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Role Of Media In Our Society

In this presentation i talk about about media, it's beginnings, it's types, it's role in our society. I also give the reader my views on our local (Pakistani) media, some suggestion for it's betterment and i wrap it up by a conclusion.

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Role Of Media In Our Society

  2. 2. The word “media” is the plural of medium, which sadly, does not have one specific meaning, rather I found multiple descriptions for the term. It will be interesting to look at some of them. “An intervening substance through which something else is transmitted or carried on” “Something, such as an intermediate course of action, that occupies a position or represents a condition midway between extremes” “An agency by which something is accomplished, conveyed, or transferred” It is pretty clear from the above said definitions that they pretty much refer to the same thing, so under the influence of the given context I will say that a medium is something that serves as a middleperson for transferring information. Being said that lets put some light on how media started. It basically began from petty hand published newspapers/pamphlets/magazines to the multibillion industry of today.
  3. 3. Let us put some light on how media started… It basically began from petty hand published newspapers/pamphlets/magazines to the multibillion industry of today. Small book stores starting employing early printing machines because before that getting a book in your hand was so difficult one in a million people had, so you can guess that where we stand now is pretty amazing…
  4. 4. During the past few decades media has evolved from being a piece of paper to an industry that can, at it’s best, can topple governments, make a superstar out of someone, or, spread some good useful information among people, make them aware of their surroundings, help them know their or other people’s rights! Media has become quite complex and in doing so, has evolved many distinct types which can be studied separately from each other.
  5. 5. Advertising media: Media content dealing with the buying and selling of goods. Broadcast media: Communications delivered over mass electronic communication networks. Digital media: Electronic media used to store, transmit, and receive digitized information. Electronic media: Communications delivered via electronic or electromechanical energy. Hypermedia: Media with hyperlinks. Mass media: All means of mass communications. Multimedia: Communications that incorporate multiple forms of information content and processing and so on…
  6. 6. 1.Our knowledge 2.Our behavior 3.Our attitude 4.Our emotions 5.Our political views
  7. 7. So, the question lies, why media?, why is it given so much importance?... The reason being that this is THE AGE OF INFORMATION and having information or giving it can make a lot of difference. And since media is the largest stakeholder as far as information is concerned therefore it is media’s job to spread information, which it does brilliantly! Any Problem With That? Well…. Yeah, the problem is that media can be controlled or manipulated and that means a lot of false information being spread which in turn can trigger variable responses from the masses or certain groups among them, or, un trigger responses that should have been triggered!....
  8. 8. Studies suggest that continuous exposure to media reports can trigger variable or distinct physiological responses. They can be. 1. Fear 2. Sadness 3. Anger
  9. 9. Media can play an important role in any society and ours is no exception. Being Pakistani we are no strangers to media, our national T.V channel formed in the 60’s has been updating us since. But sadly over the years it has become clear that it is nothing but a puppet of the current government of the time. The outbreak of media channels after 2002 has played a phenomenal role in the nourishment of public opinion. Presence of multiple channels ensures that the information being delivered is, of the right origin. Not only political views have been changed but also local entertainment has been made available.
  10. 10. According to my personal opinion, the media of Pakistan has done a fair job as far as news channels are concerned. yes…. Considering the biased news and unethical/un Islamic or well…. Overall saying…. Our media’s stupid way of conveying information has made it’s authenticity questionable, but one should always consider the fact that the media will only show material it will get paid for, which is, through high ratings or high views from the masses. And sadly enough ours is a developing country and most of population is technically illiterate here!
  11. 11. Steps should be taken to ensure the credibility of media. On of these steps is to use unconventional news sources rather than using the conventional ones, what I mean by that is social media/blogging (but let’s keep that untouched here). Also a set of rules and regulations be made by the media circles or respected authorities that should be followed by all media stakeholders. Watchdog organizations should be there to judge whether the transmissions of the local media are up to the credible and ethical standards.
  12. 12. So, considering this I think our media has done a great job overall, but there are a few prominent black sheep that need to be dealt with within the media circles. But that is for the literate to judge. Hopefully as literacy increases better media content will reach us.