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Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy

  1. Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy: Is It Ready For Primetime? Joseph Herman MD, MSc Department of Radiation Oncology
  2. Treatment Planning Liver Planning Target Volume Target Volumes
  3. Target Volumes Gross Tumor Volume Planning Target Volume
  4. Pre-radiation 6 months post-radiation Radiographic Response
  5. Survival as a Function of Dose Dawson et. al., J Clin. Onc . 18:2210, 2000 ; Ben-Josef et al 2006 Time (years)
  6. IMRT Plan to Deliver High Dose to Potential Resection Margin Vineberg and Ten Haken, 2004
  8. Image Alignment: AP Radiographs Reference Image Treatment Image Hepatic microcoil
  9. Body Frame
  10. Breath Hold at Normal Exhale Pressure Volume Flow Valve closed, Breath held Valve open
  12. Synchrony ™ camera Treatment couch Linear accelerator Manipulator Image detectors X-ray sources Targeting System Robotic Delivery System Cyberknife
  13. SRS Axial View GTV 60% 50% Koong et al. Stanford; IJROBP 2004
  14. SRS Coronal View GTV 60% 50% Koong et al. Stanford; IJROBP 2004
  15. Small Animal Irradiation