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Test 1 alcpt

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ecl listening 01

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Test 1 alcpt

  1. 1. ECL: LISTENING 01 1. The instructor asked “Are you going to the dance?” The student said “I’d like to but I have to study” What did the student mean? have to = must = have got to  He can’t go. 2. Lt. Jones was told to report to the commander at1:15. When does he have to be there? 1:15 = 13:15 3. You should consult your dictionary. What should you do with it? consult = look up = refer to = turn to = check in  look up word on it 4. Bob has a new bench vice in his work shop. What does he use it for?  for holding objects. 5. Barbara is going to New York by plane. What is Barbara planning to do? plane = airplane = hydroplane = aircraft  travel on a plane 6. What color is your coat?  red 7. I heard the men talking about the snack bar. What were they talking about? snack bar = coffee bar = coffee shop = espresso bar  a place to eat 8. What month comes right after July? after = later than = past = gone  month come right after July  August 9. If Jack has an appointment with the dentist, what is the probably the matter with him?  He has a toothache. 10. Lesson 1 is easier than lesson 2. Which lesson is less difficult to learn? easier = easy  lesson one 11. Elisa asked, “What is your given name?” What name did she want to know? given name = first name = Christian name = name  your first name 12. The clerk said, “I don’t think this suit needs any alterations.” What did the clerk mean by alteration? alterations = alteration = change = modification = variation  changes 13. If the teachers asks you a question, what should you do?  answer it
  2. 2. 14. They’re going to Chicago by jet. How will they get to Chicago? jet = plane = airplane = aircraft  They will fly. 15. Today is Friday. I’ll see Mary tomorrow. When will I see Mary?  on Saturday 16. Why did Sam go to the airport? airport = airfield = airdrome = airstrip = landing field  to meet his friend’s plane 17. What is a mail box used for?  depositing letters 18. Tom was pleased with the acceleration of the car. What was he pleased with? acceleration = speeding up = stepping up = hastening = hurrying  the ability to speed up 19. My friend lives in spacious house. Where does he live? spacious = roomy = airy = large = hard work  in a large house 20. Joe bought a new horn for his car. What did he buy? horn  a warning device 21. Mr. Jones said, “I hope Henry will get in touch with me.” What did Mr. Jones want Henry to do? get in touch with = call = get hold of = contact = reach = speak to = write to  contact him 22. Sam glanced through the book. What did he do? glanced = glance = fleeting look = momentary look = quick look = look  He read it quickly. 23. Bill said, “That wire is not insulated.” What did he mean? insulated = insulate = protect = shield = cut off = isolate  The wire is not covered for protection 24. Who used this book originally? originally = at first = first = initially = in the beginning = firstly  Who used this book first? 25. How far is it to the school? far = distant = faraway = a long way = far away  The school is three miles from here. 26. On Saturdays the traffic is heavy downtown. traffic = transfer = travel = interchange = passage heavy = serious = important = grave = deep  There are many cars on the streets.
  3. 3. 27. The air in this room is invisible. invisible = imperceptible = unseen = undetectable = too small to see  It can’t be seen. 28. John noticed the crooked line. noticed = notice = become aware of = see = take in = observe = detect  He saw it. 29. This metal is flexible. flexible = supple = lithe = elastic = plastic = stretchy = bendable = bendy  It is easily bent. 30. This radio functions properly. functions = function = work = perform = operate = run = go properly = correctly = well = accurately = appropriately = right  It’s in good condition. 31. The main speaker for the convention is a famous person. famous = well-known = famed = celebrated = renowned = infamous  He is well known. 32. The teacher introduced a new student to the class. introduced = introduce = present = familiarize  He presented a new student. 33. The carpenter is drilling in the board. drilling = drill = bore = make a hole = pierce = puncture = penetrate  He is making holes in it. 34. He hears a strange noise. strange = unfamiliar = foreign = alien = unknown = mysterious  He hears an unfamiliar noise. 35. I am going to purchase this car. purchase = buy = pay for = acquire = obtain = procure = get  I will buy this car. 36. On his way home, Bill ran into John at the drugstore. ran into = run into = hit = bump into = crash into = meet by chance  Bill met John. 37. The lights are blinking. blinking = blink = open and close the eye = wink =bat an eyelid=flash They are going on and off. 38. We eat a variety of vegetables everyday. variety = type = kind = brand = form  We eat difference kinds of vegetables daily. 39. We were very fortunate to get tickets for the game.
  4. 4. fortunate = lucky = providential = happy = chance = opportune  We were lucky to get them. 40. Mr. James is a commercial pilot commercial = business = money-making = profit-making  The airlines pay him for flying. 41. Doug is an eager worker. eager = ready = keen = enthusiastic = excited = raring to go = willing  He likes to work. 42. Mr. Smith looked up his friends. looked up = look up = visit = call on = pay a call on = pay a visit to  He visited them. 43. I feel weak today. weak = feeble = frail = puny = scrawny = weedy = pathetic = fragile  strong  I’m not strong. 44. I’ll give you a ring sometime after seven o’clock tonight. give you a ring = telephone  I’ll telephone you. 45. Lee sent a letter to his mother. sent = send = mail = transmit = dispatch = forward = convey = remit  He mailed a letter. 46. The student failed the examination. failed = fail = be unsuccessful = not pass = not succeed = fall short  He wasn’t successful. 47. Johnson went to the post office and cashed his money order. cashed = cash = money = hard cash = ready money = coins  He obtained some money. 48. The wire is twisted. twisted = twist = rotate = turn = screw = bend = out of shape  straight  It is not straight. 49. This sentence looks like a puzzle to me. puzzle = confuse = problem = brainteaser = riddle = enigma  I don’t understand it. 50. Mr. Bell said, “Please, give me some soap.”  He wants some soap from me. 51. Woman : What did the doctor say, Bill?
  5. 5. Man : He told me to cut out smoking. What did the doctor tell Bill? cut out = remove = take out = quit = give up = stop  to quit smoking 52. Man : Suzie, Would you rather go to the movies or the skating rink? Woman : “I’d like to skate, but I’d rather go to the movie.” What does she mean? rather = preferably = pretty = more willingly  She prefers the movies. 53. Man : How is your son doing in school? Woman : He is highly motivated in his studies. What did the woman say about her son? motivated = annoyed = irritated = aggravated = provoked  He is very interested in his studies 54. Woman : Will you repair this tire for me? Man : I would replace it instead of repairing it. What did the man mean?  He would replace it rather than repair it. 55. Woman : You’d better put that food in the refrigerator right now. Man : Why? Woman : It spoils easily. What did the woman mean? spoils = spoil = decay = go rotten = rot = destroy  It will decay quickly. 56. Man : How was your trip? Woman : I had a painful experience. What kind of an experience was it? painful = sorrowful = distressing = anguished = heartrending  pleasant  an unpleasant one 57. Woman : Do you have bacon and eggs for breakfast? Man : Occasionally. What did the man mean? occasionally = seldom = irregularly = sometimes  He sometime has bacon and eggs. 58. Woman : What’s the matter, Jim? Man : I’m getting tired. What did the man mean? getting = receiving = in receipt of = being paid  He will be tired soon. 59. Woman : Do you work all the time? Man : We have two breaks a day. What is a break? break = take a break = have a break = rest = have time out = relax  a rest period 60. Woman : Bill, did you go to the game with John? Man : I thought I would, then I changed my mind. What did Bill mean?  He decided not to go.
  6. 6. From 1 61. If he…….his sweater, he wouldn’t have caught a cold. *a. had worn b. wear c. wears d. wearing 62. He is…….in the military service.(คำตอบผิดจำกโปรแกรม) *a. had won b. wear c. wears d. wearing 63. Jones has only a few days to learn to drive. a. He will need a lot of time. *b. He has little time left. c. He has studied every day. d. He has many days. 64. Clark has a lot of friends. a. no b. a few *c. many d. five 65. This material can be used for camouflage.อำพรำง *a. to hide things b. for firewood c. to mark positions d. for lumber 66. Ray has an expensive item. a. a broken b. a bad *c. a costly d. a cheap 67. I like to read…….when I have enough time. *a. books b. the garden c. a movie d. the piano 68. John spent his……….instead of putting it in the bank. a. time b. gasoline c. wallet *d. money 69. I can’t go with you……..I’m busy. a. that b. and c. but *d. because 70. The air traffic controller announced the arrival of the flight. *a. landing b. captain c. leaving d. number
  7. 7. 71. They have been waiting for me……..5 o’clock. a. during *b. since c. between d. for 72. Most people…….to read newspapers. a. like *b. like c. are alike d. were alike 73. John would have called the police if he……..the accident. a. see b. saw *c. had seen d. sees 74. I was exhausted after working all day. a. feeling fine b. active *c. tired d. asleep 75. He finished……….his tape. a. listened to b. listens by c. to listen *d. listening to 76. He left the office early………he could do some shopping. a. if b. unless c. that *d. so 77. ……..you mind closing the window? a. May b. Could c. If *d. Would 78. The name of the last month of the year is…………. a. Winter *b. December c. past d. Saturday 79. The students are all set for the examination. a. studying b. not there *c. ready d. getting ready 80. You…….review this lesson before you take the test. a. did b. had to *c. ought to d. would 81. The conductor………the train’s departure.
  8. 8. *a. announced b. spoke c. said d. told 82. The target ……by the arrow. *a. was hit b. hits c. hit d. was hitting 83. He spoke………..him about flying. *a. to b. by c. at d. about 84. She has been shopping………along time. a. from b. during c. since *d. for 85. It rained a good deal………the summer season. a. by b. on c. while *d. during 86. There is no one……...us who could tell the difference. a. upward *b. among c. for d. from 87. He didn’t check this page……..as the last page. a. more thorough b. as thoroughly *c. as thorough d. thoroughly 88. A month ago, I……..here. a. am coming *b. came c. will come d. shall come 89. We………a picnic tomorrow. *a. will have b. have had c. had d. did have 90. I am going……to buy a new car. a. for downtown *b. downtown c. at downtown d. into downtown 91. The weather is……..today than it was last night.
  9. 9. a. good *b. better c. nice d. best 92. You will learn more if you………attention. a. make b. have *c. pay d. do 93. In the U.S., conversation is……….proper during meals. a. consider b. considering *c. considered d. considers 94. ………spears for weapons, the men hunted wild animals. a. will use b. Use c. To use *d. Using 95. Aircraft pilots communicate……….control towers. a. at b. for c. during *d. with 96. Did the students……..a lot of homework last night? a. has b. had c. having *d. have 97. Arthur will……the water. a. write b. wash *c. drink d. crack 98. I………happy to see you today. *a. am b. is c. be d. very 99. The waitress asked, “Sir, what kind of dressing would you like?” “…………….” He answered. *a. Oil and vinegar b. Well done c. French fires d. Knife and fork 100. Choose the correct sentence. a. To get me work it to takes 45 minutes.