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From webagency to...a better job, life and a lot of fun

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Can a development team be a proficient web agency? Or should it pivot to change its customer's culture? This is the story of a web agency that became a developer company.

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From webagency to...a better job, life and a lot of fun

  1. 1. From a web agency to...a better job, a better life, a lot of fun!Francesco Fulloneff AT ideato.it
  2. 2. Chi sonoFrancesco Fullone aka @Fullo- PHP developer since 1999- President- and Open Source Evangelist- CEO @- founder @- Nerd and geek
  3. 3. web agencyLooking for clients that need websites
  4. 4. CMSescontent management systems
  5. 5. impose limits (AI, UX, ...)project has to adapt to them not suited for startups unsatisfied customers
  6. 6. not enoughgood code culture in PHP CMSes
  7. 7. Web agency clients dontneed skilled developersbut skilled designers and communicators
  8. 8. Clients need to mantain contents, do adv, ... (good code is only a secondary benefit)
  9. 9. This was not our job... (we are a PHP company)
  10. 10. Lesson learned: pivoting!
  11. 11. Tech agencyLooking for clients that need apps and not sites
  12. 12. PHP 5.3 revolution namespaces decoupled frameworks real OOP
  13. 13. Our needs: Less bugs Less (maintenance) costsFaster replies to customersNo graphic or content issue
  14. 14. Less bugs: Test: TDD (phpUnit), BDD (Behat)Good Practices (using decoupled frameworks) Create a development culture
  15. 15. Less maintenance costs: Automatic deploy strategies (ant, phing, capistrano, fabric, idephix*) Continuous Integration (jenkins) * tba
  16. 16. Faster response: small code batches small (self-sufficient) teams flow culture
  17. 17. Reduced activities: Partners for UX, Design, LayoutPartners for content delivery, adv, etc. Small batches of activities
  18. 18. We can do better: pivoting!
  19. 19. Pivotingfrom supplier to partner
  20. 20. Dev companyLooking for clients that need partners for their projects
  21. 21. Share cultureMentoring & Coaching on: - Agile methods - Technical Stuff - Lean practices
  22. 22. Hey Dude! Its brogramming!
  23. 23. If it worked for us... Will it work for anyone?
  24. 24. ?
  25. 25. jsDay + phpDay 2012 16-19 Maggio 2012 Veronawww.phpday.it / www.jsday.it
  26. 26. Francesco Fullone ff@ideato.it @fullo via Quinto Bucci 205 47023 Cesena (FC) info AT ideato.it www.ideato.it