital innovation to enhance system-wide efficiency 6. The public sector should lead by example 7. Engage all parts of society 8. Leverage behavioural insights for more effective policy 9. Strengthen international collaboration 10. Raise global energy efficiency ambition
  13. 13. IEA 2020. All rights reserved. Page 13 The digital transformation of the energy system Digital technologies enable a multi-directional and highly integrated energy system placing cities in the forefront of decarbonising our societies as a whole
  14. 14. IEA 2020. All rights reserved. Page 14 IEA Energy Efficiency Programmes • Tracking global energy efficiency trends • Country and/or regional specific analysis • Capacity building training and courses • Knowledge sharing workshops
  15. 15. IEA 2020. All rights reserved. Page 15 energy.efficiency@iea.org @BrianRMotherway