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PocketDraw web site map and wireframes from 2002

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When the process of information architecture was downright simple.

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PocketDraw web site map and wireframes from 2002

  1. 1. 0.0PocketDrawHome1.0ProductTour3.0Download5.0Support6.0Developers2.0FAQThe Product Tourarea would show aseries ofscreenshotsillustrating thefeatures ofPocketDraw.Pre-salesSupportHere you answerall the peoplewho will askwhen the Mac orLinux versionsare coming.Tells the userwhat versionsare available fordownloading,licensingagreement pagewould appearbefore actualdownload.0.2News0.3Press AreaPost-salesSupportTechnicalinformation onsupported OSesand hardware,listing of knownissues, etc.This page shouldopen with a briefstatementsoliciting andencouraginginvolvement fromindependentdevelopers. Thispage would link toa threadeddiscussion board.The home page would establish thebrand identity of PocketDraw, statethe value proposition, and quicklydescribe the technology. Thereshould be an opt-in e-mail field sointerested visitors can be sentproduct updates.These sections might be added ascontent becomes available.PocketDraw.com Site Map v.1.00.1Contact Us4.0PurchaseGateway tosecure onlinepurchase bycredit card (anddownload?).6.1PaletteExchangeThe Palette Exchangewould also befeatured on thehome page.p0.0Homep6.1PaletteExchangePocket PC Formatted Pages(Phase 2)5.1KnowledgeBaseAreas tinted in yellowto be ready by June 15,2002
  2. 2. PocketDraw.com Storyboards v.1.0PocketDrawDiagramming for the Pocket PC(Logo and graphic)Product Descriptionand Features<text here … 200 wordsplus bulleted items><link to Product Tour><link to FAQ>Contact UsSupportPressDevelopers<message toDevelopers … approx.200 words><link to developer’sarea>Palette Exchange<show some PaletteSymbols … approx200 wordstext description><link to Palette Exchangepage><Marketing blurb or testimonial>This is a preliminary blocking out ofthe currently known content areasfor purposes of discussion.The marketing text area across thetop is optional, but I envision twopithy lines. If we don’t go with that,everything shifts up.The relative proporations of thecontent chunks is approximate, andthe final design will not look boxy.Home Page 0.0Footer: Company address, e-mail, phone, site copyright
  3. 3. PocketDraw.com Storyboards v.1.0PocketDraw Diagramming for the Pocket PC(Logo and graphic)NewsProduct TourFAQDownloadPurchaseTopicContact Us | SupportPress | DevelopersI’ve shown an example of a pagethat is one click in from the homepage.We keep the PocketDraw brandingat a reduced height. The area withthe palette exchange title wouldhave the same family look as otherpages on this same level(Developers, Product Tour, FAQ,etc.)I imagine the download links mightgo to another license agreementpage that you will code.Footer: Company address, e-mail, phone, site copyrightLevel 1Palette Exchange <section headline and graphics>NewsProduct TourFAQDownloadPurchaseMore detailed text on howPalette and the ExchangeWorks.Description of each ofThe downloadable palettes.Downloads:Palette 1Palette 2
  4. 4. horizontal gluedotis attached to the end of this arrowvertical gluedotis attached to the end of this arrow