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  1. Changes & Chances EVS in Bridgeof Friendship"Kartlosi" March 2021 – March 2022 Gori, Georgia Tomasz Adamczyk
  2. During my EVS project, I was in Gori, the regional capital of Shida Kartli in central Georgia. On a national scale, it is a relatively large city, however looking from the Polish perspective, it is a relatively small and calm town. It is famous for a fortress, an ancient, rock-hewn village, and the birthplace of the bloody Soviet dictator– Joseph Stalin.
  3. I lived in an apartment on the main north- south street in the very center of the city. A strange experience for me was that it was street namedafterStalin. The city turned out to be an unusual place, with an intriguing history and many fascinating locations. I will certainly remember the yearin this placewell.
  4. HOSTING ORGANISATION My hosting organisation was Bridge of Friendship "K artlosi". Word Kartlosi is created of words Kartli (ქარ თლი - Georgian) and Osi (ოსი - Ossetian). The organisation is working in the following directions: Informal Education – organizes trainings, workshops, internships, which promotes development of professional skills in youth for having successful future carriers – communication/negotiations skills; art of debates; critical thinking; leadership. Educational events dedicated to peace, non- violence, democracy, human rights, gender equality. Awareness raising campaigns – it is raising public awareness on security, civil defense, domestic violence, human rights violation and other different essential issues.
  5. One of my primary responsibilities was working with children and youth. Throughout my volunteering period, I taught English to children in grades 1-4 in one of the primary schools in Gori. Although I already have experience working as a teacher, it was an intriguing and developing experience due to working with younger children who had a limited ability to communicate with me due to the languagebarrier.
  6. Classes took place at least twice a week. Students learned the basics of the English language through games, activities, physical activities, and other methods. Despite the size of the groups, the lessons were engaging, and the children willingly participated in them. According to the school's opinion, their English languagealsoimproved significantly.
  7. I was also responsible for carrying out activities with children in the IDP village of Berbuki. There were short lectures, games, and other activities to fill the children's/youth's free time and familiarize them with the opportunities offered to young people by the European Union.
  8. Teaching English was not limited to school in Gori. Thanks to the cooperation with Innovative Language School, I conducted online classes for students from various regions of Georgia. The groups varied in age (8-14 years), and language skills ranged from pre-A1 to B1.
  9. During my volunteering service, there were also projects conducted in which I was involved. One of them was the #FootballPeople week on gender equality organized jointly with Fare Network. Children participated in football competitions and short lectures on the subject.
  10. I was also occasionally involved in lecturing on Polish culture, history, customs, and interesting facts. The lectures also focused on the European Union, the European Solidarity Corps, and the opportunities offered by participation in EU projects for young people.
  11. My responsibilities also included office work. I created numerous graphics and brochures for my organization's social media and ongoing projects. I was also responsible for cooperation with various NGOs in Poland. In addition, I participated in submitting applications for projects from Polish and EU funds.
  12. Fortunately, a volunteer project is also free time. In my case, I spent most of it in the mountains, which are abundant in Georgia. The Caucasus boasts some of the most beautiful mountain landscapes in the world.
  13. I think that in a year, I got to know most of the mountainous regions of northern Georgia. I also walked plenty of trails that often allowed me to climb over 3000 m.
  14. Georgia, however, is not only the mountains. Although their majesty often outshines other places, it does not mean that they are not worth visiting. Beautiful beaches of the Black Sea or semi-deserts with mud volcanoes are also fascinating destinations.
  15. Thanks to the project, I had the opportunity and chance to visit unusual, even fabulous places on the one hand, on the other hand, to meet amazing people not only from Georgia but also from other countries. This experiencewill stay with me for a long time.