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Eco aeon saiseiko presentation nov 2011

  1. EcoAeon Exclusive Distributor for products 1
  2. WATER IS THE ORIGIN OF LIFE Saiseiko is working to enhance the quality of life by providing eco-friendly and energy saving products. SAISEIKO PRODUCTS SUMMERY 2
  3. Products Line-Up AVS Triple Vortex - Water Pipe SEM Triple Vortex combination An innovative beauty and health with FIR Beads – Water Pipe product, Cera Shower heads AVS reduces bacteria without the contain patented ceramic balls use of any chemicals and it SEM contains AVS and patented which ionize water and provide provides an alternative for all natural mineral ceramic balls. numerous benefits to skin and hair. reducing lime scale in water As water passes through SEM it is Currently there are four models, pipes. This amazing product can treated twice, first by AVS and each of which has its own unique provide a solution for people who then by ceramic balls which functions. They all contain Saiseiko are suffering from the effects of transform it into high quality BA and SE balls. The effect of Far poor quality water, especially in water. No chemicals are used in Infrared Rays (FIR) break down developing countries. Red rust this process. SEM can be installed water clusters. Smaller water (Iron Oxide) in water pipes is a in various places, for example, clusters help moisturizing the skin major problem in millions of hotels, hospitals, restaurants, more effectively. In addition, water homes and buildings worldwide. swimming pools, farms and passing through the balls is ionized AVS helps to reduce corrosion in a domestic homes. and the harmful effect of cost effective way. substances, such as residual chlorine, is reduced. 3
  4. Products Line-Up The Saiseiko Ball (SSK Ball) The Cooking Stone is made with contains anti-bacterial ceramic 100% natural mineral ceramics. balls which kill most bacteria within 9 hours. It can help to save energy when cooking by reducing the time Place the SSK Ball into a bathtub, required to boil water or to cook pool or water tank to keep the food, including frying. It also water safe and fresh. The SSK Ball works well with frozen food. can be used in spas, pools and Jacuzzis as well as in your own bathroom. 4
  5. Theory More than 70 years ago, an in-depth study of water and its properties was conducted in Austria. This study led to an ingenious discovery that a vortex increases the energy in water. Based on this ground-breaking theory, SAISEIKO successfully developed its own patented Triple Spiral Chamber water pipe, AVS. When water passes through the triple spiral chamber pipe, the speed of water is accelerated. Due to this speeding-up, the antibacterial and sterilizing power of the water increases. 5
  6. AVS Benefit 1 Activation Imagine filling a water bottle and shaking it. You will observe water molecules momentarily. When water passes through AVS, this ‘shaking’ mechanism takes place via our Triple Spiral Chamber design, making the water molecules smaller and enabling it to be more active, in other words activated water. Anti Bacterial In general there are two types of Bacteria, aerobic and anaerobic. As the names indicate, aerobic bacteria can only live and grow when there is oxygen and the opposite goes for anaerobic bacteria. Most harmful bacteria are anaerobic. When water passes through AVS, the level of dissolved oxygen concentration increases. As a result, these harmful bacteria die. At the same time, as the spiral design pushes lighter substances such as oxygen and bacteria to the edge, this causes the harmful anaerobic bacteria to die. 6
  7. AVS Benefit 2 Before Installation of AVS 6 Months Later 4 Fe + 3O2 + 2 H2O = 4 FeO (OH) Red Rust 6 FeO (OH) + 2 e⁻ = 2Fe3O4 +2 H2O + 2 OH⁻ Red Rust Electron Black Rust Water Molecule Reduction of Red Rust (Iron Oxide) The water passing through AVS is activated and more negative electrons are created. When the negative electrons touch red rust, they become black rust. This is simply the result of a chemical reaction. Once it is converted into black rust it will never revert back to iron oxide. Cleaner pipes mean healthier water supplies for your homes and buildings. 7
  8. AVS Test Result 1 Date: October, 2004 Country: Japan Location: Spa A legionella detection test was conducted at a public hot spring in Japan, which is used by 3,000 people per month. Although 420 CFU/100ml of legionella was found before the installation, one week later this number was less than 10. Since then, the number has remained below 10. This is the lowest level the bacteria detector can measure. 8
  9. AVS Test Result 1 Date: April, 2005 Country: Japan Surface activation power increases water’s dispersing ability. This means that the greater the dispersing power in the water, the easier it is to wash, lather up and remove dirt from the pores. This test result shows that 76% more salad oil dissolved into AVS treated water compared to normal tap water. 9
  10. Ceramic Technology According to historians, ancient civilisations used ceramic ware such as clay pots to keep their food fresh. In particular, they kept water and oil in ceramic ware when there was no refrigeration available to preserve the quality and freshness of the water. This wisdom of our ancestors led us to develop our original ceramic technology and to produce high quality functional ceramic balls made with all natural minerals. BA Balls (black) SE Balls (brown) As these balls contain natural minerals, they both generate Far Infrared Rays (FIR) and ionize water. In addition, the BA balls have an anti-bacterial function. This amazing 100% natural product is an example of the cutting-edge technology that represents SAISEIKO and our values. 10
  11. Combination SEM was developed as a result of combining the triple chamber vortex (AVS) and SAISEIKO ceramic balls. Tap water first passes through the AVS and then through the ceramic balls. The tap water is activated and the number of bacteria reduced by the AVS. This processed water is further activated and ionized by the ceramic balls. When tap water is put through an SEM, it is treated twice and comes out as high quality water. This ground breaking innovative technology does not require any consumables, chemicals or power to treat water. 11
  12. SEM Test Result The SEM water activator has been installed in various places such as hospitals, restaurants, spas and a farmhouse. A nursing home in Hokkaido, Japan Ms Chieko Matsuyama, the curator of a nursing home, had concerns about the quality of the water and so she installed SAISEIKO Water Activator in 2005. “We have received good feedback from residents since the water activator was installed. Feedback includes, “Recovery from athlete’s foot.” “Bathing water became softer.” “Meals became more delicious.” etc. Moreover, our staff are grateful that they have recovered from their skin problems. Taking care of the residents became easier, especially when giving baths. A clinic in Hokkaido, Japan “A boy with atopic dermatitis makes a recovery.” Mr Mitsuaki Matoba, a chief director of the clinic, installed a SAISEIKO SEM Water Activator to test in 2004. “After the water activator was installed, the problem of reddish water was quickly solved and cutting the existing water pipe showed that the red rust had turned black. Currently, we don’t have any odour or slime problems, and what’s more my son, who has had atopic dermatitis all of his life has recovered from this skin problem.” 12
  13. SEM Test Result A hospital in Hokkaido, Japan “Saved us from paying huge bills for repair” Mr Masao Sekimoto, who is an office manager at the hospital, installed SAISEIKO SEM Water Activator in 2005. “We have had terrible reddish water problems, and a construction company told us that it would cost around 150,000,000 yen to replace all the water pipes. While trying to find the ideal solution to this issue, we were told about a clinic that had been testing a SAISEIKO SEM Water Activator. We visited this clinic to find out how it worked. We could then verify its performance and the good effect that had on their system and we decided to install the water activator instead of replacing the water pipes. We therefore saved a great deal of money.” A hospital in Hokkaido, Japan SEM3000 was installed where cucumbers were planted. Result: Increased yield. (September was usually the last month for harvesting the cucumbers, but this time they were still being harvested in October). Better quality. Less damage by vermin. 13
  14. SEM Test Result Case studies of SEM have been published in several magazines. Issue: September 2006 Name of Magazine: Zaikai Sapporo Red rust changed to black rust within six months. When red rust clogs a water pipe, it causes various problems. In the worst cases, it is necessary to rebuild whole buildings and it has become a serious issue as far as increased industrial waste is concerned. By solving this problem, SEM Water Activator (manufactured by SAISEIKO) has become the focus of public attention, because red rust changed to black rust within 6 months. Florence Mi Mi, one of the distributors of SAISEIKO, requested a lab test in November 2005, and the result was confirmed and certified. 14
  15. Ionic Shower Head Cera Mild Cera Elite Cera Bloom Cera Salon There are 4 models and all of them contain BA and SE balls. Water passing through the shower heads becomes softer due to Far Infrared effect, which breaks down water clusters. Smaller water clusters can easily enter pores and remove dirt while moisturizing the skin more effectively. In addition, water passing through the balls is ionized and the harmful effect of substances, such as residual chlorine, is reduced. 15
  16. Ionic Shower Head Cera Mild and Cera Bloom include an Air- Water Mixture (AWM) feature. Water and air are rapidly mixed making the water more activated and doubling its cleansing power. In addition, because air is mixed with the water up to 30% less water is used. Cera Elite comes with three shower settings; Mist, Massage and Normal. Mist is the most popular mode and it maximizes the negative ion effect. 16
  17. Cera Feedback Although our ceramic balls are not a medical product, we have received positive feedback from many customers who have noticed an improvement in their skin conditions, for example Eczema and other skin irritations. The following photographs were received from a hair stylist in Japan. Her hands were in very bad condition due to the fact that she uses chemicals every day. As the pictures below show, her skin condition has gradually improved since she started to use a Cera Shower head. Before 3 months later 6 months later People who have skin problems are often sensitive to water quality. Cera shower heads improve the quality of the water and may alleviate these conditions. The owner of a New York hair salon tested our shower head in his salon. He and his stylists noticed the benefits immediately and the following day he ordered Cera Shower heads for all the wash basins. We have received a great deal of positive feedback regarding improved skin and hair condition. Therefore we have confidence in SSK ceramic technology. 17
  18. Saiseiko ball The patented Saiseiko ball (SSK Ball) contains anti-bacterial ceramic balls (BA balls) which kill most bacteria within 9 hours. It is designed to float on water. Place the SSK Ball into a bathtub, pool or water tank to keep the water safe and fresh. The SSK Ball can be used in spas, pools and Jacuzzis as well as in your own bathroom. It can also be used in any stagnant water including rainwater harvesting systems. Legionella is a harmful and deadly type of bacteria. One incident of a fatal outbreak of legionella occurred in Virginia, USA in 1996 as a result of untreated stagnant water from the demonstration Jacuzzi in a department store. There was also a case of legionella-related deaths of a number of US officials in Philadelphia in 1976. When tested in our laboratory, legionella was completely killed within 9 hours. 18
  19. BA ball Test Result Date: May 2nd 1997 Tested By TOKYO FOOD TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE Item: BA Ceramic Ball Examination matter: Sterilization Effect Examination Method: 1. Two different kinds of bacteria were prepared in separate containers. (#1 is Colon Bacillus. #2 is Staphylococcus Aureus.) 2. BA Ceramic balls were placed into each of the containers (Unit: ml) Initial 24 hours Bacteria BA Ball 1 min later 10 min later 30 min later 60 min later Number later With BA 550,000 430,000 280,000 88,000 11,000 0 E.Coli W/O BA 550,000 540,000 620,000 790,000 8,900,000 22,000,000 With BA 320,000 250,000 220,000 100,000 11,000 0 Staphylococcus Aureus W/O BA 320,000 340,000 340,000 320,000 380,000 1,300,000 19
  20. Saiseiko ball Test Result Date: August 12th ~ 23rd 2011 Tested By KOREA ENVIRONMENT & WATER WORKS INSTITUTE Item: Saiseiko Ball Examination matter: Anti-Bacterial effect Examination Method: 1. Prepare four different kinds of bacteria. (E. coli, Salmonella, Shigella, Pseudomonas aeruginosa) 2. Put a Saiseiko ball into each container of bacteria (Unit: CFU/ml) Bacteria Initial Number 3 hours later 6 hours later 9 hours later 2,200 760 (65.5%) 76 (96.5%) 0 (100%) E.Coli 20
  21. Saiseiko ball Test Result (Unit: CFU/ml) Bacteria Initial Number 3 hours later 6 hours later 9 hours later 1,600 550 (65.6%) 63 (96.3%) 0 (100%) Salmonella 1,300 450 (65.4%) 46 (96.5%) 0 (100%) Shigella 1,700 590 (65.3%) 60 (96.5%) 0 (100%) Pseudomonas aeruginosa 21
  22. BA ball Test Result Date: August 22nd ~ 29th 2011 Tested By KOREA ENVIRONMENT & WATER WORKS INSTITUTE Item: BA Ceramic Ball Examination matter: Anti-Bacterial Speed Test Examination Method: 1.50g of BA Ceramic Balls was put into 500ml of synthetic water (salmonella) 2. The container was shaken at the speed of 200r/min (Unit: CFU/ml) Bacteria Initial Number 5 min later 10 min later 1,100 80 (92.7%) 15 (98.6%) Salmonella 22
  23. Cooking Stone The electricity or gas used in homes and restaurants on a daily basis can be expensive these days. Sometimes this cost forces restaurants to increase their prices or in extreme cases they may need to close down. Naturally good. Naturally wholesome. Naturally healthy. The Saiseiko Cooking Stone will revolutionise the way we cook and help us to decrease our energy consumption. When it is placed in water, it helps the water to boil more quickly and to maintain a high temperature, thus saving energy and cost. It can also be used to keep the temperature high when frying. It is also effective when cooking frozen food. The Cooking Stone acts as a catalyst which is said to bring out the natural goodness in food. It is made of 100% natural materials. 23
  24. Cooking Stone Test Result Comparison of time taken for water to boil After After After After Total time to 2 Mins 4 Mins 6 Mins 8 Mins boil Average time without 45.3°C 70.6°C 87.1°C 97.5°C 7 m 24 s Cooking Stone 1 Cooking Stone 41.6°C 73.8°C 93.8°C 6 m 00 s (N/A) (Average) (40.4°C) (65.7°C) (85.7°C) (6 m 42 s) 2 Cooking Stones 61.3°C 79.1°C N/A N/A 5 m 00 s (Average) (54.5°C) (72.1°C) (89.6°C) (N/A) (6 m 24 s) *The result shows the best result of five samples. (Source: Bureau Veritas Consumer Product Services, Inc.) When using the Cooking Stone, water reaches boiling point more quickly. As these results show, the Cooking Stone can help save energy. 24
  25. Cooking Stone Test Result Comparison of Cooking Temperature In this test, one pound (453 grams) of frozen food was put into a fully heated deep fryer. The temperature was monitored at both the top and bottom of the frying oil for a period of five minutes after the food was placed into the oil. This test was repeated with and without the Cooking Stone. (°C) 180 175 170 165 160 155 150 145 15 30 45 60 90 120 150 180 210 240 270 300 Cook Time (seconds) Without Cooking Stone Cooking Stone (Source: Bureau Veritas Consumer Product Services, Inc.) Cooking temperature stays higher when Cooking Stone is used. As this result shows, food is cooked more quickly and this can help save energy. 25
  26. Cooking Stone Test Result Comparison of Food Softness kgf = kilogram force Force on Green Beans Force on Pasta Average without Cooking Stone 3.9 kgf 0.9 kgf 1 Cooking Stone (Average) 3.1 kgf (3.3 kgf) 0.7 kgf (0.8 kgf) 2 Cooking Stones (Average) 2.5 kgf (3.0 kgf) 0.7 kgf (0.8 kgf) *The result shows the best result of five samples. (Source: Bureau Veritas Consumer Product Services, Inc.) Green Beans and Pasta were softer when cooked using the Cooking Stone. As this result shows, the Cooking Stone can help save energy. Leachable Lead and Cadmium Lead Cadmium Less than 0.03 ppm* Less than 0.01 ppm** ppm = parts per million (Source: Bureau Veritas Consumer Product Services, Inc.) *Safe level of lead consumption is 0.5 ppm **Safe level of cadmium consumption is 1.0 ppm 26
  27. EcoAeon Exclusive Distributor for products 27