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2012 Canary Callenge Cancer Research Support

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Stanford Center for Cancer Research does innovative work in cancer early detection and treatment and the Canary Challenge is an event to raise funding for the cause.

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2012 Canary Callenge Cancer Research Support

  1. 1. Help Fight Cancer: 100% of Fundsraised through the Canary Challengesupport early detection cancerresearch and innovative supportivecare programs.http://ride.canarychallenge.com/site/TR/Events/General?px=1002101&pg=personal&fr_id=1040
  2. 2. Cancer has hurt many of us andthose we love. Help us fund Early Detection & Prevention. Grandmother Mother In-law (Survivor)100% of Donations go to the cause.
  3. 3. Stanford Cancer Institute is making real progress on early detection and prevention, an area lessfunded because the big profits are in treatment.
  4. 4. They don’t have the national attention of others, but you can help enable their innovativeresearch through this event aimedat raising 1 Million and 100% goes to the cause.http://ride.canarychallenge.com/site/TR/Events/Ge neral?px=1002101&pg=personal&fr_id=1040
  5. 5. The Century Ride Information100 Miles, over 6000 feet Climbing, 1 Day We plan to add the last 4+ miles for 100
  6. 6. Samples of Training for the Ride Local roads on Saturday mornings Coastal Hwy 1 Top of Page Mill Los Lobitos Creek West Old La Honda Stage (am marine layer fog) (Half Moon Bay)Golden Gate Tunitas Creek Bike Hut