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Is Your Website User-Friendly?

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Presentation for the QitCom 2012 conference.

Publicada em: Tecnologia, Design
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Is Your Website User-Friendly?

  1. 1. Is Your Website User-Friendly?QITCOM 2012
  2. 2. Place a Focus on the Site’s PurposeExplain site’s value.Keep it short.Provide easy access.What can this site do for ME?
  3. 3. Highlight LocationUsers should understand where theyare.Page title is clear.Section is apparent.Breadcrumbs provide a trail.
  4. 4. Use Consistent DesignUse same colors to indicate action.Develop a visual pattern.Be predictable.Create a style guide to stay consistent.
  5. 5. Use Prominent NavigationNavigation should always be at the topof every page.Include major sections that users careabout.Use terms that are easy to understand.
  6. 6. Be Customer-focusedUse familiar words.Simple, short sentences.Get to the point quickly.Say it with one sentence instead of aparagraph.
  7. 7. Ensure AccessibilityFollow W3C accessibility standards.Provide enough contrast.Use the right mark-up.Avoid animation to convey keymessages.
  8. 8. Leverage Multilingual Content Consider your audience’s native languages. Make it easy to toggle between languages. Adjust font sizes and types when appropriate.
  9. 9. Remember Mobile UsersMobile penetration in Qatar increasedto 182 % in 2011.Empower mobile users.Key functionality should be possible.
  10. 10. Testing For Usability:Conduct surveys.Talk to users in formal interviews.Perform usability tests.
  11. 11. Talk to users early and often!Go forth and create usable websites.
  12. 12. Thank you!