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  1. 1. _ _. à, [N, ;WV z , r ' _y g, _A E. g1_ , . i* v _ . .~__ f_ . à m_ 7'/ u, ' É¡ ; t 1 â _i i r ' i, __, ," f ¡ãílli o _ m. ; , h q_ , l , Qi . i TH tgt FW l-towateen sees . . ~ si¡ . society nowadays tntrerview Find some good A taste in music
  2. 2. Editor's Note Shelter is the new teen magazine that has the porpuse of actually giving some culture to the nowadays teens. Hope you like What you read and stay tuned! Contents: 2. Fashion 3. Films Zi. Food 4 thought 6. Music 7. Sports 8. Street Art
  3. 3. Fushior¡ ¡s- i r¡ / lw . sky, in / lm . s-lrvwl, fas-him¡ ÍH/ s lr) rio will¡ ¡ T "Fusliirni is m2/ . somwlliirig/ fim¡ (cris-ls i II rÍ)'('. s'. s'l'. s' (ni/ y. Í(ÍI'1l. s'_/ ÍI(' um¡ um lim', /rhrll is Íl(I[)[)i”IlÍII_I/ ." - (foco ( 'li r¡ n 1'/ Wikiped¡a's definition of Fashion IS a general term for a popular style or practice, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, body piercing, or furniture. Fashion refers to a distinctive and often habitual trend in ~ c_ i the style with which a person dresses, as R1t^?7""* x '-_i_~_i“"' well as to prevailing styles in . , behaviour. '- z* _u Fashion Is not always expensive clothes. Fashion is not what all the popular girls at school are wearing. Fashion is creating a garment and being different. Fashion is developing a style. Fashion never gets old, it just gets re-created. There is no right or wrong in fashion. Fashion trends are started or developed by looking at another culture, or more ideas after you have developed a personal style. Fashion started with our earliest designers and followed with our more popular designers, for example: Gabrielle Coco Chanel, Ives Saint Laurent, Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Donatella Versace and SO MANY MORE. Fashion isn't just what's in, it's also what's out. Remember fashion is creating and re-creating, and it's never the same. So don't think that fashion is iust what all the cool kids wear, because it's not. Fashion never dies.
  4. 4. S "When it Ís art, you call it a film. When sit Ís mainstream garbage, itÍs called a movie. ” 1m. l 231* . .. z n _ . W _i : vivir ¡ fãs? a 2 . gf r ' y / * r" ? f ; lj Ri» . ~ l '. . 5 Í, .- . -. «lv 'iu ; l . 'Ts F / À . MÍnIlLCVÊM-. Ê› I l » The Croods tells the story of the world's first family road trip. When their cave is destroyed, the Crood family must embark on a comedy adventure into strange and spectacular terri- tory in search of a new home. As if patriarch Grug didn't al- ready have enough to handle, it goes from bad to worse when they encounter an imaginative nomad named Guy With Guy's help the Croods conquer their fear of the outside world and discover that they have exactly what it takes to survive - each other. , f ~ w w- . $ . ¡ y m* x ° a 3'¡ "L, Nicolas Cage as Grug z N v' ' "i Emma Stone as Eep , m L" ? í w _ ¡ Ryan Reynolds as Guy 'É' " t: ' _ lg f¡ à' I “ Catherine Keener as Ugga , _ _à '¡'_-', ';. ,_, 'jl_ 'P , Cloris Leachman as Gran rf¡ - y 1 l "“ j; Clark Duke as Thunk J 'v' Chris Sanders as Belt 4" Â. - «e "Aarm7 ngm. Randy as Thom Sandy , .
  5. 5. "Society A group of people that set a standard and everyone that ts affected by that standard ts part oftt " naun: :he physacal structure o! a person c: an anual. ancludang the bones, flash, and ozqans. s-Een-; rnsz Corpse ' flash ' Brun¡ ' caxcass. 1: naun: - : he spzzavual e: axa-aura'. past of a human benz; a: anual. :eçazded as mortal. S0 c¡ - a pezserfs : oral o: emotaanal nature a: sense u! :densas-p sy-nony-: s: spa: : - : and - psyche - hear'. - ghest. And _iust like this. begins a post that hasn't gone nnnotieed on social networks. Marta is 16 years old. lives in Lisbon and l_ike a lot of teenagers. has a blog. She talks about life. 11111sie. b11t mostly'. says what she thinks. Espeeially in this post. Marta hindresses pieeoneeptions" and tells us some of her PXDPFÍPIIPP as an adolesrent girl these days. To see the rest of the post and pictures go here: htt pz/ / springreherryblossoins-you. blog'spot. pt/ 2013/ 03/ bod3i-a11d-so11l. ht inl
  6. 6. TELL US A BTT ABOUT YOURSELE. Talking about myself is always something that is really difficult. Overall, l can say that I'm a teenag- er like any other, | have my tastes, my flaws, my strengths, my problems, my ideas, my goals, my dreams, my opinions, my passions Anyway, all those things of teenagers. Basically there is not that much to talk about me, but in short I'm a person who's still looking for his place in the world, I'd like to have a panda as a pet and | whin every day for not have born in Japan . l WHAT THOUGHTS (AME TO YOUR MIND WHILE YOU WERE TATING THE PHOTOS? AND HOW DID YOU EEEL? To be honest | don't know very well what l was thinking when | took the photos. The truth is that my proiect "Body ê Soul", despite having been really well thought before being performed, at the same time, seems to have been done a bit in a hurry_ The thoughts that most hovered my head were the fact that l could take that weight off me. The sense of beginning was a bit harrowing, | didn't know what to do. l cried, cried, cried, and after a massive amount of tears, came the feeling of absolute relief 2. WEREN'T YOU AERAID OF WHAT PEOPLE (OULD SAY AFTER PUBLISHING SOMETHING WITH SU(H AN IMPA(T IN THE MINDS OF (ERTAIN PEOPLE? Of course l was afraid, in fact, | wasn't going to publish them because of the fear of what they could say me directly or indirectly. But l think that fear shouldn't be a reason for not doing some- thing we really want to do. 3. "MORE AND MORE SO(IETY ATTEMPTS TO SHAPE PEOPLE TODAY" DO YOU AGREE? Could not agree more. 4. AETER ALL. DO YOU THINI( YOU MANAGED TO (HANGE THE THINIlING OE (ERTAIN PEOPLE? Certain people is vague. lf it were up to me l would eventually change the thinking of everyone, but that is more than impossible, and that is the true goal of this proiect besides the addition of a need and a passion, it was the acceptance of each in relation to himself | think that always ends up being more important, liking ourselves is halfway for the others to like us too. Í. DO YOU HAVE A VISION OF A BETTER SOGETY? WHAT (HANGES WOULD YOU DO? Honestly and seeing the state of our country and the world in general at this time, as soon | see no changes that could improve society and ending with respective labels that are created. | think that l would change everything that l could, trying to reach the largest number of people and try to change their mentalities, ideas, visions of the world and people around us. l think it was some- thing essential, something that no one has been able to achieve not because they want to, but because nobody gave them further opportunity to do so. TITÍTTTTIS M3113 TDT' WÍTSÍÍTTQ YOTTT' TÍTTTOI ILTTTI TITTS TS WITH¡ WO COTTITI CíTII "TITO WOTTTETTT 0T TITO ITOCÉTTTO"
  7. 7. lttrrsie is inrtelinzrlilr- I)_ irorrtszrlone. It is ItoI rnll_' something _'oII hear hnt what rorr feel. It is something: _vonr sorrl earr reaell ont anrl torreh. It originates front all over' the world sinee tirne began. It is what _wir feel. or it eorrlrl Itr' _'onr' rnethorl r›I' esr-¡rpe ttI' it r-rirrld _irrst krep por¡ alive. Two Door Cinema Club are a Northern lrish indie rock band formed in 2007. The band consists of Alex Trimble (vocals, guitar), Kevin Baird (bass, vocals) and Sam Halliday (guitar vocals). The band does not have a permanent drummer but they have been touring with drummer Benjamin Thompson. The bands name came about after Sam mispronounced the name of the / ocal cinema, Tudor Cinema, and it stuck WHAT nas THEIR rosas ABOUT? "The songs are about anything that is relevant in M our lives. On the first record there was a lot of naivety and excitement. We were young and á; ;;-'r'-__'Í' we were about to embark on god knows what. The 'T' T5. second record focuses on the reality of relationships . e a»- with family and friends. lt's a great life but you have to make a lot of sacrifices. " i The band -altíeady 'has' two, albuns' Tourist llislorgr is their first strrrlio a| l›rrrn and it tras rt-leaserl on IT Fehrnarrgv “llllt t, 'I'he allrnnr is nanrerl for the reputation of the hands Irornetown. Banner. as a tonrist attraetion. The alhnrn tmn the (their-e Tinsir- I'ri'/ ,i› for the ; ttlltt Irish . r-lhrnn of the Year'. The hand said it was the first : rwarrl lI| e_' had err-r' nrn and rlonzrterl the Êltttttttt prize money to eharit): TOURISI HISTORY Iteaeorl is the seeorld studio aIItIIIIt I), ' 'Two Ihror' (Iinenrat (ÍIIII) ' '~ and it was released rnr Ill . ihrgrrst 2012. l'p| ›ezrt. Beaernt is a ¡u-rky' r-olleetirin ol' short pop songs that explore the tension between optirnisrn and anxiety. 'Sleep Alone' was released as the lead single front the zrllrrrnr iv? . ' 'o . . e s¡ . ,- soma &c; _ And guess what? This year they are coming to Portugal! Let's wait for them at Optimus Alive '13 STAY TUNED
  8. 8. Physical activity and healthy sports are essential to our health and well-being. Appropriate physical activity and sport are one of the pillars into a healthy lifestyle, along with healthy eating, life without smoking and avoid other harmful substances. Sport is all forms of physical activity which, through casual or organized participation, aims to balance the health or improve physical fitness and provide entertainment to participants. Can be individual or collective. l l I JI' ' 4?* 'H Will you resist it? 'A r Just don't X
  9. 9. Sina-i zrrl ls ¡llHl i-xprussioi¡ llmi rula-rx in : irlixiii- (''(“l]lS (l(''(*l<I| )('(l in llll' Dllhllí' sparu. rlislingzuisliingr tlnu rnunill-siziliirlls ul' aminsiiilliiiriiail ('lIill'iN'l('l' m' lmsirn-ss. 21s Wvll as Invn- vzmrlzilism. É? MÊÂFWHÍÍ is an element of the Hip Hop culture misinterpreted and mis- represented by the mainstream media, and most especially hated by affluent businessmen who don't understand the roots or meaning of the writing on the walls. Contrary to popular belief, graffiti is not any of the following: writing on houses of worship, people's houses in general, other writer's names, or tombstones. The aforementioned need not be identified with bus, train, subway and wall burners. That's REAL GRAFFITI, the visual aspect of Hip Hop accompanied by the physical, verbal, and rhythmic. _ . r mr" í-u. .. a: ,c _ _ c_ _ p t l 1 L “ _› f x : irriixcim ' w¡ l ¡ _ | lt. ... :.~. ... ; = -~ i 'HILRHAI ~ 1 w( "Má "lt ri . J ' limtgasmygigê l W ; gsm NA _ i nm; l ' i v ' “ l ' 'l 1 e . “ll _ y L l i l ? ' - ski: l * i ' l ' ~~ se. ; t l, ; pau i' "' ' - ~ ' . - r-. .›. .._ _. .:_. ¡ _u_ 7 7